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 Ayrshire Scotland 

1899 - 1995


Ayrshire Scotland - Robert Paton 'Greig'[P529] was born on 12th July 1899. Of thirteen children, he was twelfth, and the first of his family[F163] to be born in Darvel. He was my father.

A year before Robert's birth his family had moved to Darvel from Tarbolton, a weavers town 15 miles to the southwest. Robert's father Matthew Paton Gregg[P512] was a skilled handloom weaver working within a cottage-industry that encompassed the entire county of Ayrshire. Tarbolton, had been at the hub of the Ayrshire weaving industry for 200 years, but circumstances in Scotland were changing
Darvel Town also had its share of handloom weavers, the craft having been introduced there around 1752. John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun, granted 12 feus (a feudal tenure of land) for house building, when previously only a handful of farmer's cottages existed around Temple Derval. Within 40 years the small community increased in size to over 400 people, mostly employed in the production of hand woven linen and silk. By 1790, the trend had moved towards manufacturing woven cottons, and the cloth was later supplied to the army's of the American Civil War. The population of the town increased steadily, and the local hand weaving crafts sustained the population of Darvel for a further century or more.
By 1848 The Kilmarnock and Troon Railways had extended their tracks eastwards as far as Galston, and by 1850 to Newmilns. These towns, and others along the Irvine Valley began building their own factories and mills, providing a new found source of employment and wealth. This latter stage of the Industrial Revolution saw the invention and introduction of power looms, which enabled the fabrics to be mass-produced at substantially reduced labour costs. Alas it would also bring about the demise of the old hand-woven products.

In 1896 The Glasgow and South-Western Railway Company laid a railway track to Darvel. This connected the town to other commercial centres, thus enabling employers and traders an efficient means of transporting goods to and from their factories. It also brought about a faster means of passenger transport, and encouraged workers to travel from further afield.

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Ayrshire Weaver at Handloom C.1900
P1. Ayrshire weaver at handloom
late 19th Century
During that period, chenille, madras and lace-weaving mills had been set up in Darvel, with production greatly influenced by the introduction of the new steam-driven mechanical looms. As the 20th Century loomed,  businesses became more profitable, wages improved, and many rural weavers were attracted to the modern town of Darvel. While the huge power machines throbbed away in the work places, manufacturers and workers prospered well. The new centres of employment provided a comparatively higher standard of living than the workers had ever known before. Unprecedented expansion followed which procured fresh inspiration into the community. Darvel acquired an affluence that would have been unimaginable a few years before. The town's Latin motto reads 'Non sibi sed cunctis', which means "Not for ourselves, but for others". See: Wikipedia link for Darvel Ayrshire Click to View Enlarged Picture
Lace making machinery at Davel
P1a. Lace making machinery at Darvel early 20th Century
My Grandfather, Matthew Paton Gregg[P512] was resolved to the change, and so joined the procession of weavers seeking higher paid employment in the mills of the Irvine Valley. In 1898 he moved with his family from Tarbolton to Darvel. Gas lighting was by now installed in streets and houses. The old water stand-pumps, having previously been scattered throughout the town, were replaced by gravitational piped supplies.

New schools and churches were appearing, libraries and community centres. A public square was provided and a new police station boasting its own jail. A football ground for the 'Darvel Juniors' football team was also under construction in the meadowland off Main Street Darvel. Housing was erected to accommodate the needs of the expanding community; and their spiritual and moral concerns became the business of the Reverend John W. Jack. He was the recently appointed Minister of Darvel, and occupied the huge manse at the end of East Main Street, on the town perimeter.
1899, the year in which Robert was born, coincided with the start of the Boer War. Queen Victoria died in 1901, and Edward VII became King.
Izabella Gregg[P568] was the last child of this Gregg family, and was born in Darvel on 14th  June 1902, the same year that the Boer War ended.

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Rev'd John W Jack Darvel
P189. Revd John W Jack
from Darvel -Early 1900's

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Loudon Hill from Darvel Juniors F.C
P192.Loudon Hill from Darvel Juniors F.C Field

Click to View Enlarged Picture
The Manse Darvel in 1977
P190.The Manse Darvel in 1997

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Darvel F.C in 1997
P191.Darvel Juniors F.C in 1997
In 1904, the Loudon and Darvel School Boards implemented the provisions of the Scottish Education Act of 1872. They built an impressive new school on Pond Braes. It proudly overlooked the town, and was a much welcomed facility for the growing number of children in the community. Robert, then aged five, would have been one of its first pupils.

