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4 November 2008

Can you help Amy Madden?  Hi Alec, I am interested in any information you have on the descendants of William Gregg[P1055] and Jane Thom[P135], [Family F45] who were married in 1829 in Dalrymple. I am a descendants of Jane's sister Mary so I would love to hear from any living descendants too. Thanks Amy Madden maddo_inc@yahoo.com

26 May 2008

I have just located your Greig website and am quite excited about the fact there are others out there with connections.

I am an Australian currently working and living in the UK (just had 4 years in Scotland and now in Suffolk) researching William Lafferty who it seems was first married to Agnes Gregg and then it seems Margaret Swan Fleming. This is where it gets confusing as most of the children’s details that I had been given as being from Margaret seem to use the Craig or Greig names - which would suggest they really were children of Agnes rather than Margaret. I am about to do some more research to clarify the info that had been passed to me some years ago.

In fact our line of descent is from Thomas Davidson Lafferty the son of William Lafferty. He married Elizabeth McBirnie and emigrated to Australia. As someone else’s record says, at one point they were living at Bowenville Queensland. On your site I see mention to Agnes marrying a Mr Lafferty and having children: David, Andrew, Alexander, Thomas and Ivie Greig. My records show their children were John, William Greig, David, Hugh, Marion Anderson Greig, John, Andrew, Alexander and Agnes. The names Agnes, Ivy and Greig have been used extensively by our line which suggests more of a connection to Gregg than to Fleming. One female had Margaret Swan the name of Margaret Fleming......so I am going to have to go back to scratch to establish which children belong to which wife. Unless of course, someone already has accurate records.

I would be happy to share what info I have to establish Gregg/Greig connections.

In addition, I am not sure if anyone in your clan group is aware that next year is ‘2009 Homecoming Scotland’ for all around the world with Scots connections.
and the main function is the ‘Worldwide Clan gathering’: http://www.clangathering.org/news/

Our family line who lay most claim to McBirnie have started looking at making it a reason for a trip to Scotland in late July – August 2009. My ‘cousins’ and I have listed activities on a pamphlet as a proposed agenda/incentive for those in Australia and Canada to come. This would include the Clan Gathering Edinburgh, Clan Cameron Gathering at Achnacarry (some of them are also Camerons), then in the gap before the Tattoo travel across to Ayrshire to Maybole and hold something simple so that any McBirnies or Laffertys (and might I suggest Greigs) can meet up and share info/photos etc. That would be around weekend Aug 8th so that the UK rellies can get there too. Then this might be followed up by the Edinburgh Tattoo, and one of the numerous Highland Games held across the highlands at this period.

Ross & Robyn Jobson

27 September 2007. Hello- Just curious if anyone has found out anything new on Macadam Galbraith son to Margaret Gregg (or Greig) Rae? I am a direct descendant of Macadam through my mother. He was my g-g-grandfather.

On his death certificate his father listed as Macadam Galbraith, Army Sergeant (deceased) and Margaret Gregg Rae Galbraith (deceased) however I cannot find any record of their marriage. 1851 census has Macadam living with Margaret Rea (spelling wrong), James and Jean (or Jane). I have found another son to James and Margaret named John 1833 however I cannot find any death record for James Sr or John (son) Rae so don't know what happened to them.

Maybe just a co-incidence, but there was a John Galbraith and family that lived across the street from Margaret in the 1851 census. It appears his mother and sister lived next door.

Also odd, I found a Macadam Galbraith age 15 in the 1841 census the year before my Macadam was born. What is interesting is that he was a baker and Margaret's son James and Macadam grew up to be master bakers!

Does any of this mean anything to anyone?

