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1766 - 1855


I refer to my
 Great-Great-Great Grandfather William Gregg[P439], as 'The Elusive William'. We know that he was born around 1766, and almost certainly in Ayrshire. Although we have found a parish record for Ayr confirming the birth of a William Gregg for that year, we have no recorded proof that this is the same William who married Agnes Currie, my Great-Great-Great Grandmother, in 1788. It is thought however, that William's parents are James Greg and Janet [Henderson] Greg[F142] who lived in the town of Ayr. They had nine children, all of whom are recorded in the Ayr parish registers. A son William was born to them in 1766 and the parish record states: - William Greg lawful son to James Greg, Master of Manners, and Janet Henderson his spouse, born 20 April 1766 and baptised 26 April'.

So, the most likely parents to William are therefore, James Greg[P437] and Janet Henderson[P438]. We must not be put off here by the fact that the surname spellings differ. The parish records relating to William's marriage describe his surname as Greig, and in later years it was also spelled as Gregg. This is a typical example of misnomers of the period.

William Gregg and Agnes Currie named their first child James, but we have not found the birth records of a Janet to this couple. However, the person we believe to be our William's brother - James Gregg[P381] who married Lewis Brown[P385], named their third and fourth children James and Janet.

Then in 1996 , a questionable event in our research came when my cousin Matthew Greig discovered another entry in the Ayr parish registers for the month of December in 1776.

It reads: -'William Greg son of James Greg, aged 10 years and 3 months, died of fever, buried 1 December 1776'.

Unfortunately the death record, as is often the case, omits to name of the boy's mother. The big question remains - did this death entry relate to the William born to James Greg and Janet Henderson in 1766. By December 1776, the month of the death, James and Janet's son William would have been aged 10 years and 8 months. No record of a second William born to them has been found.

Documents relating to James Greg[P437] describe him as having been a Dance Tutor, and Master of Manners, and these same occupations are also attributed to our William in later years.

Fortunately, details are available concerning William's family, occupation, and whereabouts from the time he married to the time he died. One by one, his descendants have been traced through to the present day, but his is the furthest point back to which I can presently trace our family by conventional and proven means.

William was born during the reign of George III [1738-1820] - and in his early years William would have known about the British wars in North America with the French and Spanish, and the loss of American Colonies with the declaration of American independence on 4 July 1776. The surrender by British forces was finally in 1782. Around the time that the new town of Edinburgh was under construction. It would be in William's early years too that Captain Cook was to discover Botany Bay, and shortly afterwards that 'criminals' and prisoners were being transported there by the thousands.

Other notable events were the completion of the worlds first iron bridge over the River Severn, the invention of the 'modern steam engine' by James Watt and the Spinning Jenny by J Hargreaves'

It was during these years that William would most likely have been apprenticed to his future profession as a stonemason, later to become a member of the Masons Lodge in Tarbolton where he was notably a dance teacher and musician.

A young man of local acquaintance with William, was Robert Burns, who was later to become an internationally recognised poet. Burns published his first book - "Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect" in 1786.

Just two years later, on 26 September 1788, Williams married Agnes Currie[P440] at the village of Ochiltree, a few miles east from Ayr.

Their first recorded child Wiliam and Agnes was named JAMES[P463], born at 'Bonnyton' Ochiltree in 1789. It was common practice to name first children after their Grandparents, and this could be another indicator that James' Grandfather was James Greg from Ayr.

The Parish record: 'James Greig, lawful son to William Greig and Agnes Currie in Bonnyton, Ochiltree was baptised on 19th July 1789'

Later details obtained from the 1855 death certificate of the child's mother, Agnes Currie, state that this son 'died abroad' but gives no further details of where and when.

By 1791, when their second child Elizabeth Gregg[P464] was born, William was described on the Mauchline parish baptismal entry as being a mason. Although we know William was a member of the Masonic Lodge in Tarbolton, we also presume his occupation to have been that of a stonemason.

For a short spell in 1793, they lived in Glasgow. We are aware of this from records relating to the birth of their son William[P474](died as infant), who was born in the Gorbals district. A great deal of building work was being undertaken in the city of Glasgow at that time, and presumably stonemasons would have been in great demand. A particular building contractor working in Glasgow during that period was James Armour, father-in-law to the renowned Robert Burns. We know that in 1791 William lived in Mauchline where Armour was based, so it is highly probable that William worked for him.

William and Agnes were to have three additional children. John Gregg[P457] (my Great-Great Grandfather Gregg) was born in January 1798, the year of a great Typhus epidemic, and which killed thousands of people throughout Britain.
Following the death of their first child William, they gave the same name to their next, born in March 1800 - William Gregg[P475].
Photo 2 Click to enlarge
Mauchline Around 1770

 Mauchline around 1770's

Agnes[P461] their youngest, arrived in July 1803. These three children were all born in Tarbolton Ayrshire, and over the following 99 years, all but three children within the generations of the family would be born in that town.

Life was generally a great deal harder in those days - workdays were long and conditions were poor. Accommodation was cramped with large and impoverished families to feed and cloth. They faced despair, deficiencies, and death from any number of diseases. Day to day life was domineered by the parish priests and greatly revolved around the local church. In 1795 the first Poor Laws were devised to accommodate the homeless and deprived. In 1796 E. Jenner discovered a Smallpox vaccine, a miracle of its time, but only two years later in 1798, the Typhus epidemic was killing thousands more.

During the years that William and Agnes were raising their family, such military events as the Mutiny aboard HMS Bounty took place in 1789. France declared war on Britain and the Netherlands on 1 Feb 1793, their attempt to land forces at Fishguard in Wales being repulsed on 21 Feb 1797. These wars would continue for several years and claim many lives in Europe. It was a time of national mourning when on 21 Oct 1805 Nelson died at Trafalgar, albeit victorious.