In the summer of 1905, he would have been amongst those children representing his school at the 'Grand opening' of Darvel's new Town Hall. Many public buildings of the Victorian and Edwardian periods were built from public subscription, and this being no exception, was of immense pride to the local citizens. Fittingly, it marked the end of the rapid change, and economic advance experienced by the town in it's recent years.

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P194 Darvel Town Hall 1905
P194 Darvel Town Hall 1905

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Pond Braes School Darvel 1904
P29.Pond Braes School Darvel 1904

Robert's father Matthew died in 1909 aged only 52. The cause of death was 'Pulmonary Tuberculosis', related to heart decease and which has taken its toll of deaths within our wider family group. At 10 years of age, Robert was among perhaps six children still living at home, and they would need to be cared for by his widowed mother Margaret [Doyle] Gregg [P 513]. Her Doyle family tree can be found in Chapter 2, and also the data-base related to this article.

Over the following five years, notable events took place, such as the crowning of King George V in 1910. In that same year, and with the help of the newly invented radio transmissions, Dr Crippen was caught whilst fleeing to Quebec. Rutherford introduced his theories on the atom in 1911, and it was in 1912, with the loss of over 1500 lives, that the momentous sinking of the Titanic took place. Scott, the explorer was found dead in the Antarctic in 1913, and the following year was the beginning of World War I. The war would ravage Europe and last for more than four years.

My collection of family 'heirlooms' includes Robert's original birth certificate, a well-travelled document showing signs of repair from long ago. It is interesting to note the stitches of silk threads woven through the torn folds on the now delicate paper, and the faded inscriptions of officialdom. Robert's birth certificate shows his surname wrongly spelled as 'Greig'

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Robert Paton Gregg-Birth Certificate 1899
P2. Robert Paton 'GREIG' - Birth Certificate 1899

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Robert Paton Gregg Birth Certificate - reverse side
P2a. Reverse side of Birth Certificate - Robert Paton 'GREIG'

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Robert Paton Gregg Birth Certificate - 1929 copy
P2d. 1929 Copy - Robert Paton Gregg Birth Certificate

RPG Recruitment

So, from this we know that on 2 March 1917, aged 17 years and 8 months, Robert was to be found enlisting at the Army Recruiting Office in Ayr. He would become 52318 Private Gregg R P of the Royal Scots Regiment. The coastal town would have been bustling with activity. There would be military bands playing, and no doubt frivolous chatter of a final victory against the Hun. Then excitedly, amid thousands of other brave but naive young men, Robert would proudly have been marched off to the Great World War[1914-19]. He would also encounter the horrors, the carnage, and the genocide of that shameful conflict.

Robert was but one of the many under-aged young men who volunteered to join the British Armed Forces during World War I. Somewhere near 250,000 under-aged men 'apparently deceived ' the recruiting sergeants, and over half of those never returned home. Many were killed on the Western Front at Ypres, on the Belgium-France border, and further south at the Somme.

From the battlefields of Europe, Robert probably wondered if he was ever to see his beloved Scotland again, but with good fortune he did return.... perhaps now a wiser and more mature young man. No doubt he also paid quiet tribute at the war memorial erected in Hastings Square, commemorating the many young men from Darvel who lost their lives in France, and who did not return.

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Memorial Service for the War dead at Hastings Square Darvel 1920
P4. Memorial Service for the War dead at Hastings Square Darvel 1920

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Royal Scots Cap badge'
P3 Royal Scots
Cap badge

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Robert Paton Gregg - Royal Scots 1917-19
P3a,b,c.Robert Paton Gregg - Royal Scots 1917-19

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Robert Paton Gregg - Royal Scots 1917-19
P3d. WW1 1914-1918 British War Medal and the Victory Medal were awarded to '52318 Private Robert P GREGG Royal Scots'
Robert is seen above as a soldier of the Royal Scots Regiment. The photo is believed to have been taken in the Baltic region.
Medal Index Card-Robert Paton Gregg British War Medal. The British War Medal 1914-1920, authorised in 1919, was awarded to eligible service personnel and civilians alike. Qualification for the award varied slightly according to service. The basic requirement for army personnel and civilians was that they either entered a theatre of war, or rendered approved service overseas between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. Service in Russia in 1919 and 1920 also qualified for the award.

Victory Medal.
The Victory Medal 1914-1919 was also authorised in 1919 and was awarded to all eligible personnel who served on the establishment of a unit in an operational theatre.

