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1827 - 1903


My Great-Grandfather William Gregg [P489] was born at Tarbolton Ayrshire on 20 April 1827. At that time, and for almost 100 years previous, the town had been at the forefront of the Scottish silk weaving industry, and was still a thriving centre.

He was one of six children, two of whom died before marriageable age. Of the four remaining children, William was the only boy, and it thus placed upon him the responsibility of being the sole heir to the family name. Strangely, William's father John[P457] had been the only male to continue the name in his generation, and William's son Matthew[P512], being one of only two boys, was in a similar position when his brother John[P507] had no sons.

This reflects the challenge we face in our struggle for survival. Destiny can appear most cruel at times. Had any one of these not survived or produced a son, then this branch of the Gregg family would have petered out at any time over the last 200 years, and none of us would be here today.

In my own generation, three boys were born to my parents, but in turn, we each produced only one male. At the time of first writing this article in 1999, our sons were around thirty years of age, and from them, only one male child had been forthcoming.

Should this have remained the position, then once again our family would have faced that repeated struggle to perpetuate our genes and the family name.

However, by 2005 each of the boys concerned have now each produced one male heir. A revival is in store it seems !].

William had one older brother named James[P485] born 1819, and two older sisters, Janet[P486] born 1821 and Agnes[P487] b.1824. James and Janet died aged only 20 and 15 respectively, but Agnes survived to marry Robert Jamieson in 1852.

There were also two younger sisters. Margaret [P490] b.1830 who married David Paterson[P491] in 1853, and Jean Denholm Gregg[P492] b.1834. It is recorded that Jean gave birth to an illegitimate child in 1855, but details are brief and name only her brother-in-law, David Paterson, as informant on the birth certificate. Then in 1867 aged 33, Jean married David Sillars[P494]. After fifteen years of marriage she died aged only 48. Details on her death certificate describe the cause of death as - 'Scrofulous Saparation of the glands and General Debility of six months'.

So, in his generation William was our 'champion' when he married Agnes Paton [495]. Marriage bans for William Gregg and Agnes Paton were read on 2 Dec 1854 at Mauchline, and the Marriage took place at Tarbolton on 22 December that year.

Agnes was daughter to John Paton[P496] a shoemaker born in Mauchline Ayrshire in 1797, and Catherine Seaton[P497] born at Newton Stewart in 1801. John and Catherine married at Catrine on 27 December 1867 and produced eight children. Their surnames, Paton and Seaton continue to be used as second names within the Gregg family to this day. Catherine's name was of course the source in later generations for several girls named Catherine Seaton Gregg.

Agnes' paternal Grandparents were John Paton[P856] born C.1770 at Mauchline - recorded to have been a gardener; and Agnes Shaw[P857] born C.1770 at Newton Stewart. Maternal Grandparents to Agnes were John Seaton[P498], a hammerman, and Jean Elles[P499] both born C.1779 in Ayrshire.

Agnes was born on 21 November 1828 at Mauchline. King George IV was reigning monarch, and Wellington was Prime Minister. Interesting to note that slavery was still practiced up to this time, and only in 1833 was legislation passed to abolish it throughout the British Empire. Agnes and husband William Gregg lived on through the reigns of King William IV, and Queen Victoria

Further events to take place within their lifetime include the invention of the first steam engines, and the establishment of the first proper Police Force in London. It was during this period, when the Tolpuddle Martyrs were sentenced to transportation, and Grace Darling rescued the survivors from the 'Forfarshire'. 1840 saw the introduction of the first Penny Postage stamps, and shortly after, Charles Dickens was publishing 'A Christmas Carol'.

The year of Agnes and William's marriage coincided with the start of the Crimea War, and they lived through serious outbreaks of Asiatic cholera in the years 1832 and 1859. Up to 2000 people per week were dying in Great Britain from the disease.

In 1859 Charles Darwin published his 'The Origin of Species', later to be known as 'The theory of evolution'. This generation of Gregg's lived at a time of many new inventions. Steam ships, the friction match, and the first use of ether as an anaesthetic, development of the Gatling gun and the first breech loading rifles.

The Gatling gun was of course, one of the first mechanical mass killing machines, and was at that time being used in the American West against the Indian tribes and the soldiers of the Confederate South.