The final records we have for William and Agnes are Census returns for the Failford Almshouses in the parish of Tarbolton. The move may have been too much for old William for he died not long after they moved there.

The first National Census for Scotland took place in June 1841.  The returns for Failford Almshouses Tarbolton do not include William's name for he died there in the May 1841, just before the Census was taken. Agnes however, is listed as living there, and she also appears on the following census of 1851, in which she is described as Agnes Currie the widow of one William Gregg - Dancing Teacher. She eventually died aged 90 on 2 October 1855. This would confirm her date of birth to be around 1765 or 1766.
According to details on her Death Certificate(1855 ) Agnes was born in St Quivox Ayrshire(1766). Her parents were William Currie(a Wright) and Elizabeth Reid. Details of a Margaret also born in St Quivox(1774) to William Currie and Elizabeth Reid show she was the younger sister to Agnes.

William Gregg and his wife Agnes Currie
both lived out their final years at Failford Alms Hospital which was erected from a legacy left by the late Alexander Cooper esq. of Failford, around 1840, and upheld by the same legacy. Although the premises were burnt down in 1943 and no longer exist, the legacy is still in force and is managed by a committee who are still[1997] to decide what to do with the funds.
 Photo 6 Click to enlarge

Failford Almshouses - Cooper Trust

CENSUS 1841. Piece: SCT1841/619 Place: Tarbolton-Ayrshire Enumeration District: 4.
Civil Parish: Tarbolton Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 0 Page: 9. Address: Coopers Hospital - Failford
Coopers Hospital was actually a row of Alms Houses  - retired residents were described then as 'inmates'
Surname First name(s) Sex Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
AULD Thomas   25 Tile Mounter Ayrshire
HUMPHREY James M 83 Inmate Ayrshire
GREGG Agnes      F 75 Inmate  Ayrshire (M/S Currie)
CREE Barbara      F 47   Ayrshire
PEDEN Alexr.  M 74 Inmate Ayrshire
MCGILBREY Daniel  M 70   Outside Census County (1841)
MCGILBREY Agnes   F 68   Ayrshire
HILLHOUSE Elisabeth    F 89 Inmate Ayrshire
GUTHRIE James      M 30 Agricultural Labourer Ayrshire
GUTHRIE Sarah  F 30   Ayrshire
GUTHRIE Jean    F 7   Ayrshire
GUTHRIE Margaret     F 4   Ayrshire
GUTHRIE Janet       2   Ayrshire

CENSUS 1851. Piece: SCT1851/619 Place: Ayr -Ayrshire Enumeration District: 6
Civil Parish: Tarbolton Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Tarbolton Folio: 0 Page: 1 Schedule: 0
Address: Failford Hospital -
Page torn - Some information missing
Surname First name(s)  Con Sex Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
MCGRIGOR Margret Matron W F 65 Innkeepers Widow      Ayrshire - Tarbolton She does not reside in the hospital.
CREE - (maybe Sara) U F 55 Formerly Farm Servant St Quivox(Originally: Ayrshire - St Evox)  - Forename incomplete.
CREE - (May be Christina Visitor U F 22 Stocking Knitter Ayrshire - Cumnock Disability: Blind - Forename incomplete.
CREE Barbara F 47   Ayrshire
PEDEN Alexr. Patient   M 74 ?   Ayrshire
STEWART - Patient W F 75 Formerly Farmers Wife St Quivox(Originally: Ayrshire - St Evox)  - Forename incomplete.
MORTON - Patient W M 79 Fomerly Old Farmer Ayrshire - Mauchline Pg torn, forename missing.
MCILVRAY - Patient M M 78 Formerly Ag. Lab. Ayrshire - Mauchline Page torn, forename missing.
MCILVRAY - Patient M F 81 Formerly Agr.Labs Wife Ayrshire - Mauchline Page torn, forename missing.
GIBBS - Patient W F 76 Formerly Agr. Lab. Wife Ayrshire - Mauchline Page torn, forename missing.
CURRIE -   Patient
[Agnes Now listed under maiden name]
W F  84 Dancing Teachers Widow Ayrshire - St Quivox(Originally: Ayrshire - St Quivox) Page torn, forename missing.
CRAWFORD Martha Patient   U F 57 Formerly Infant Teacher Ayrshire - Mauchline Page torn, first half of forename missing.

1855 was the year in which the first official death certificates were introduced into Scotland. They included a great deal of information relating to the families of the deceased, and it is the source from which further details of Agnes' husband and children were obtained. Again William was described as a 'Dancing Master'. With regard to the children of the deceased, the 'Issue of the order of birth' was supplied on the certificate.

We are informed from this that in 1855 : 1) James - deceased abroad. 2) Elizabeth - living. 3) William - deceased infant. 4) John - deceased. 5) William - living. 6)Agnes living. The fourth sibling listed - John - was my Great, Great, Grandfather, who died in 1840 whilst both his parents were still alive. We also learned from the certificate that Agnes was born in St Quivox, close to Ayr, and that her parents were William Currie[P454] a wright - possibly stonewright, and Elizabeth Reid[P455]. They were of course my Great-Great-Great-Great Currie Grandparents. Even details of Agnes' burial place at Tarbolton Churchyard were included. Had death certificates continued to give such information, it would have been far easier to trace ones relatives, but unfortunately the format changed in 1856, when less information was required from that point on

Children to William and Agnes

1]  James Gregg[P463] - presently all we know is that James 'Died abroad' and we assume from local records that he married Mary McKenzie[P188] in June 1811. We have no records for births of children to this couple and may well tie in with the fact that James 'died abroad'. There might of course have been children wherever 'abroad' may have been.
This marriage assumed to be the correct James Gregg:
a) OPR OCHILTREE: 'James Gregg in this parish and Mary McKenzie in parish of Stair after regular proclamation were married 14th June 1811'.
b) IGI-M116142 Marriage banns at Stair 9 Jun 1811 Mary McKenzie to James Gregg
c) IGI-M116902 Marriage notice at Ochiltree 14 Jun 1811 James Gregg to Mary McKenzie 2)

2]  William Gregg [P474] Died in infancy.