Details from the above original Medal Card
Medal Card

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Ex. Servicemen at Glen Water Darvel

P18. 1920's young WWI ex-servicemen at Dykes Hole near Glen Water Darvel. The young man on the top of the pyramid is believed to be Robert Paton Gregg

Soccer_playerFOOTBALL, football, fitbaw . . . Captivated by the game since his early days, Robert represented the town as a soccer player in both school and youth teams, and in his teenage years eagerly pursued the sport in a professional capacity. From 1920, he played six consecutive seasons in the Scottish League. The clubs listed include: September 1921 - Irvine Meadow (Hurlford), August 1923 - Kilmarnock, July 1924 - Galston, and July 1925 - Nithsdale Wanderers. One particularly unmemorable game was in the 1923-24 season for Kilmarnock Football Club [Scottish League Div.1]. It was his debut appearance against Dundee, on 19 January 1924, and one he would perhaps preferred to forget. Quoting from a report in the 'Who's Who' book of the Kilmarnock F.C the game was ... 'a personal disaster for Bob' ... He may well have had other things on his mind that day, for his brother William Gregg[P558] was very sick and died the following week.

By 1925 Robert had moved on to Nithsdale Wanderers Football Club. Soccer records state that in April 1926 he then moved back to the Galston Squad, and it was around this time that Robert was approached by talent-scouts who offered alluring opportunities abroad in the newly formed North American Soccer League. The offer of around 75 US dollars a-week wages, free passage out, expenses plus goal-bonuses and incentives, was no doubt ample inducement. Cup winning teams like those in the US National Challenge Cup could expect prize monies of up to $5,000. With an exchange rate of 4 or 5 dollars to the pound, a top team player could net the equivalent of well over £40 per-week all in. That was good money in those days when top British players would have been earning more like £6 per-week, and at a time when British Soccer players wages were capped! In fact, European Soccer organisations made official complaints to FIFA that the U.S.A. was 'stealing' all their best talent. For the energetic young man though, it was a dream come true.
US $ to British £
Year Rate
1926 £1.00 = $4.86
1927 £1.00 = $4.86
1928 £1.00 = $4.87
1929 £1.00 = $4.86
1930 £1.00 = $4.86
1931 £1.00 = $4.54
1932 £1.00 = $3.51
1933 £1.00 = $4.24
1934 £1.00 = $5.04
1935 £1.00 = $4.90

On a day in mid May 1926 he left Darvel for North America, his young sweetheart Nan MacKelvie knew it could be a long time before she would see her fiancé again - but with mixed emotions Robert set sail for the Americas - a land of adventure and great opportunities. He arrived at the port of  Quebec, Canada on  Wednesday, 26 May 1926 at 7am aboard the Steam Ship MONTROSE of the Canadian Pacific Line. [Read complete on-line Newspapers of that day , Canadian Montreal Gazette - online, or section of page 20 (Ships Arrivals) P390. Graphic Image sample.]

During the 1920's the ASL (American Soccer League) was the equivalent to the English or Scottish Football Leagues in Great Britain. The US Open Cup Finals(which at that time was called the US National Challenge Cup) were equivalent to the British F.A Cup Finals.
[See Source Note: Colin Jose (Canada) and Dave Litterer (USA)]

During his years in North America Robert appears to have played both in Canada and the U.S.A. Recorded statistics show him as playing on both sides of the border, the first I have on record to date being in Windsor Ontario Canada in July 1926.

We have record of Robert playing a game against the Touring English Football Association on 29 July 1926 in Windsor Ontario, representing Essex County F.C, Ontario. Robert also appeared for the Windsor All Stars team in Ontario, Canada on 4 July 1927, playing against The Scottish F.A Touring team. He represented the Windsor Football Club. Then on 1 June 1931 whilst playing with Chicago Bricklayers they played in the series against Scotland's Glasgow Celtic Touring Squad at Cubs Park, Chicago, Illinois USA.

Robert's first recorded USA Soccer League appearances were with Philadelphia F.C , playing 29 games during the 1926-27 season. It was the start to his new career in which over the following 10 years he would play for such clubs as ' New Bedford Whalers ' and 'Providence in Massachusetts. 'Chicago Carpenters' and 'Chicago Bricklayers'  in Illinois. Then he made his home with the 'Stix, Baer and Fuller ' team of St Louis Missouri. It was the time known as 'The Golden Years' in American soccer history.

Notable occasions for Bob in the American Soccer Leagues include National Challenge Cup(Later known as the US Open Cup) Runners-up medal whist playing for Chicago Bricklayers in the 1931 US National Challenge Cup Final. Runners-up again in 1932 with Stix, Baer and Fuller of St Louis, and eventually National Challenge Cup Winners Medals in 1935 with the same team. St Louis Soccer League(SLS) Champions 1933,1934 and 1935, and many more medals won from other competitions and International Medals during this period.