The Industrial Revolution had begun and they would have seen many changes in their world.

Both William and Agnes are recorded as having been Silk Weavers, and William we know was an acknowledged craftsman. He was the father to Jean[P459], who together demonstrated their craft to Queen Victoria at the Trades Exhibition of 1888.

All four children to William and Agnes were born at James Street Tarbolton. They were: MATTHEW PATON GREGG [P512] (my Grandfather) b.3 Mar 1857, John Gregg[P507] b.20 Mar 1858, Catherine Seaton Gregg[P511] b.7 Dec 1859, and Jean Denholm Gregg[P549] b. 2 Jul 1873.

1861 Census 45 Montgomery Street Tarbolton [1 room]
William Gregg
wife M/s Paton


silk weaver
silk winder
b. Tarbolton
b. Mauchline
b. Tarbolton
b. Tarbolton
b. Tarbolton
1871 Census 7 James Street Tarbolton [2 rooms]
William Gregg
wife M/s Paton

silk weaver
silk winder
silk weaver
silk weaver
b. Tarbolton
b. Mauchline
b. Tarbolton
b. Tarbolton
b. Tarbolton
1881 Census James Street Tarbolton
William Gregg
Janie D.
wife M/s Paton

silk weaver
weavers wife
silk weaver
b. Tarbolton
b. Mauchline
b. Tarbolton
b. Tarbolton
Janie D. was Jean Denholm Gregg who later demonstrated the art of silk weaving to Queen Victoria at the 1888 Empire exhibition at Edinburgh. ref newspaper article.

Matthew Paton[P506], who was a brother to Agnes Paton[P495] lived at 2 Wilson Place Mauchline in 1881. His occupation was listed as a 'Box-maker Finisher'.

William died in 1890 aged 63 and Agnes survived him by a further 12 years. She died in 1903 aged 75. Both were interred at Tarbolton Churchyard where so many family members are laid.

Children of William and Agnes

John[P507] born 1855, MATTHEW Paton[P512] born 1857, Catherine Seaton[P511] born 1859, and Jean Denholm[P549] born 1873.

Tarbolton - A place of considerable antiquity. John Menzies & Co. of Kilmarnock published two interesting articles concerning Tarbolton in 1894, only a few years after William's death.

"Tarbolton is a place of considerable antiquity, and was erected into a Burgh of Barony by Charles II, in 1671, and granted to John Cunninghame, Esq., of Enterkin. In burghal constitution it was held to be governed by two Bailies and twelve Councillors, elected annually by the householders. The town-house was erected by subscription in 1832. Near the village is a mount called Hood's Hill, which strikingly exhibits the appearance of an old Danish encampment or fortification, and has given rise to the suggestion that Tarbolton was probably a station of the Danes at the remote period of our ancient history when these people possessed all the northern and western isles adjacent to Scotland. The inhabitants of Tarbolton are principally employed in weaving cotton, woollen, and silk fabrics, for the manufacturers of Glasgow; and at one time there were a few stocking-makers in the village. At present there are upwards of fifty hand-loom weavers employed, the webs being chiefly plain silk."

Church History
"The present parish of Tarbolton comprehends the ancient parish of that name, and the larger part of the parish of Barnweill. Ancient Tarbolton was twice subjected to the monks of Faill, yet did not remain with them, but continued to be a free rectory, and, in 1429, it was erected into a prebend, or canonry, of the cathedral of Glasgow. The present parish church was built in 1821, at a cost of upwards of 2,500. Alexander Peden, the Covenanter, was for some time precentor of Tarbolton Church, and the celebrated Dr William Ritchie, Professor of Divinity in Edinburgh, was at one period its minister. Tarbolton being situated near Sorn Castle, where a garrison was stationed during the times of the Covenanters, it is not surprising to know that the ancient churchyard boasts of its Covenanting memories. About July 1685, Lieutenant Lauder, a subaltern from the garrison, was scouting the country in search of fugitives, and at the wood-head of Tarbolton, met a young man not more than 18 years of age, named William Shillilaw, whose name had been given to the soldiers by the cowardly curate of Sorn, as one who refused to acknowledge Episcopacy. With no other charge against him, and without even the mockery of a trial, he was seized by Lauder and shot dead on the spot. His remains were buried in the churchyard, and an upright monumental stone marks his last resting place."