3]  Elizabeth Gregg[P464] - Married John Pettigrew[P465], a tailor, on 15 July 1814.[F149]. There were eight known children: William Pettigrew[P466], Agnes Pettigrew[P467], Mary Pettigrew[P468], John Pettigrew[P469], James Pettigrew[P470], Alexander(1) Pettigrew[P471], Robert Pettigrew[P472] and Alexander(2) Pettigrew[P473] 3) William(1) Gregg[P474] - died as infant 4)
a)Married Friday 15 July 1814, Tarbolton Ayrs IGI M116194

4] John Gregg[P475] - Married Jean Gibson on 27 Nov 1818. [F146]. There were six known children: James Gregg[P485], Janet Gregg[P486], Agnes Gregg[P487], William Gregg[P489], Margaret Gregg[P490] and Jean Denholm Gregg[P492].
a) IGI A471905-SCR-FR441

5]  William(2) Gregg[P475] - Died unmarried in 1879 and was buried at Tarbolton Churchyard.

6] Agnes Gregg[P461], married Robert Welch[P462] a silk weaver, on 22 Sep 1862. [F148]. There were two known children - William Welch[P1057] and Robert Welch[P1058].
a) SOURCE: SCR FR312 & 465 IGI C116194

John, the fourth child, inherited an interesting item that once belonged to his father. It was to become a family heirloom, and today it is deemed by the National Trust of Scotland to be of historical importance. Its 200-year trail is traced in the following story:

 The Gregg Fiddle- Sometimes known as the Burns Violin

 The Gregg Fiddle. Through several generations of our family, it had been rumoured that a 'fiddle' once belonging to William Gregg[P493] was still in existence, its whereabouts seemingly unbeknown to anyone concerned. The story told also of an association, in the late 1770's, between William and Robert Burns the Scottish bard. We know of course that William's family lived during the same period as Burns, and in the same location, but other than rumour, there was little proof of any real connection. Then by chance, my cousin Matthew Greig discovered a newspaper article from the Ayrshire Post dated 20 June 1997. The story header reads: - Burns Day Fiddle Back on Duty after 200 years.

The article indeed confirmed the original ownership of the fiddle to have been our William Gregg, and thus confirmed the original family story. It further went on to describe how the fiddle had been handed down through several generations of the family of a Major John Weir.

Further investigation by Cousin Matthew and myself found no connection between our family and a family named Weir. Eventually, in December 1997 I decided to write to John Weir, then in his eighties, to discover how his family had apparently inherited the instrument. I received a most interesting letter back from Major Weir who, following my request, also included some personal memories relating to our ancestors in Tarbolton.
 Photo 34 Click to enlarge
Article from Ayrshire Post

Article from Ayrshire Post

He noted that the only person currently living in Tarbolton, and connected with the Gregg family, was Alan Carswell - Grandson to Alan Carswell[P510] who married Mary Gregg - daughter to John Gregg[P507]. He also told of other Gregg's he recalled from his youth, and related stories passed down to him from locals in the town. What he told was very interesting and most stands up to close scrutiny. One or two of his points regarding the relationship of one person to another were slightly inaccurate, but nonetheless greatly appreciated.

However, the main point of my enquiry regarding his ownership of the fiddle proved to be a misrepresentation of the facts by the newspaper reporter. John Weir explained that the fiddle, known locally as 'The Gregg Fiddle', had not been passed down through his family, but had been given to him by a local resident named James Niven.

This James Niven was a friend of Alan Carswell[P510], widower to Mary Gregg[P509]. Investigation then led us to find that Mary Gregg[P509] my first cousin once-removed, was Great, Great Granddaughter to William and Agnes. Being the only child of her family, Mary inherited the fiddle from her father, John Gregg[P507] who was brother to my Grandfather Matthew Paton Gregg[P512]. The trail could now be traced back to William through the line of Mary's father. It had been handed down through surviving eldest sons in the order of William[P439], John[P457], William[P489], John[P507] and eventually to Mary[P509].

My Grandfather, (Uncle to Mary), moved away from Tarbolton with his family in 1898, and following the death of Mary in 1937, some 39 years later, her husband Alan Carswell may well have lost contact with any surviving members of the Gregg family. Possibly this was the reason he gave away the heirloom, or perhaps he and his family did not consider the old instrument to be of any significance at that time.
John Weir explained how he had felt the best thing to do with the instrument was to have it restored, before presenting it to the National Trust for Scotland for safe keeping. It was restored by Dr David Martin of Ayr, and is kept at Culzean Castle near Maybole Ayrshire.

See Article at the 'Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra' website http://www.fiddleorchestra.com/burnsviolin.htm, where their explanation of the  ownership and  place of keeping is described. Photo(right) Wallace Galbraith[AFO] holds The Gregg Fiddle in 2002
 Wallace Galbraith
Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra

Culzean Castle near Maybole Ayrshire
Wallace Galbraith

More photos of the Gregg Fiddle will soon be available to view.