Much thanks, Gael in Florida, US

30 May 2006. Janet Greig Smith writes: My Mother was Margaret Stobbs Greig, born at the Glen, Irongray on the 5th May 1923. she married Robert Bell of Dumfries in Glasgow in 1945. They had four children inc myself. Robert Andrew b. 22nd. June 1947 in Dumfries, David b. 16th. December 1949 in Dumfries, myself Janet Greig b. 6th. April 1959 in Kendal and Thomas b. 24th. March 1960 in Doncaster. My mother died in 1999 on the 14th. November. Her older sister is Janet Jess Greig, b. 30th. April 1920 at High Pennyvenie Dalmellington still very much with us and enormously interested in your project. Her older brother was William b. 31st. March 1917 at High Pennyvenie Dalmellington d. 1976 whilst working in Ae Forest. Uncle William and Aunt Janet did not have children, so I am the last one with the Greig name perched on our branch of the tree! My Aunt remembers talk of two other children, firstly Elisabeth b. 1st. april 1919 who only lived a few weeks and a boy, John b. about 1921 who would have died soon after birth, I am searching for information about this.

My Grandfather was Andrew Greig b. 25th. August 1893 at Drummockloch, his father was William Greig and mother.....

Click here for an another article relating to the Gregg's from Barr Ayrshire through Janet's line of Gregg/Greig's

30 May 2006. Doreen Tuttle Hunt. Maple Valley, Washington. Thank you for posting your informative web site. I have been searching for my Gregg ancestors-- my great grandmother's parents, siblings as well as other relatives. Mary Emmaline Gregg is her name and her father is rumored to be John Gregg from North Carolina. She was born 10-1849 on the Kentucky border. She married William Young who was born in 1847 and they came west. Finally, settling in Mossyrock, Washington (Lewis County). However, so far I have not been able to find out for sure who her father and mother were and any other family members. It is also rumored that she may have had Native American ancestors. Did anyone come across these folks in their research? Thank you for considering this. If you can assist Doreen - Email: doreenhunt@msn.com

2 April 2006. HI Alex Again I need to thank you for your website. another descendant found me thru it!!!!! I have updated our branch info. Samuel Wallace married Jean Dalziel It turns out Jean was the illegitimate daughter of Andrew Dalziel and jean Findlay Jean Findlay married James Fleming! We know know why some of thier children had the middle name of Fleming!! My work is pretty close to accurate but there may be a few mistakes, esp on Findlay Wallace! Thanks again for all you hard work and dedication Romona Powers-Perkins.
I forgot to ask you to include my website on your site It can be found at
tribalpages.com user id is romonap I need to put my Greggs in it tho I do have Mary and her parents. Thanks again Romona Powers-Perkins

18 January 2005. Romona Powers-Perkins has  contributed to the Gregg Family History Project from time to time, and today sent us her current Wallace Family History, also showing the Gregg link.
View Romona's information
CLICK HERE   -  Email Romona.
Download a death certificate for Mary( Greig) Wallace 1891
& Marriage Cert for Samuel Grieg Wallace/Martha Monagham 1876

Good morning, I am writing to you from Australia, and just want to let you know that your website is indeed wonderful. I am researching my grandmothers family name of Gregg as is my mother in New Zealand, but sadly cannot find any connection here. We have the Christian name of Gerard or Jared feature a lot in ours and have also found a direct line to the Inventor of Gregg's Shorthand of which there does not appear to be any mention within your line. I sent out many letters throughout Australia to Gregg's and have found one connection which appears to have solved a family mystery. But it was through these letters I received a reply from Syd Gregg who shared with me your website info. I shall certainly pass this information on for it is well worth it. Many thanks for sharing your family history.
Kindest regards. Janet Downs.