TIMELINE 1827 - 1903

ABT 1827 : Marriage date of [F166] -
1827 : G S Ohm postulates Ohm's Law
Tuesday March 6 1827 : Birth date of
Friday April 20 1827 : Christening date of [P489] WILLIAM GREGG
Tuesday January 22 1828 : Wellington becomes Prime Minister
Friday August 15 1828 : Birth date of
[P471] Alexander PETTIGREW
Thursday October 16 1828 : Birth date of [P871] John DOYLE
Friday November 21 1828 : Birth date of [P495] AGNES PATON
Sunday December 14 1828 : Christening date of [P495] AGNES PATON
1829 : George Stephenson builds first steam locomotive
ABT 1829 : Birth date of
[P1410] Elizabeth PERRY
1829 : Birth date of [P872] Samuel MCHUTCHEON
Wednesday January 28 1829 : William Burke hanged for murder in Edinburgh
Saturday September 26 1829 : First proper police force established in London
ABT 1830 : Birth date of
[P488] Robert JAMIESON
Thursday January 14 1830 : Birth date of [P472] Robert PETTIGREW
Monday April 12 1830 : Birth date of [P490] Margaret GREGG
Sunday April 18 1830 : Christening date of [P490] Margaret GREGG
Saturday June 26 1830 : End of reign of George IV
Sunday June 27 1830 : Start of reign of William IV
Wednesday September 15 1830 : Liverpool to Manchester railway opens
1831 : Invention of the friction match by C Sauria
Monday January 31 1831 : Birth date of
[P502] Jean PATON
Monday February 14 1831 : Christening date of [P502] Jean PATON
1832 : M Faraday invents electric dynamo
ABT 1832 : Birth date of
[P1819] Charles WHITING
1832 : Birth date of [P1064] CHARLES PERRY
June 1832 : Cholera epidemic strikes Britain
Thursday June 7 1832 : Parliament passes Reform Act
Sunday September 9 1832 : Birth date of
[P503] James PATON
Friday September 21 1832 : Marriage date of [F148] - [P462] Robert WELSH = [P461] Agnes GREGG
Sunday September 23 1832 : Christening date of [P503] James PATON
1833 : Birth date of [P869] James DOYLE
1833 : Birth date of [P515] CATHERINE MCHUTCHEON
Sunday January 13 1833 : Christening date of [P1057] William WELSH
Tuesday February 12 1833 : Birth date of [P473] Alex PETTIGREW
Monday July 29 1833 : Slavery abolished throughout British Empire
1834 : Birth date of
[P1826] Thomas FLETCHER
March 1834 : Tolpuddle Martyrs sentenced to transportation
Friday March 7 1834 : Birth date of
[P492] Jean Denholm GREGG
Sunday March 9 1834 : Christening date of [P492] Jean Denholm GREGG
Saturday August 9 1834 : Birth date of [P504] James PATON
Sunday August 31 1834 : Christening date of [P504] James PATON
Monday October 13 1834 : Marriage date of [F512] - [P1811] ALEXANDER DUNDAS = [P1812] JANET DUNCAN
1835 : Samuel Colt invents the revolver
ABT 1835 : Birth date of
[P1823] Janet (Bell) THOMSON
1835 : Birth date of [P514] THOMAS DOYLE
ABT 1835 : Birth date of [P1596] Margaret KNOX
1836 : Birth date of [P494] George SELLARS
1836 : Birth date of [P854] Peter DOYLE
1836 : Charles Darwin returns from South America
1836 : Invention of screw propeller by F P Smith
Wednesday January 13 1836 : Death date of
[P486] Janet GREGG
Monday May 23 1836 : Christening date of [P1058] Robert WELSH
ABT 1837 : Birth date of [P855] Patrick DOYLE
1837 : Invention of telegraph by S F B Morse
Friday May 5 1837 : Birth date of
Tuesday June 20 1837 : End of reign of William IV
Wednesday June 21 1837 : Start of reign of Queen Victoria
ABT 1838 : Birth date of
[P491] David PATERSON