As a musician and family historian, I would have preferred the instrument had remained in our family. But - just too late! It is strange how family stories sometimes turn out to be only rumours, but in this case the story was true and correct. In consolation we must be satisfied to know that the tale is finally put to rest, and the Gregg Fiddle is now in the safe hands of the National Trust for Scotland, and kept at Culzean Castle. I am assured that it should now be available for viewing at the Bachelors Club in Tarbolton, and other Public places. The instrument has accompanied the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra worldwide.

Who was Robert Burns, I was recently asked.
To anyone with Scottish connections the question would seem absurd to say the least. Being held in the highest esteem by most Scots, his literary works stand alongside those of Shakespeare, Chaucer and other famous writers and poets. Robert Burns was born and raised in Ayrshire Scotland. He lived only 37 years from 1759 - 1796, yet he wrote many Poems, Ballads and Songs. He is said by many to have been one of the greatest poets of all time. To this day his 'AULD LANG SYNE' is sung every New Years Eve by millions of people throughout the world - yet surprisingly many people are unaware of the origin of the prose. He is a symbol for Scottish patriotism and an immense attraction for Scottish tourism.
 ROBERT BURNS- FREEMASON  - (Lodge Tarbolton (Kilwinning) St James No.135 Website for further information)
Burns was Scotland’s most famous Freemasons and few are aware that many of his poems were based on, or revolved around Freemasonry. At the age of 23, he was initiated as an Entered Apprentice into Lodge St. David Tarbolton 174. Shortly after that, Lodge St. David was amalgamated with Lodge St. James Tarbolton 178, and On 1 October, 1781 Robert Burns was passed as a Fellow of the Craft and then raised as a Master Mason. Lodge St David Tarbolton eventually closed and was replaced by Lodge St. James (Kilwinning) Tarbolton 135, which at that time met in the Cross Keys public house. On July 27, 1784, Burns was elected as Depute Master of St James (Kilwinning) Tarbolton, a position held by him for four years. Many of the lodge records, in the Bard’s own handwriting still exist. Over the ensuing years Robert Burns was also a frequent visitor to lodges in Irvine, Dumfries and Edinburgh..

His connection with the Gregg family is that he was raised and lived among our forebears, was a fellow member of the Tarbolton Masons Lodge at the same time as William's generation, and was acquainted on a personal basis. Therefore he has deserved a special place in our hearts for over two centuries. Like many Scots, my father was well versed in the literary works of Burns, and to this day I can still recall him singing Burns songs and reciting the Poetry in his Ayrshire accent. Cousin Matthew Greig likewise was a Burns enthusiast, and I greatly enjoyed listening to his poetry renditions. See home video of him on the Photo's Page
Photo 9 : Click on picture to see enlargement

Portrait painting of Robert Burns
1759 - 1796

Note: I am currently investigating a genetic link between early Burns' forebears named Greig, and our family.

Recently I also discovered a new link that may be related to our Gregg family history. Circumstantial evidence with regard to location and names, and dates could be significant in that it provides an alternative source of parents for William.

One John Gregg[P937] b. C.1735, married Agnes Stewart[P938] on 11 Jul 1755 at Kirkmichael Ayrshire.[F283]
Agnes, born on 11 Feb 1738, was aged 17 when she married, and proves to be the daughter of John Stewart and Agnes MacConnell.

Their first recorded son was John Greig [P939] born 22 Feb 1759 at Maybole near Ayr. A daughter Agness Greg[P941] was also born there on 13 Jan 1761.

The details relating to their next two children are interesting in that they are the only Gregg twins to be recorded in my family research to date.

The named children were WILLIAM GREG[P1] and Ann Greg[P940], both born on 26 Feb 1765 at Corrieshill Maybole, and baptised on 1 March 1765. Once again we see three different spellings of the surname within one family, but this William could well be the same person as our William[P439].

It has been suggested that if this were the same William detailed in this chapter, then further examples of twins should be found in the family. However, this would not be the case because the production of twins is genetically determined by the female lines, and any such twins would have been produced by his sisters or their descendants under a different surname.


TIMELINE 1729 - 1765 (Pre William Gregg & Agnes Currie)     FOR THEIR TIMELINE - CLICK HERE