6 June 2004-Gloria Cathcart from Alberta Canada. Email gandgcathcart@shaw.ca
Dear Alec, I am a great granddaughter to James Kelly born June 10, 1859, and died March 9, 1939. As a 10 year old he emigrated to Kansas and is listed in the Scotch Valley write-up. Then in 1901 he came to Alberta, Canada, bringing his  family of 10 (little Agnes was buried in Scotch Valley) in 1902.. Another baby, Nellie, was born in Alberta. (Nellie was midwife at my birth.) ...
We are grateful to Gloria for the additional info regarding the Kelly Family from Barr Ayrshire. Photo's can be seen with ADDITIONAL INFO AT OUR 'GREGG'S of BARR by GIRVAN' website -

16 May 2004. Muriel & Jim Adam from Edinburgh Sc. UK. I found your web site and am interested in your link with the Lind family. I am researching the Lind family and their links with the Johnstone family in Penpont, Dumfriesshire. My maiden name was Fairley and I have been researching the Fairley family tree for around 8 yrs now and am in contact with various family Fairley cousins all over the world.
Isabella Johnstone ( the sister of Grace Johnstone who married John Lind) married Robert Fairley in 1888 Glasgow, and as far as we know they emigrated to California. We assume that Isabella died and Robert remarried around 1908 (family heresay has it that his next wife, Elizabeth was a relative of Isabella ) and Robert and Elizabeth had a son William b 1907 in Menlo Park, California. We have found them on the 1910 Census in Almeda County California. We are waiting for another Fairley researcher (who stayes in Palm Beach ) and he has ordered the birth certificate of William to find out his mother's surname.
When I came across your site tonight and found William Gracie Lind married to Jane Galt Montgomery 2nd August 1910 in Oakland Almeda USA. I knew that this has to be our link!!  I would be willing to share any info that I have that may interest you and if you have any info on the brothers and sisters of William Gracie Lind. He was one of a family of seven children born to John Lind and Grace Johnstone. 3 of the children disappear from the Scottish records ( Elizabeth Johnstone Lind b 1868 Carnwath, Lanarkshire, ( a possible candidate for the 4th wife of my Robert Fairley) , Robert Lind b 1869 in Carnwath, Lanarkshire, Johnstone Lind b 1871 Carnwath, Lanarkshire, and your William Gracie Lind b 1875 in Penpont, Dumfriesshire.
I have the details of James Lind b 1873 Carnwath and his decendants. I also have the details of the parents and grandparents and gr grandparents.

April 2004. My name is Doris "Gregg" Bryan. Your name was given to me by Tim Gregg, from Tenn. USA. I was in contact with Tim hoping to establish a family tie, but to no avail. He gave me you name in hopes I can make a connection to Ireland. My Gr. Gr. Grandfather Richard Gregg and his wife Mary (maiden name not known) emigrated to the United States sometime around 1844 to 1846. According to the 1850's US Census, they were living in Philadelphia, Pa. USA. Their oldest son Patrick was born in England in 1844, and their second son Edward was born in Phila. in 1846, lastly they had a daughter "Jane" born in Phila. in 1849. Richard Gregg age 29 was listed as a weaver, and Mary was age 30. There was also a Patrick Cassion, age 23, a dyer born in Ireland living with them. I have checked with the Port of New York from 1820 to 1846 and the Port of Philadelphia from 1800 to 1906 hoping to discover from where they came, without any luck. If you could point me in some direction I would be most appreciative. (Can anyone help Doris on this one?)
Doris M. Bryan. Franklinville, NJ, USA.

March 2004. From Shannon E Kelly. USA 
Dear Sir, I am a relative of the Greggs, George Gregg of Balloch North, Ayrshire to be exact. I am trying to find if I had any Scottish relatives in the First World War. I have several pages of names, many of which are missing from George's family tree shown on your site. For instance I have all of the branches of the younger George that went to New Zealand and the of a Hugh Gregg (the NZ George's brother, not listed on your tree. You would probably want this gentlman's history, as his branch still lives in Barr). Perhaps you already have all of this and I am just missing it. I am a Kelly. My great x3 grandfather was William Gregg who married Marion McMurray. If any of this info. is of interest to you, or if you can help me find WWI nominal rolls, please let me know. I have met the Scottish and New Zealand Greggs and would love to expand my family tree. Respectfully, Shannon Kelly.
sskelly@totalspeed.net See new article - Gregg Families from Barr Ayrshire

Since receiving this mail we have presented an article in conjunction with Shannon and other contributors, specifically dealing with the Barr location in Ayrshire and those who emigrated abroad.
Click here for details.