April 1838 : First steam crossing of the Atlantic
Friday April 27 1838 : Birth date of
[P505] David PATON
Sunday May 13 1838 : Christening date of [P505] David PATON
September 1838 : Grace Darling rescues survivors of the "Forfarshire"
EST 1839 : Birth date of
[P719] Arthur GREGG
1839 : Rubber vulcanisation developed by C Goodyear
Wednesday May 22 1839 : Birth date of
[P1827] Margaret YOUNG
ABT 1840 : Development of photography
Wednesday January 1 1840 : Birth date of
[P547] Agnes NORTON
ABT 1840 : Birth date of [P720] Ann DICKIE
Wednesday February 26 1840 : Death date of [P485] James GREGG
Wednesday May 6 1840 : Penny Post introduced
Tuesday June 2 1840 : Britain annexes New Zealand
July 1840 : Death date of
Friday July 17 1840 : Birth date of [P506] Matthew PATON
Friday July 17 1840 : Burial date of [P457] JOHN GREGG
Tuesday August 4 1840 : Christening date of [P506] Matthew PATON
ABT 1841 : Birth date of [P860] Esther DOYLE
1841 : Birth date of [P874] John MCHUTCHEON
ABT 1841 : Birth date of [P1822] David Bell FLEMING
May 1841 : Death date of [P439] WILLIAM GREGG
Wednesday May 19 1841 : Burial date of [P439] WILLIAM GREGG
Monday June 14 1841 : Marriage date of [F518] - [P1824] James FLEMING = [P1825] Janet BELL
Tuesday July 6 1841 : First national census taken
Sunday July 11 1841 : Birth date of
[P1331] Thomas DUNDAS
September 1841 : Robert Peel becomes Prime Minister
1842 : First use of ether as anesthetic by CW Long
Sunday December 31 1843 : Charles Dickens publishes "A Christmas Carol"
1844 : Burial date of
Thursday February 1 1844 : Birth date of [P1332] Richard DUNDAS
June 1844 : Mines Act prohibits use of women and boys in mines
1845 : Invention of pneumatic tyre by R W Thompson
EST 1846 : Birth date of
[P862] Jane Drennan WIGHTMAN
1846 : Birth date of [P868] Rachael DOYLE
July 1846 : Potato famine hits Ireland and Scotland
April 1847 : Thousands emigrate from Ireland on "Coffin" ships
Sunday May 9 1847 : Birth date of
[P1815] Alexander DUNDAS
November 1849 : Cholera epidemic takes 2000 lives a week
1850 : Invention of refrigerator by Twining / Harrison
BEF 1851 : Death date of
Monday March 31 1851 : 1851 national census taken
Thursday May 1 1851 : Great Exhibition opened in Hyde Park
Thursday June 3 1852 : Marriage date of [F154] -
[P488] Robert JAMIESON = [P487] Agnes GREGG
ABT 1853 : Transportation of criminals to Australia ends
1853 : Smallpox vaccination becomes compulsory
Friday October 21 1853 : Marriage date of [F155] -
[P491] David PATERSON = [P490] Margaret GREGG
1854 : Birth date of [P826] Jane JAMIESON
Sunday March 26 1854 : Start of Crimean War
Sunday March 26 1854 : Britain and France declare war on Russia
Sunday September 3 1854 : Birth date of
[P827] Jane PATERSON
Friday December 22 1854 : Marriage date of [F158] - [P489] WILLIAM GREGG = [P495] AGNES PATON
1855 : Invention of the safety match by J E Lundstrom
1855 : Burial date of
Tuesday February 20 1855 : Birth date of [P1816] John DUNDAS
Tuesday March 20 1855 : Birth date of [P507] John GREGG
Tuesday October 2 1855 : Death date of [P440] AGNES CURRIE
Sunday November 4 1855 : Death date of [P481] John GIBSON
Wednesday December 26 1855 : Marriage date of [F164] - [P514] THOMAS DOYLE = [P515] CATHERINE MCHUTCHEON
Sunday March 30 1856 : End of Crimean War
Saturday May 24 1856 : Death date of
[P478] Henry GIBSON