Thursday 6 February 1729 : Marriage date of [F150] - [P441] John HENDERSON = [P442] Margaret LOGAN
EST 1730 : Birth date of
EST 1730 : Birth date of
EST 1730 : Birth date of
EST 1732 : Birth date of
1732 : Flying shuttle loom invented by John Kay
Friday 27 August 1736 : Capt. Porteous lynched at the Tollbooth in Edinburgh
1737 : General Wade completes military road building in the Highlands
Saturday 11 February 1738 : Birth date of
Friday 30 March 1739 : Dick Turpin hanged for murder
1740 : 13% of Ireland's population die in famine
1744 : Jacquard draw-loom invented
EST 1745 : Birth date of
[P455] Elizabeth REID
EST 1745 : Birth date of
[P454] William CURRIE
Thursday 8 August 1745 : Stuart standard raised at Glenfinnan
Thursday 8 August 1745 : Start of Jacobite rebellion (the '45)
Tuesday 10 September 1745 : Battle of Prestonpans
Saturday 7 December 1745 : Battle of Clifton Moor
Monday 6 January 1746 : Battle of Falkirk
Saturday 5 April 1746 : End of Jacobite rebellion (the '45)
Saturday 5 April 1746 : Battle of Culloden - last true battle on British soil
Monday 6 April 1747 : Parliament prohibits wearing of tartan
1748 : Bow Street Runners formed
EST 1750 : Birth date of
[P459] James GIBSON
Saturday 22 August 1752 : UK adopts Gregorian calendar - next day is 14 September
EST 1753 : Marriage date of [F142] -
EST 1754 : Birth date of
[P460] Margaret DENHOLM
EST 1754 : Birth date of
[P452] William BAIRD
1754 : Royal and Ancient golf club founded
Sunday 4 August 1754 : Birth date of
[P444] James GREG
Sunday 18 August 1754 : Christening date of
[P444] James GREG
Tuesday 15 April 1755 : Dr Johnson publishes dictionary
Friday 11 July 1755 : Marriage date of [F283] -
1756 : Start of Seven Years' War
Wednesday 18 February 1756 : Birth date of
[P445] Margaret GREG
Thursday 19 February 1756 : Christening date of
[P445] Margaret GREG
Sunday 20 June 1756 : 123 Britons die in the Black Hole of Calcutta
EST 1757 : Birth date of
[P1376] Hugh MACKENZIE
1757 : Clive defeats Bengalis - start of Empire in India
Wednesday 29 June 1757 : William Pitt becomes Prime Minister
EST 1758 : Birth date of
[P1377] Jean STODDART
Thursday 13 April 1758 : Birth date of
[P446] Marion GREG
Friday 14 April 1758 : Christening date of
[P446] Marion GREG
1759 : Birth date of
[P939] John GREIG
Thursday 22 February 1759 : Christening date of
[P939] John GREIG
Thursday 11 October 1759 : Birth date of
[P447] Lillias GREG
Friday 12 October 1759 : Christening date of
[P447] Lillias GREG
1760 : Turnpikes improve travelling by road
Saturday 25 October 1760 : End of reign of George II
Sunday 26 October 1760 : Start of reign of George III
1761 : Birth date of
[P941] Agness GREG
1761 : Link between tobacco and cancer established
Tuesday 13 January 1761 : Christening date of
[P941] Agness GREG
Tuesday 8 September 1761 : Birth date of
[P380] Jean GREGG
Wednesday 9 September 1761 : Christening date of
[P380] Jean GREGG
1763 : End of Seven Years' War
Saturday 10 September 1763 : Birth date of
[P449] Alexander GREG
Wednesday 21 September 1763 : Christening date of
[P449] Alexander GREG
1764 : Invention of the spinning jenny by J Hargreaves
EST 1765 : Marriage date of [F145] -
[P454] William CURRIE = [P455] Elizabeth REID
Tuesday 26 February 1765 : Birth date of
Tuesday 26 February 1765 : Birth date of
[P940] Ann GREG
Friday 1 March 1765 : Christening date of
Friday 1 March 1765 : Christening date of
[P940] Ann GREG

Timeline 1766 - 1855 (For William Gregg & Agnes Currie)