November 2003. From Marlyn Melvin.
Alec. I can't seam to get any information on my great-great grandfather, David Wilson. after the family left Mauchline around the 1900, I think. I have no close relatives that I can check with.
Details so far: John Gregg married Jean Gibson 1818. family - James Janet Agnes William Margaret.
Agnes married Robert Jamison 3/6/52. family - Jane Jamison married David Wilson 17/6/1873.
family - Hugh Wilson born 2/10/1873, Robert Jamieson Wilson born 5/8/75, David Wilson born 3/11/1877 Agnes Gregg Wilson my great grandmother, born 30/12/1879, Denham Jamieson Wilson born 2/7/1889 Andrew Wilson born 29/6/1887 there could have been another son John?
Agnes Gregg Wilson married Thomas McSephney Burns on 31/12/1901 he was born on 18/9/1875, Tarbolton, one of 19 children a catholic upbringing. They produced 5 daughters and one son who never married his name was Owen burns. The girls names were Jane Jamison Burns born 24/8/1902 who married George sortie 14/4/1925, they had one son Tom Sorbie. In the 1940s she left for Canada and remarried, producing a daughter Joan. Margaret McSephney Burns my grandmother born 14/9/1903 married Samuel Gibney 15/11/1924 they produced 2 daughters my mother Agnes (Nancy) and her sister Denham (Denny), please note how the Denham name came from Denholm and Denny also Dinah used. Agnes another sister married in Canada as well she was known as Nan, Denham known as Dinah burns married a Ted Manley they lived in Royston, England had 2 children Agnes (Nan) and Edward. Elizabeth (Betty) also moved to Canada. Of the three sisters, I have little knowledge, I think it was the Ontario area they settled in? I would love to hear from their kin. I remember as a little girl visiting great aunt Dinah in the Edinburgh district around the mid 1950s, I don't think that she married - I also came across in my search Robert Jamieson Wilson death certificate from Morningside Edinburgh he died in 1939 age 63. The address for one of his family a Robert Wilson was 123 Glasgow Road Barrhead. I have come to the conclusion that the Wilson's moved from Mauchline to Edinburgh why! I have no idea unless it was for work reasons? I have tried very hard to trace them to no avail. Can anyone help please?
Marlyn Melvin.

August 23 2001. My name is Sheila Rustin and my last known Greig's were David Greig and Agnes Brown married 10/1/1802 in Ayr (Family [F202] on your listing of surnames.  Their son, David born 8/22/1806 Ayr Ayrs is my gr gr gr grandfather.  He died in Detroit, MI. USA in 1877. (His brother, William, was "The King of Fanning  Island".  I cannot find anything before or after this record.   Can anyone  help? Thank you - Sheila - rustintile@aol.com

July 29 2001. Dear sir , I have a John Gregg ca. 1567-1644 who had a son William Gregg ca. 1616-1672 who had a son John Gregg d. 1724 who had a son John Gregg ca.1690-1758 m. Nancy Wood.  The first john was connected to David and he to John MacGREGOR (received cane)  are you familiar with this line. the first John was born 1567 in Glenorchy, Argyll. Scotland died in Antrim Ireland. can you shed some light on this line. . theodoregregg@aol.com  Your web site is amazing. Theodore Gregg,  Johnson City, Tennessee.
Thanks Theodore, my personal research tends to be UK only, but if anyone else out there can assist Theodore, then by all means please contact him directly.
We have published an Article supplied by Theodore in our Articles Section - please take a look at
'The Colonial Gregg's'

July 06 2000. Nancy Cowie originally from Glasgow Sc. has lived in Canada for 25 years: I have just got into The Gregg Family site and to my surprise here right in front of me was my GGGG Grandfathers name John Gregg and his Daughter my GGG Grandmother Helen Gregg born 9th Sept 1804 Dalmellington and so on about all her Brothers and Sisters etc it was fantastic to see all their names and now I know a little bit more about the Family. I would love to hear from anyone connected to this Family. I am interested in Kerr, Fulton, Gregg, Gemmells, McCulloch, Bone, Tweedie, Murdoch, McKay and Patterson all from Dalmellington and The Doon Valley South Ayrshire. Great Site. Nancy. nancy.dave@sympatico.ca