Robert Paton Gregg - Soccer Career - Resume
1899 14 July Born Darvel Ayrshire Scotland
1917 March 2
Age 17
Enlisted Royal Scots Regiment at Ayr Ayrshire 52318 Pt Robert P Gregg (WW I)
1921 Sept
Age 22
Football Club: Irvine Meadow FC, Hurlford, Ayrshire, Scotland. [Ayrshire First Division winners 1921-22]
1923 August
Age 24
Football Club: Kilmarnock FC, Ayrshire, Scotland.
1924 July
Age 25
Football Club: Galston FC, Ayrshire, Scotland.
1925 July
Age 25
Football Club: Nithsdale Wanderers FC, Dumfries Scotland. [Scottish Div III Champions]
1926 April
Age 26
Football Club: Galston FC, Ayr's, Scotland.
1926 May 26
Age 26
Date of Robert Gregg's arrival in Quebec, Canada from Scotland
May 1926
Age 26
Robert Gregg starts his North American Professional Soccer Career playing for Windsor Rovers F.C - Windsor Ontario Canada
1926 June 30
Age 26
Date of Robert's 1st U.S Visa(arrival)
1926 July 12
Essex County Canada vs. English F. A Tour
English Football Association Tour, 1926 July 12, 1926(Bob's 27th Birthday), in Windsor, Ontario. Bob played for Essex County.  Essex: Brown – Diffell, Robert Gregg – Watt, McLaughlin, Grieve – Wright, Inglis, Stark, Holt, Mercer.
English: Sewell – Barkas, Keeping – Magee, Foxhall, Waugh – Harris, Jack, Rawlings, Wainscott, Tunstall. Essex County 2 (Mercer, McLaughlin), English F.A. 5 (Rawlings, Wainscott 2, Jack, o.g.) HT: Att: 8000 [Ref 1. History of Canadian Soccer.Com ] [Ref.2. Ottawa Citizen Newspaper write-up]

Note: 1 August 1926 - Date of Archie Perry's arrival in Quebec, Canada from England - future Brother-in-Law to Bob Gregg


Age 27.

Bob signed to play in the North American Soccer League (ASL). Football Club:
Philadelphia FC, Pennsylvania, USA. - [Bob's 1st USA Soccer Club, playing variously at Full Back and Center Forward positions]. Philadelphia were eliminated in the First Round of the U.S.A National Challenge Cup by Bethlehem Steel.
See a newspaper write-up 24 December 1926 'Bethlehem Globe-Times - Pennsylvania - Christmas Day Match'
See a newspaper write-up 28 March 1927 'Bethlehem Globe-Times - Pennsylvania'
NOTE: Philadelphia F.C Were later suspended from the American Soccer League. The suspension resulted from the illegal playing of nine unregistered amateurs against the J & P Coats team in a league game at Pawtucket, R. I., April 23 1927. The club was also assessed the "maximum fine allowed by league bylaw."


Bob returns to Canada
playing again for Windsor Rovers F.C Windsor Ontario.
Many players at this time played both the Canadian and the American soccer seasons as the seasons ran consecutively, and the players would move to teams on both sides of the border, thus playing all year round. Often Canadian border teams would be found playing in the American leagues and competitions, and vice-versa.

1927 July 4,
Windsor All Stars  Canada vs. Scottish F.A Tour
The Touring Scottish FA played the Windsor All-Stars at Kelsey Park, Ontario (CANADA). Bob Gregg (listed as Bob Greig) represented the Windsor Football Club. Among other locals were Canadian National Railroad and Canadian Club. These all-stars included Maurice Honeyman and Tommy McGowen (soon to be Walkerville FC players). Result, Windsor All Stars 2,(Mercer, Visser) Scottish F.A 4 (Muirhead 2, Cunningham, Cook). HT: Att: 4000. Scottish F.A: Hamilton – W. McStay, Blair – Morrison, Swallow, Craig – Archibald, Muirhead, Munro, Cunningham, Cook.
Orr (Canadian) – Robert Greig (Windsor), Maurice Fairhurst (Canadian) – Inglis (Canadian), Tommy McGowan (Windsor), Joe Spence (CNR) – Ponic (Windsor), Maurice Honeyman (CNR), Gerrit Visser (CNR), Jackson (CNR), Bobby Mercer (Windsor). Referee: Dave Evans (Detroit). This was likely was an off-season (summer) appearance for Robert with Windsor before moving back to the ASL to perform with New Bedford and Providence respectively. [Ref 1.Chuck Zsolnai, International Soccer Archives [Ref 2. History of Canadian Soccer.Com ] [Ref.3. Ottawa Citizen Newspaper write-up]