Thursday June 12 1856 : Marriage date of [F515] - [P1819] Charles WHITING = [P1596] Margaret KNOX
Thursday July 24 1856 : Birth date of [P1685] Agnes PATERSON
Monday October 13 1856 : Birth date of [P837] James DOYLE
EST 1857 : Birth date of [P508] Jane HOPKINS
Saturday January 24 1857 : Death date of [P480] Alexander GIBSON
Tuesday March 3 1857 : Birth date of [P512] MATTHEW PATON GREGG
Sunday May 10 1857 : Sepoy mutiny in India
1858 : Marriage date of [F519] -
[P1826] Thomas FLETCHER = [P1827] Margaret YOUNG
Thursday February 18 1858 : Birth date of [P1686] David PATERSON
Wednesday April 14 1858 : Birth date of [P839] John(1) DOYLE
ABT 1859 : Marriage date of [F517] - [P1822] David Bell FLEMING = [P1823] Janet (Bell) THOMSON
1859 : First oil well sunk by E L Drake in Pennsylvania
Saturday March 26 1859 : Birth date of
[P1687] Margaret PATERSON
Tuesday June 14 1859 : Birth date of [P1682] Agnes JAMIESON
Thursday July 28 1859 : Birth date of [P513] MARGARET DOYLE
Thursday November 24 1859 : Charles Darwin publishes "The Origin of Species"
Wednesday December 7 1859 : Birth date of
[P511] Catherine Seaton GREGG
Tuesday July 10 1860 : Birth date of [P1820] James Thomson FLEMING
1861 : Gatling gun invented by R J Gatling
Saturday February 16 1861 : Birth date of
[P522] John(2) DOYLE[DALE]
Monday April 8 1861 : 1861 national census taken
Wednesday July 24 1861 : Birth date of
[P1683] Denham JAMIESON
Saturday September 28 1861 : Birth date of [P1729] Charles WHITING
Monday August 18 1862 : Birth date of [P838] Izabella(1) DOYLE
BEF 1863 : Death date of [P1814] Elizabeth POULTNEY
BEF 1863 : Death date of [P1813] SAMUEL? PERRY
Saturday January 10 1863 : London Underground opens
Saturday May 30 1863 : Death date of
[P461] Agnes GREGG
Thursday July 16 1863 : Marriage date of [F317] - [P1064] CHARLES PERRY = [P1065] CHARLOTTE McKINZIE DUNDAS
Friday December 4 1863 : Marriage date of [F234] - [P719] Arthur GREGG = [P720] Ann DICKIE
Thursday December 31 1863 : Death date of [P497] Catherine SEATON
Monday January 11 1864 : Birth date of [P493] Janet Norton GREGG
Sunday May 22 1864 : Birth date of [P840] Samuel DOYLE
Monday June 27 1864 : Birth date of [P1066] Samuel PERRY
Thursday July 7 1864 : Birth date of [P1684] Helen JAMIESON
Wednesday November 30 1864 : Birth date of [P721] Arthurina GREGG
EST 1865 : Marriage date of [F271] - [P854] Peter DOYLE = [P862] Jane Drennan WIGHTMAN
ABT 1865 : Birth date of [P1821] Jane Ogilvie GEMMELL
Monday July 24 1865 : Birth date of [P841] Thomas(1) DOYLE
ABT 1866 : Invention of the breech-loading rifle
Saturday February 3 1866 : Death date of
Saturday February 24 1866 : Birth date of [P526] ALEXANDER DUNDAS PERRY
Wednesday May 30 1866 : Birth date of [P863] Rachael Wilson DOYLE
September 1866 : Cholera sweeps London
1867 : Alfred Nobel invents dynamite
1867 : Joseph Lister pioneers antiseptic techniques
1867 : Birth date of
1867 : Invention of the typewriter by Sholes and Glidden
Sunday February 10 1867 : Birth date of
[P842] Rachael DOYLE
Friday November 29 1867 : Marriage date of [F157] - [P494] George SELLARS = [P492] Jean Denholm GREGG
Tuesday December 31 1867 : Death date of [P496] John PATON
February 1868 : Disraeli becomes Prime Minister
Thursday April 9 1868 : Birth date of
[P1067] Charles PERRY
Saturday May 2 1868 : Birth date of [P864] James DOYLE
Tuesday July 21 1868 : Birth date of [P843] Asey DOYLE