June 01 2000. My name is Shelby (Michelle) Gregg and I am currently researching my father's limbs of our family tree. I am located in Northern California. My Grandfather, Clayton Keith Gregg (b. 11 June 1897 at Bluffton, Indiana)
married his second wife, a British woman by the name of Enid.  I have no other info on her.  I do know that they had at least 2 children, a son named Ellison (b. 28 Dec 1948??) and a daughter whose name I don't know. The earliest entry I have on my tree begins with my 4x Great Grandfather Samuel Gregg (b. 4 May 1773 - d. 30 Aug 1844) and his wife Ann Briant (b. 18 July 1775 - d. 10 Oct 1844). They lived in Warren County, Ohio.  This info came from a family bible that I believe was started by their son Aaron (b. 23 Jan 1803 - d. 16 Aug 1870), my 3x Great Grandfather. Thanks Shelby.
My website has a more detailed tree. http://www.angelfire.com/ca2/msredwolf/index.html

*** UPDATE June 2004: ***
Hi Alec, Just wanted to show some exciting and great news.
Thanks to your website I was able to post a message in 2000 asking about information on my Grandfather who settled in England with his wife and information on their two children. One of whom, a son, had been given up for adoption at birth 54 years ago.
On June 11, 2004, I was contacted via email by that son. He had done an Internet search on Google using my Grandfather's name, and my posting on your website came up as a search result.
After 4 years of searching for him, my long lost Uncle, who my Dad and his Sister thought we would never find, found us.
We have been talking via email with him and know for certain, and without a doubt that he is the person that we have been searching for. Understandably it has been slow going since this was a bit of a shock to him, but he is also as excited as we are.
We will hopefully be having a reunion sometime in the near future. Since so much of genealogy is searching for our ancestors who most of the time are long gone, I just wanted to share this great news with you. Thank you so much for your website and thanks to Google!!! Warmest Regards, Shelby.

Wow that's great news Shelby!! Congratulations to all concerned, and glad we have been of service to you. Genealogy certainly is full of surprises, and in this case a brilliant result . Alec Gregg. 20 July 2004.

April 30 2000. I am researching my family. Gregg-Cummins Family. I am just starting my online Family tree but feel it is going to turn out pretty good, and may be helpful to others as well as myself for information -  Celtic pride - Sincerely Patricia (Cummins,Gregg) Moore. EMwife30@aol.com  This is the link to my home page (Family Tree) http://hometown.aol.com/emwife30/page3.html

April 18  2000: Anne Young Ohio USA writes in with a unique query: LOOKING FOR GREGG'S FROM WALES I'm looking for GREGGS in or from WALES UK. This name is so unusual in Welsh ancestry, that if your ancestor was a Gregg from Wales, it is almost certain that we are related. THOMAS GREGG, puddler, b. 1792 in Bedwelty m. Mary WILLIAMS 1 Oct 1814 Bedwelty, Monmouth, Wales.  Their children were:
MARY b. 8 Jul 1815 m. Reese Jones 18 April 1840 emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA 1843, SUSANNAH b. 22 April 1817, FRANCIS b. 24 Sept 1819 m. Martha, stayed in Wales, CATHERINE b. 26 Dec 1821 m. John Thomas Paine 1846 d.  Lancaster, PA 1913, THOMAS b. Aug 1824  emigrated with Mary to Pittsburgh., SARAH b. 19 Nov 1826, GABY b. 12 Jan 1830 d. 4 Feb 1830, HANNAH b. 31 May 1831 d. 4 Jan 1832, LEAH b. 25 Dec 1833, RACHEL b. 25 Dec 1833 d. 21 Oct 1835
All children were born in Monmouthshire. I believe that Thomas and Mary died before 1841 as I couldn't find them in the census. The dob's and list of names of all the children, I found in the IGI. I would love to compare notes with you if you have any Gregg's in Wales. 