1766 : Birth date of
Monday 28 April 1766 : Birth date of
Tuesday 29 April 1766 : Christening date of
BEF 1767 : Death date of
[P444] James GREG
1767 : Construction of Edinburgh's New Town begins
Sunday 27 December 1767 : Birth date of
[P381] James GREGG
Friday 1 January 1768 : Christening date of
[P381] James GREGG
1769 : Birth date of
[P1951] William FLEMING
EST 1770 : Birth date of
[P857] Agnes SHAW
EST 1770 : Birth date of
[P856] John PATON
Sunday 6 May 1770 : Capt. Cook discovers Botany Bay
Tuesday 15 October 1771 : Birth date of
[P451] Ivy GREG
Monday 28 October 1771 : Christening date of
[P451] Ivy GREG
ABT 1772 : Birth date of
ABT 1772 : Birth date of
Thursday 4 February 1773 : Marriage date of [F147] -
[P459] James GIBSON = [P460] Margaret DENHOLM
1774 : Isolation of oxygen by J Priestley
Monday 10 January 1774 : Birth date of
[P476] Margaret GIBSON
Sunday 17 April 1774 : Birth date of
[P456] Margaret CURRIE
ABT 1775 : Birth date of
[P1895] Donald FLETCHER
Monday 10 July 1775 : Christening date of
[P477] Agnes GIBSON
Thursday 27 July 1775 : Marriage date of [F144] -
[P452] William BAIRD = [P445] Margaret GREG
ABT 1776 : Birth date of
[P1896] Margaret THOMSON
Thursday 16 May 1776 : Birth date of
[P453] James BAIRD
Sunday 19 May 1776 : Christening date of
[P453] James BAIRD
Sunday 11 August 1776 : Birth date of
[P1952] Grizel BELL
Sunday 25 August 1776 : Christening date of
[P1952] Grizel BELL
Monday 26 May 1777 : Birth date of
[P478] Henry GIBSON
Friday 24 April 1778 : John Paul Jones captures the Drake at Carrickfergus
Sunday 13 December 1778 : Birth date of
[P479] James GIBSON
1779 : Invention of spinning mule by Samuel Crompton
EST 1779 : Birth date of
[P498] John SEATON
EST 1779 : Birth date of
[P499] Jean ELLES
EST 1779 : Marriage date of [F427] -
[P1376] Hugh MACKENZIE = [P1377] Jean STODDART
ABT 1780 : Birth date of
[P1549] Allison MOODIE
EST 1780 : Birth date of
[P858] William WELSH
ABT 1780 : Birth date of
Sunday 2 July 1780 : "Gordon" riots in London
Monday 1 January 1781 : World's first iron bridge completed over the River Severn
1782 : Invention of modern steam engine by James Watt
EST 1782 : Birth date of
[P859] Unknown STRAWTHORN
1783 : First flight of hot-air balloon by Montgolfier brothers
1783 : First steam powered ship built by d'Abbans
Tuesday 4 February 1783 : Parliament proclaims an end to hostilities in America
Wednesday 3 September 1783 : UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the US sign the Treaty of Paris
Monday 2 August 1784 : First mail coach runs from Bristol to London
Sunday 17 October 1784 : Birth date of
[P480] Alexander GIBSON
1785 : First power-driven loom invented by E Cartwright
1786 : Robert Burns publishes "Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect"
1787 : Transportation of criminals to Botany Bay begins
Sunday 14 January 1787 : Birth date of
[P481] John GIBSON
Friday 26 September 1788 : Marriage date of [F143] -
Tuesday 28 April 1789 : Mutiny aboard HMS Bounty
Friday 17 July 1789 : Birth date of
[P463] James GREGG
Sunday 19 July 1789 : Christening date of
[P463] James GREGG
EST 1790 : Birth date of
February 1790 : Birth date of
Sunday 21 February 1790 : Christening date of
1791 : Birth date of
1791 : The Ordnance Survey of Great Britain is founded
July 1791 : Birth date of
[P464] Elizabeth GREGG
Sunday 10 July 1791 : Christening date of
[P464] Elizabeth GREGG
Thursday 15 December 1791 : Death date of
[P459] James GIBSON
1793 : Invention of cotton gin by Eli Whitney
1793 : Birth date of
[P1378] John MACKENZIE
Sunday 20 January 1793 : Christening date of
[P1378] John MACKENZIE
Friday 1 February 1793 : France declares war on Britain and the Netherlands
Wednesday 18 December 1793 : Birth date of
[P474] William GREIG
ABT January 1794 : Christening date of
[P474] William GREIG
1795 : Poor Law devised
EST 1795 : Marriage date of [F263] -
[P856] John PATON = [P857] Agnes SHAW
1795 : Birth date of
[P1379] William MACKENZIE
Tuesday 16 June 1795 : Marriage date of [F536] -
[P1895] Donald FLETCHER = [P1896] Margaret THOMSON
1796 : Discovery of Smallpox vaccine by E Jenner
ABT 1797 : Birth date of
ABT 1797 : Birth date of
1797 : Birth date of
[P496] John PATON
Tuesday 21 February 1797 : French landing in Wales repulsed at Fishguard
Tuesday 28 February 1797 : Birth date of
[P1898] John FLETCHER
Saturday 15 April 1797 : First naval mutiny at Spithead
Friday 30 June 1797 : Second naval mutiny at the Nore
BEF 1798 : Death date of
[P380] Jean GREGG
1798 : Birth date of
[P1380] James MACKENZIE
January 1798 : Birth date of
1798 : Typhus epidemic kills thousands
Sunday 14 January 1798 : Christening date of
Saturday 5 May 1798 : Birth date of
[P1899] Barbra FLETCHER
Sunday 24 June 1798 : Christening date of
[P1380] James MACKENZIE
ABT 1799 : Marriage date of [F167] -
1799 : Birth date of
[P497] Catherine SEATON
EST 1799 : Marriage date of [F160] -
[P498] John SEATON = [P499] Jean ELLES
Wednesday 9 January 1799 : Parliament passes the first income tax
BEF 1800 : Death date of [P474] William GREIG
ABT 1800 : Birth date of
ABT 1800 : Birth date of
[P1814] Elizabeth POULTNEY
March 1800 : Birth date of
[P475] William GREGG
Sunday 9 March 1800 : Christening date of
[P475] William GREGG
1801 : Electric arc lamp invented by Sir Humphrey Davy
Sunday 5 April 1801 : Birth date of
[P1949] David FLEMING
Wednesday 22 April 1801 : Christening date of
[P1949] David FLEMING
Friday 26 June 1801 : Birth date of
[P1381] Hugh MACKENZIE
Monday 6 July 1801 : Christening date of
[P1381] Hugh MACKENZIE