1869 : D Mendeleev constructs Periodic Table of elements
Monday August 16 1869 : Birth date of
[P550] William DUNLOP
Wednesday September 1 1869 : Birth date of [P1068] Charles PERRY
1870 : Electric incandescent lamp invented by T A Edison
Tuesday January 11 1870 : Birth date of
[P865] Margaret DOYLE
Saturday April 23 1870 : Birth date of [P844] Izabella(2) DOYLE
Monday April 3 1871 : 1871 national census taken
Saturday May 27 1871 : Birth date of
[P1069] Charlotte Ann Dundas PERRY
Tuesday October 3 1871 : Birth date of [P845] Catherine DOYLE
Sunday November 19 1871 : Death date of [P518] RACHAEL WILSON
Tuesday November 21 1871 : Burial date of [P518] RACHAEL WILSON
May 1872 : Gladstone becomes Prime Minister
December 1872 : "Marie Celeste" discovered abandoned
1873 : Birth date of
[P510] Alan CARSWELL
1873 : Invention of pianoforte by J Broadwood
Thursday May 15 1873 : Birth date of
[P846] Thomas(2) DOYLE
Wednesday July 2 1873 : Birth date of [P549] Jean Denholm GREGG
Monday May 4 1874 : Birth date of [P866] Samuel DOYLE
Sunday August 16 1874 : Death date of [P464] Elizabeth GREGG
Friday January 1 1875 : Death date of [P462] Robert WELSH
ABT 1875 : Birth date of [P1041] Mrs Elizabeth [F312] GREGG
1876 : Invention of the telephone by A G Bell
Tuesday February 15 1876 : Death date of
Thursday February 17 1876 : Burial date of [P521] MICHAEL DOYLE
1877 : Phonograph invented by Thomas Edison
1877 : Invention of reinforced concrete by J Monier
1877 : Birth date of
[P911] Thomas PERRY
1877 : Phonograph invented by Thomas Edison
1878 : Birth date of
[P867] William Wightman DOYLE
Friday March 1 1878 : Marriage date of [F163] - [P512] MATTHEW PATON GREGG = [P513] MARGARET DOYLE
Sunday February 9 1879 : Death date of [P475] William GREGG
Thursday May 8 1879 : Birth date of [P557] Catherine Seaton(1) GREGG
Sunday December 28 1879 : Tay Bridge disaster
1880 : Birth date of
[P1817] Elizabeth PERRY
1880 : Marriage date of [F161] - [P507] John GREGG = [P508] Jane HOPKINS
1880 : Birth date of [P523] Emily Rosina RICKETTS
Saturday June 26 1880 : Birth date of [P558] William GREGG
Sunday April 3 1881 : 1881 national census taken
Sunday May 1 1881 : Death date of
[P492] Jean Denholm GREGG
1882 : Isolation of tuberculosis bacteria by R Koch
Sunday January 1 1882 : Birth date of
[P559] Agnes GREGG
1883 : Birth date of [P509] Mary Thompson GREGG
1883 : Cholera bacteria isolated by Robert Koch
Sunday August 26 1883 : Krakatoa erupts
Thursday October 11 1883 : Birth date of
[P560] Thomas GREGG
1884 : Fountain pen invented by L E Waterman
1885 : Vaccine against rabies discovered by Louis Pasteur
1885 : First internal combustion carriage built by K. Benz
Monday January 26 1885 : General Gordon killed at Khartoum
Friday September 25 1885 : Birth date of
[P561] John GREGG
1886 : Marriage date of [F170] - [P526] ALEXANDER DUNDAS PERRY = [P527] JESSIE FLETCHER
Sunday October 17 1886 : Birth date of [P1368] Martha Jane MORRISON
1887 : Sherlock Holmes created by Arthur Conan Doyle
Tuesday September 20 1887 : Birth date of
[P562] Margaret GREGG
1888 : Birth date of [P903] Charles PERRY
1888 : Invention of hand-held camera by George Eastman
Saturday July 21 1888 : Birth date of
[P1609] Elizabeth Jane GODFREY
October 1888 : Jack the Ripper terrorises London's East End
1889 : Birth date of
[P898] Susan Muir SPIERS