ebruary 22 2000: Hanz-Peter Wenzyl v. Sylvester of Munich Germany is attempting to find details relating the family of his Grandmother - Laura Gregg b. 15/6/1897 in Ohio USA. She died in Newport, County of Orleans, 28 Jan 1978. Laura's  father was possibly a Joseph Gregg of Warren County. Laura was first married to William L. v. Sylvester, born in Buffalo, NY. ALSO seeking info. relating to a Mary Gregg who was married to Charles William Cavendish, descendant of George Augustus Henry Cavendish 1st Earl of Burlington. Mary died in Roma, Italy, August 26th, 1900. Please address any communication to Wesyl@aol.com 

January 3 2000: Justin Barlow Clement: Dear Sirs, I am descended from Andrew Gregg, b. April 1, 1788, Clones Ireland, d. March 15, 1875. I have included a genealogy report that is based on family bible records and what was handed to me from my grandfather. I can document much of it, and I am fairly certain that most of it is very accurate. The only thing I am unsure of is Robert Gregg and Elizabeth Elliott being the parents of the above Andrew Gregg. I received the info. through an email correspondence, but have not been able to confirm. Does this fit into your information anywhere? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Justin (penanggalen@drexel.edu)
Generation No. 1 - 1. ROBERT1 GREGG He married ELIZABETH ELLIOTT. Their child: 2. i. ANDREW2 GREGG, b. April 01, 1788, Clones, County Cavanaugh, Ireland; d. March 15, 1875.
Generation No. 2 - 2. ANDREW2 GREGG (ROBERT1) married MARGARET HOWE WIGGIN 1809 in Cavanaugh County, Ireland. Margaret was born May 05, 1788 in Redhill, County Cavanaugh, Ireland, and died January 24, 1866. - ANDREW2 GREGG: Moved: 1805, Manchester, England - Marriage Notes for ANDREW GREGG and MARGARET WIGGIN: LDS microfilm # 1553589: Immigrated: 1828, Hudson, New York, America. Children of ANDREW GREGG and MARGARET WIGGIN are: 3. i. ANDREW3 GREGG, b. 1824; d. 1896. - ii. JOHN GREGG. - iii. ROBERT GREGG, b. October 03, 1811, Cavanaugh County, Ireland; m. HARRIET THORPE.
NOTE: Thanks for writing to us Justin, but sorry we cannot help out directly on this one. Justin has comprehensive records relating to further generations of this family, and would like to hear from anyone related or interested. Particularly with any info on Robert Gregg and Elizabeth Elliott.

1 December 1999. From Bonnie Stevens (Hawaii USA): Have read your Gregg file with interest, although do not find an immediately obvious link with my own Ayrshire GREIG family. Are you maintaining a surname file, or tracking only your own line? Our Greig line is from Kilwinning, where John GREIG married Christian CAMPBELL in Oct 1810 per the Kilwinning OPR. John was a silk weaver, and at least three of his sons followed him into the textiles trades. His eldest son, also John and from whom I am descended, worked as a stone mason but supplemented his income as a watchman in a boatyard. He "disappeared mysteriously" (as my grandmother retold her own grandmother's tale) one night between 1852 and 1855, and "his body was never found". Would be happy to share what little I know of this line if you're interested in everyone from Ayrshire with the surname. ---bonnie stevens (tutubonnie@gmail.com)

Bonnie, thank you for your most interesting mail. I have recently upgraded my database to include ALL the Gregg and Related names throughout AYRSHIRE of which I have knowledge - from Circa 1600.(Some outside of Ayrshire also). This now stands at around 2370 records and growing.
I have now received a further communication from Bonnie which includes a comprehensive listing of the generations of John Greig and Christian Campbell who married in Kilwinning Ayrshire in 1810. This is an excellent article and is
NOW AVAILABLE on this site.