ABT 1802 : Birth date of
[P1612] Matthew SEATON
1803 : Birth date of
[P1950] Jemima BELL
EST 1803 : Birth date of
EST 1803 : Birth date of
July 1803 : Birth date of
[P461] Agnes GREGG
Saturday 16 July 1803 : Christening date of
[P461] Agnes GREGG
Thursday 8 December 1803 : Marriage date of [F116] -
[P1401] ALEXANDER DUNDAS = [P1549] Allison MOODIE
Thursday 5 April 1804 : Birth date of
[P1382] Thomas MACKENZIE
Sunday 15 April 1804 : Christening date of
[P1382] Thomas MACKENZIE
ABT 1805 : Birth date of
[P1883] Marion BAXTER
EST 1805 : Marriage date of [F268] -
[P858] William WELSH = [P859] Unknown STRAWTHORN
ABT 1805 : Birth date of
[P1882] Archibald FLETCHER
Monday 21 October 1805 : Nelson dies victorious at Trafalgar
EST 1806 : Birth date of
[P462] Robert WELSH
Monday 15 September 1806 : Birth date of
[P1886] Barbara DUNDAS
ABT 1808 : Birth date of
Sunday 17 July 1808 : Birth date of
[P1383] Robert MACKENZIE
Sunday 24 July 1808 : Christening date of
[P1383] Robert MACKENZIE
Sunday 21 August 1808 : Sir Arthur Wellesley leads campaign in Peninsular War
Friday 28 July 1809 : French driven from Portugal
1811 : Luddites attack textile machinery
February 1811 : Prince of Wales becomes Prince Regent due to King's insanity
Friday 14 June 1811 : Marriage date of [F423] -
[P463] James GREGG = [P448] Mary MACKENZIE
1812 : French retreat from Moscow
Wednesday 12 August 1812 : Wellington takes Madrid
Friday 15 July 1814 : Marriage date of [F149] -
[P465] John PETTIGREW = [P464] Elizabeth GREGG
1815 : Humphry Davy invents mining safety lamp
Sunday 7 May 1815 : Birth date of
[P466] William PETTIGREW
Sunday 14 May 1815 : Christening date of
[P466] William PETTIGREW
Sunday 18 June 1815 : Napoleon defeated at Waterloo
ABT 1816 : Birth date of
1816 : Birth date of
[P363] William WIGHTMAN
1816 : Invention of phosphorous match by F Derosne
1816 : Invention of bicycle by K D von Sauerbronn
1817 : Potato famine kills thousands in Ireland
1818 : Birth date of
[P467] Agnes PETTIGREW
1818 : Mary Shelley publishes "Frankenstein"
Sunday 7 June 1818 : Christening date of
[P467] Agnes PETTIGREW
Friday 27 November 1818 : Marriage date of [F146] -
1819 : MacAdam revolutionises road building
1819 : Invention of stethoscope by R Laennec
Wednesday 18 August 1819 : Birth date of
[P485] James GREGG
Sunday 22 August 1819 : Christening date of
[P485] James GREGG
ABT 1820 : Birth date of
[P1825] Janet BELL
ABT 1820 : Birth date of
[P362] Jane Drennan PITT
ABT 1820 : Birth date of
[P1824] James FLEMING
Saturday 29 January 1820 : End of reign of George III
Sunday 30 January 1820 : Start of reign of George IV
Monday 3 July 1820 : Birth date of
Tuesday 11 July 1820 : Christening date of
Sunday 28 October 1821 : Birth date of
[P486] Janet GREGG
Sunday 4 November 1821 : Christening date of
[P486] Janet GREGG
1822 : Invention of electric motor by Michael Faraday
Sunday 3 November 1822 : Birth date of
Thursday 14 November 1822 : Christening date of
1823 : Birth date of
[P1611] John GREGG
EST 1824 : Marriage date of [F165] -
Sunday 20 June 1824 : Birth date of
[P487] Agnes GREGG
Friday 25 June 1824 : Christening date of
[P487] Agnes GREGG
Sunday 22 August 1824 : Marriage date of [F545] -
[P1949] David FLEMING = [P1950] Jemima BELL
Saturday 9 October 1824 : Marriage date of [F159] -
[P496] John PATON = [P497] Catherine SEATON
1825 : Birth date of
Tuesday 8 February 1825 : Birth date of
[P500] Robert PATON
Tuesday 22 February 1825 : Christening date of
[P500] Robert PATON
Monday 25 July 1825 : Birth date of
[P470] James PETTIGREW
Tuesday 2 August 1825 : Christening date of
[P470] James PETTIGREW
Tuesday 27 September 1825 : First passenger train service from Stockton to Darlington
Monday 30 January 1826 : Telford's Menai suspension bridge completed
Sunday 10 December 1826 : Birth date of
[P501] Jean PATON
Tuesday 26 December 1826 : Christening date of
[P501] Jean PATON
ABT 1827 : Marriage date of [F166] -
1827 : G S Ohm postulates Ohm's Law
Saturday 17 February 1827 : Marriage date of [F535] -
[P1882] Archibald FLETCHER = [P1883] Marion BAXTER
Tuesday 6 March 1827 : Birth date of
Friday 20 April 1827 : Christening date of
ABT 1828 : Birth date of
[P491] David PATERSON
ABT 1828 : Marriage date of [F513] -
[P1813] SAMUEL? PERRY = [P1814] Elizabeth POULTNEY
Tuesday 22 January 1828 : Wellington becomes Prime Minister
Monday 11 August 1828 : Birth date of
[P471] Alexander PETTIGREW
Monday 18 August 1828 : Christening date of
[P471] Alexander PETTIGREW
Thursday 16 October 1828 : Birth date of
[P871] John DOYLE
Friday 21 November 1828 : Birth date of
Sunday 14 December 1828 : Christening date of
1829 : Birth date of
[P872] Samuel MCHUTCHEON
1829 : Birth date of
[P1410] Elizabeth PERRY
1829 : George Stephenson builds first steam locomotive
Wednesday 28 January 1829 : William Burke hanged for murder in Edinburgh
Thursday 24 September 1829 : Birth date of
[P1823] Janet Bell THOMSON
Saturday 26 September 1829 : First proper police force established in London
Monday 26 October 1829 : Christening date of
[P1823] Janet Bell THOMSON
Tuesday 8 December 1829 : Birth date of
[P472] Robert PETTIGREW
ABT 1830 : Birth date of
[P488] Robert JAMIESON
Thursday 14 January 1830 : Christening date of
[P472] Robert PETTIGREW
Monday 12 April 1830 : Birth date of
[P490] Margaret GREGG
Sunday 18 April 1830 : Christening date of
[P490] Margaret GREGG
Saturday 26 June 1830 : End of reign of George IV
Sunday 27 June 1830 : Start of reign of William IV
Wednesday 15 September 1830 : Liverpool to Manchester railway opens