1889 : Invention of the bolt-action rifle by P von Mauser
Saturday September 21 1889 : Birth date of
[P563] Jane GREGG
Thursday November 14 1889 : Completion of the Forth Bridge - first large steel structure
1890 : Birth date of
[P900] Charlotte PERRY
ABT 1890 : Marriage date of [F516] - [P1820] James Thomson FLEMING = [P1821] Jane Ogilvie GEMMELL
1890 : Discovery of diphtheria vaccine by E von Behring
Wednesday July 30 1890 : Death date of
BEF 1891 : Death date of [P1819] Charles WHITING
1891 : Invention of the zip fastener by W L Judson
AFT 1891 : Death date of
[P557] Catherine Seaton(1) GREGG
AFT 1891 : Death date of [P1596] Margaret KNOX
Wednesday April 1 1891 : 1891 national census taken
Wednesday August 19 1891 : Birth date of
[P564] Matthew Paton GREGG
Monday December 21 1891 : Marriage date of [F179] - [P1729] Charles WHITING = [P845] Catherine DOYLE
1892 : Birth date of [P1828] Thomas Fletcher(1) PERRY
1892 : Death date of [P1828] Thomas Fletcher(1) PERRY
1892 : Birth date of [P1747] David Bell FLEMING
1893 : Thomas Edison invents motion pictures
Monday August 28 1893 : Birth date of
[P565] James GREGG
1894 : Tower Bridge opens in London
1894 : Birth date of
[P904] Thomas Fletcher(2) PERRY
1895 : Wireless telegraphy invented by G Marconi
1895 : Discovery of x-rays by W K Roentgen
Saturday January 5 1895 : Death date of
Thursday November 14 1895 : Birth date of [P566] Catherine Seaton(2) GREGG
1896 : Discovery of radioactivity by Henri Becquerel
1896 : Birth date of
[P1746] Catherine Doyle WHITING
BEF 1897 : Death date of [P566] Catherine Seaton(2) GREGG
EST 1897 : Birth date of [P828] Elizabeth Campbell WILSON
1897 : Marriage date of [F181] - [P550] William DUNLOP = [P549] Jean Denholm GREGG
Wednesday May 12 1897 : Birth date of [P567] Catherine Seaton(3) GREGG
Tuesday June 22 1897 : Victoria celebrates her Diamond Jubilee
1898 : Birth date of
[P901] Marion Fletcher PERRY
ABT 1898 : Birth date of [P1613] James DUNLOP
1899 : Invention of first tape recorder by V Poulsen
1899 : Introduction of aspirin by Felix Hoffman
Wednesday April 19 1899 : Birth date of
[P1610] Agnes Paton DUNLOP
Wednesday July 12 1899 : Birth date of [P529] ROBERT PATON GREGG
October 1899 : Start of Boer War
1900 : Invention of rigid airship by von Zeppelin
1900 : Invention of agricultural tractor by B Holt
August 1900 : Boxer rebellion in Peking
1901 : Birth date of
[P899] Alexander Frederick PERRY
1901 : First successful safety razor sold by K Gillette
Tuesday January 22 1901 : End of reign of Queen Victoria
Wednesday January 23 1901 : Start of reign of Edward VII
1902 : Birth date of
[P902] Archibald PERRY
ABT 1902 : Birth date of [P1614] Terence DUNLOP
EST 1902 : Marriage date of [F162] - [P510] Alan CARSWELL = [P509] Mary Thompson GREGG
EST 1902 : Marriage date of [F168] - [P522] John(2) DOYLE[DALE] = [P523] Emily Rosina RICKETTS
Saturday April 5 1902 : 20 killed as terracing collapses at Ibrox Park
Monday April 14 1902 : Birth date of
[P568] Isabella GREIG
Sunday June 1 1902 : End of Boer War
1903 : Birth date of
[P897] Jessie WHITELAW
EST 1903 : Marriage date of [F311] - [P1032] William WILSON = [P559] Agnes GREGG
1903 : Birth date of [P847] Evelyn DALE
1903 : Birth date of [P891] Matthew RICHMOND
Monday October 5 1903 : Death date of [P495] AGNES PATON


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