(Additional information supplied February 2004 by Martyn Taylor)

30 September 1999. Pamela Gallardy writes: I live in Southern California, U.S.A I am trying to find out if anybody knows of an Elizabeth Gregg that lived in England. Her date of birth is uncertain , but around 1850-1860. She was of a very aristocratic family. She married Charles Harkness Bradley. They had children (the number is unknown) but one was my great-grandfather Roderick Bradley. (His brothers all died in World War I.) Roderick married Ada Lily Barnett. They had 3 children (Winnifred, Henry , Joyce). They then left England (when my Grandma, Joyce, was 4 yrs old), to South America. If anyone knows anything of Elizabeth or her descendants, please email me. Sincerely, Pamela. (litagagliardi@hotmail.com)  

7 September 1999. Nancy Rothrock - The Gregg Family (USA) writes: - We have been unable to find the parents or siblings of our James Gregg born 1790.(Our bible records say he was born in Pennsylvania USA, but a news article on his son Simon listed his parents born in South Carolina.) If anyone out there thinks they might have a clue Nancy would love to hear from you. nrothrock@adelphia.net

1 September 1999. Gregg Morrison - Sydney AUSTRALIA writes: - His Great Grandparents were Margaret Gregg(b.13 Sep 1834 Sth. Leith Sc.) and William Morrison(m.1862 Sth. Leith Edin.) -Margaret, a renowned Scottish Poetess, was daughter to Robert Gregg (b.12 Dec 1800 Kilmarnock Ayrs) and Jean/Jane Jack(m.20 Dec 1833). - Robert 's parents were James Greg(b.27 Dec 1767 Ayr Ayrs.) and Lewis Brown(m.17 May 1790 Kilmarnock). - It is believed that James' was son to James Greg and Janet Henderson (m.C.1752 Ayr). - Gregg is interested to hear from anyone researching these Gregg's and Morrison's or the ancestors/descendants of the above Lewis Brown. (greggm@bigpond.net.au)

28 August 1999. Rob Gregg - USA - Writes seeking info with regard to his ancestors. His 5th great grandfather was Hugh Gregg[b.EST1720], who with his sister Jennet, and brother James apparently emigrated[C.1740] from Scotland or Ireland to Londonderry NH USA where in C1742 he married Sarah Leslie. Rob is seeking details of Hugh Gregg's parents, and ancestors from Scotland/Ireland. robgregg@rcn.com )
3 October 1999: My appreciation and thanks to Rob for his further contribution, in bringing to our attention 'THE ANCESTRY OF CLARK CHAMBERLAIN GREGG' - An informative history concerning MacGREGOR'S and GREGG'S from C. 800 - 1900 A.D. NOW AVAILABLE on this site

8 August 1999. Mark Pettigrew (UK) recently contacted me regarding research on his Pettigrew line. Mark's ancestor - John Pettigrew - married Elizabeth Gregg - daughter of my great-great great grandfather in 1814 at Tarbolton Ayrshire. Mark would like to hear from anyone researching the Pettigrew family. (markpettigrew@salt41.freeserve.co.uk)

6 July 1999. Arlyn Greig from Canada is researching family or ancestors with roots in Aberdeen Scotland. - Arlyn's Father: Roy Alexander Greig, Born 21 March 1921 Durban, Manitoba, Canada. Died 10 February 1980 - Arlyn's Grandfather William George Greig, Born 23 October, 1889 Rapid city, Manitoba, Canada. Died 25 February 1971 - Arlyn's Great Grandfather Charles Greig. Born 10 June 1854 Aberdeen, Scotland. Arrived in Canada at age 4. Died 12 November 1941.agreig@ccinet.ab.ca)



FULL FEATURE 4 April 2004: An article written in association with Shannon E Kelly - Genealogy and stories of the Gregg's from Barr Ayrshire Sc. Includes those who went to settle in Kansas USA, and also in New Zealand.
Newspaper articles, photo's and lots more info!.