1831 : Invention of the friction match by C Sauria
Monday 31 January 1831 : Birth date of
[P502] Jean PATON
Monday 14 February 1831 : Christening date of
[P502] Jean PATON
Sunday 27 February 1831 : Birth date of
[P1822] David Bell FLEMING
1832 : Birth date of
1832 : Birth date of
[P1819] Charles WHITING
1832 : M Faraday invents electric dynamo
June 1832 : Cholera epidemic strikes Britain
Thursday 7 June 1832 : Parliament passes Reform Act
Sunday 9 September 1832 : Birth date of
[P503] James PATON
Friday 21 September 1832 : Marriage date of [F148] -
[P462] Robert WELSH = [P461] Agnes GREGG
Sunday 23 September 1832 : Christening date of
[P503] James PATON
BEF 1833 : Death date of
[P471] Alexander PETTIGREW
1833 : Birth date of
1833 : Birth date of
[P869] James DOYLE
ABT 1833 : Birth date of
[P855] Patrick DOYLE
Sunday 13 January 1833 : Christening date of
[P1057] William WELSH
Monday 28 January 1833 : Birth date of
Tuesday 12 February 1833 : Christening date of
Monday 29 July 1833 : Slavery abolished throughout British Empire
March 1834 : Tolpuddle Martyrs sentenced to transportation
Friday 7 March 1834 : Birth date of
[P492] Jean Denholm GREGG
Sunday 9 March 1834 : Christening date of
[P492] Jean Denholm GREGG
Saturday 9 August 1834 : Birth date of
[P504] James PATON
Sunday 31 August 1834 : Christening date of
[P504] James PATON
Monday 13 October 1834 : Marriage date of [F512] -
1835 : Birth date of
[P1884] Amelia FLETCHER
1835 : Birth date of
1835 : Samuel Colt invents the revolver
Tuesday 28 July 1835 : Christening date of
[P1884] Amelia FLETCHER
Thursday 30 July 1835 : Death date of
[P1951] William FLEMING
1836 : Birth date of
[P854] Peter DOYLE
1836 : Birth date of
[P494] George SELLARS
ABT 1836 : Birth date of
[P1596] Margaret KNOX
1836 : Invention of screw propeller by F P Smith
1836 : Charles Darwin returns from South America
Wednesday 13 January 1836 : Death date of
[P486] Janet GREGG
Monday 23 May 1836 : Christening date of
[P1058] Robert WELSH
1837 : Invention of telegraph by S F B Morse
1837 : Birth date of
[P1826] Thomas FLETCHER
Friday 5 May 1837 : Birth date of
Tuesday 20 June 1837 : End of reign of William IV
Wednesday 21 June 1837 : Start of reign of Queen Victoria
April 1838 : First steam crossing of the Atlantic
Friday 27 April 1838 : Birth date of
[P505] David PATON
Sunday 13 May 1838 : Christening date of
[P505] David PATON
September 1838 : Grace Darling rescues survivors of the "Forfarshire"
1839 : Rubber vulcanisation developed by C Goodyear
Wednesday 22 May 1839 : Birth date of
[P1827] Margaret YOUNG
Wednesday 1 January 1840 : Birth date of
[P547] Agnes NORTON
ABT 1840 : Development of photography
Wednesday 26 February 1840 : Death date of
[P485] James GREGG
Wednesday 6 May 1840 : Penny Post introduced
Tuesday 2 June 1840 : Britain annexes New Zealand
July 1840 : Death date of
Friday 17 July 1840 : Burial date of
Friday 17 July 1840 : Birth date of
[P506] Matthew PATON
Tuesday 4 August 1840 : Christening date of
[P506] Matthew PATON
1841 : Birth date of
ABT 1841 : Birth date of
[P860] Esther DOYLE
May 1841 : Death date of
Wednesday 19 May 1841 : Burial date of
Monday 14 June 1841 : Marriage date of [F518] -
[P1824] James FLEMING = [P1825] Janet BELL
Tuesday 6 July 1841 : First national census taken
Sunday 11 July 1841 : Birth date of
[P1331] Thomas DUNDAS
September 1841 : Robert Peel becomes Prime Minister
1842 : First use of ether as anesthetic by CW Long
Friday 10 February 1843 : Birth date of
[P346] Margaret WIGHTMAN
Tuesday 7 November 1843 : Marriage date of [F509] -
[P363] William WIGHTMAN = [P362] Jane Drennan PITT
Sunday 31 December 1843 : Charles Dickens publishes "A Christmas Carol"
1844 : Death date of
Thursday 1 February 1844 : Birth date of
[P1332] Richard DUNDAS
June 1844 : Mines Act prohibits use of women and boys in mines
1845 : Invention of pneumatic tyre by R W Thompson
Monday 29 September 1845 : Birth date of
[P862] Jane Drennan WIGHTMAN
1846 : Birth date of
[P868] Rachael DOYLE
July 1846 : Potato famine hits Ireland and Scotland
April 1847 : Thousands emigrate from Ireland on "Coffin" ships
Sunday 9 May 1847 : Birth date of
[P1815] Alexander DUNDAS
November 1849 : Cholera epidemic takes 2000 lives a week
1850 : Invention of refrigerator by Twining / Harrison
1851 : Birth date of
[P1864] Janet DUNDAS
Monday 31 March 1851 : 1851 national census taken
Thursday 1 May 1851 : Great Exhibition opened in Hyde Park
Thursday 3 June 1852 : Marriage date of [F154] -
[P488] Robert JAMIESON = [P487] Agnes GREGG
1853 : Smallpox vaccination becomes compulsory
ABT 1853 : Transportation of criminals to Australia ends
Friday 21 October 1853 : Marriage date of [F155] -
[P491] David PATERSON = [P490] Margaret GREGG
1854 : Birth date of
[P826] Jane JAMIESON
Sunday 26 March 1854 : Start of Crimean War
Sunday 26 March 1854 : Britain and France declare war on Russia
Sunday 3 September 1854 : Birth date of
[P827] Jane PATERSON
Friday 1 December 1854 : Marriage date of [F517] -
[P1822] David Bell FLEMING = [P1823] Janet Bell THOMSON
Friday 22 December 1854 : Marriage date of [F158] -
1855 : Burial date of
1855 : Invention of the safety match by J E Lundstrom
Tuesday 20 February 1855 : Birth date of
[P1816] John DUNDAS
Tuesday 20 March 1855 : Birth date of
[P507] John GREGG
BEF October 1855 : Death date of
[P463] James GREGG
Tuesday 2 October 1855 : Death date of
Sunday 4 November 1855 : Death date of
[P481] John GIBSON
Wednesday 26 December 1855 : Marriage date of [F164] -

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