FULL FEATURE 28 July 2001: A database supplied by Ann  Nicholson UK. 'The Gibson's and Denholm's - Ayrshire Scotland from 1670'.   CLICK HERE.

FULL FEATURE 29 July 2001: An interesting article entitled 'The Colonial Gregg's'. Supplied by Theodore Gregg Tennessee U.S.A.  CLICK HERE.

FULL FEATURE 20 July 2000:  A Family Tree and Date Line structure relating to the ancestors of Chuck Loeher USA. fahan@aol.com The earliest record to date relates to Michael Doyle and Rachael Wilson married C.1827 County Down Ireland. Michael and Rachael moved to Ayrshire Scotland where they produced children who became ancestors to both Chuck Loehers family, and that of the Gregg family featured in The Gregg Family History Project. Chuck's ancestors moved on to the USA, where he now lives in Michigan. CLICK HERE.

FULL FEATURE 10 December 1999: New publication. An article by Bonnie Stevens (USA) tracing the generations of a Greig family from Kilwinning Ayrshire Scotland (C.1788 through to 1900). Bonnie's grandparents emigrated to America at the turn of the 20th century and she now lives in California. She keeps regular contact with cousins in Scotland and England, and spent time in the UK recently where she was able to meet relatives and see the places where her ancestors lived over 200 years ago. Bonnie has with the help of her cousins traced her family back to one John Greig and his wife Christian Marshall who were born and lived in Kilwinning Ayrshire. Read this article - perhaps you are related to their family. A well laid out article and accurately researched. CLICK HERE

FULL FEATURE 3 October 1999: Donated by Rob Gregg USA. We have published an excellent article on the MacGregor History from Circa 800 through to 1898. This covers a good history of the MacGregors, taking into account the various clan factions, their battles, hardships, dispersal , and the proscription of the name. Under the name of Gregg, and other similar names many migrated from their homelands. We follow in particular the line and descendants of Rob Roy MacGregor from Balquihidder, who moved south to Greenock in Renfrewshire Sc., some leaving for Northern Ireland, and then on to New England, in America. The Family of Clark Chamberlain Gregg. Well worth reading. CLICK HERE

12 September 1999. Gene Gregg - Logan Ohio USA tells us:
Hi, cousin
. My name is Gene Patrick Gregg from Logan Ohio USA. I am the descendant of William and James Gregg. These young men came over from Ireland.
James was born around 1798 or so and died here in 1838. He was married to a Catherine who died around 1862. James was killed on St. Patrick's Day by a group of Irishmen. He was clubbed to death because he said I am a Scot - not Irish and I am not Catholic either. James couldn't read or write. When he would say his name in his broad accent people would spell it Gragg instead of Gregg. I have many relatives in that area with Gragg but we are all from the same family of William and James Gregg or Gragg depending on which of the brothers you are descended from.
But my direct relation was William. He married Jane Everhart who would be my Grandfathers Grandmother. Jane's mother was a full-blooded Wyndott Indian Princess - her tribe was from Sanduky. They were forced to leave their lands in the 1800's when their numbers had reduced to about 600. The U.S paid about $400 for their lands which covered about one quarter of North Western Ohio, and most of the Wyndotts went up to Canada, the rest going West to Missouri.
William Gregg and Jane settled in the Ohio Valley near Bainbridge Oh., where they gave birth to Arthur Gregg, my great Grandfather. The family tree I have from a cousin tells the same story - that we are from Scotland and that we are MacGregor's. I often thought about changing my name back to MacGregor, but I think its better to leave it alone - that way my ancestors won't be confused. I hope this finds your family well.
God bless you and God bless the MacGregor clan.
Thanks Gene for your interesting story - Many persecuted Scot's emigrated via Ireland - and as Sir Walter Scott said of the MacGregors -"They were famous for their misfortunes and the indomitable courage with which they have maintained themselves as a clan." Alec.


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