Age 28

Football Club(1):Bob joined New Bedford (Whalers) FC Massachusetts, USA. [League Champions Runners-Up]
New Bedford also reached the First Round of The National Challenger Cup conceding to J&P Coats 2-1 on 28 March 1927 at Tiverton.
Age 28

Football Club(2): Providence FC Massachusetts USA. By at least January 1928, Bob was playing for this club which was eliminated from the U.S.A National Challenge Cup in the 2nd Round on 28 January 1928 by J&P Coats at Pawtucket . Also see a newspaper write-up 'Bethlehem Globe Times - Pennsylvania' 10 February 1928 regarding a National League Match against Bethlehem Steel. Bob Gregg is in the Providence line-up as Right Full-Back.

Age 28
Bob Gregg returns to Canada. This time he plays for Border Scots F.C of Windsor Ontario placed as captain
Age 29
He finished the Soccer Season playing for Walkerville F.C also of Windsor Ontario Canada
Note: re Archie Perry - future Brother-in-Law to Bob Gregg.
At this time Archie Perry was playing for Walkerville F.C Windsor Ontario Canada
1926-1927 Walkerville Soccer Club of Windsor Canada either won the Western Inter-City League Champions Cup or were placed Runners-Up. We do not have records as yet for that Cup Final result against Solvay on 26 June 1927 at Solvay Park. See 'The Border Cities Star' newspaper write-up for 25 June 1927 on the eve of the final P131-1Walkerville 1927 June 25-The Border Cities Star.

1927-1928 Walkerville Soccer Club Windsor Canada won the Western Inter-City League Champions Cup. Team photograph P131. Walkerville 1928.

22 January 1928. Walkerville F.C also appeared in the USA National Challenge Cup being eliminated by Holley Carburetors in the First Round.

(During this period Bob Gregg also plays for Canadian Soccer clubs. Bob Gregg and Archie Perry played together for Border Scots F,C, Walkerville F.C, Holley Carburetors F.C Detroit, and later Chicago Bricklayers F.C)


Age 30

Bob Gregg
and Archie Perry Moved from Walkerville F.C Windsor Canada, to sign with  Holley Carburetors F.C. of Detroit, Michigan, USA
Note: 1929 June 5 ( Robert Gregg aged 29 was Married to Margaret Perry in Windsor Ontario Canada ).

1929 Aug 9

Returns to U.S.A  (U.S Visa return details - 9 August 1929)

1929 October
Age 30
Football Club: Chicago Carpenters Soccer Club, [Ref offer letter on file from Holley Carburettors 20 Jan 1930] . Carpenters went as far as the First Round of the National Challenge Cup, being eliminated 3-0 by Sparta on 16 December 1929.

Note: 21 November 1929 (Margaret Gregg Junior. Born  Chicago, Illinois.)


Age 30

Football Club: Holley Carburettors of Detroit Michigan. [Possibly - Ref offer letter on file 20 Jan 1930 ]. Holley Carburetors reached the Finals(Western Division) of The National Challenge Cup on 10 March 1930 conceding to Bruell Insurance. However we have no confirmation that Bob accepted this second offer from Holley's, and may have moved directly to Chicago Bricklayers. . .
Age 31

Archie Perry - Brother-in-Law to Bob Gregg also played in this team
Football Club: Bricklayers FC, Chicago, Illinois. USA [National Challenge Cup  Runners-Up].  (Bob was often listed as [Bob GREIG] in sports reports as can be seen  in the '1931 US National Challenge Cup Finals' . Bob scored from a 57th minute penalty in the 1931 National Challenge Cup Final 2nd game against Fall River(New York Yankees) at Mills Stadium, Chicago, IL., saving his team from a shut-out in a 1-1 draw. However, In the 2nd game replay-match at Sparta Field on 19 April 1931, Bricklayers lost 2-0 finishing as National Challenge Cup Runners-Up. The Bricklayers also were Runners-Up to Sparta SC in the Peel Cup on 14 June 1931. On 21 June that year they also played an International game against Glasgow Celtic. Bob left Bricklayers after that season moving to St Louis, Stix Baer & Fuller.
Note: re Archie Perry: Bob's Brother-in-law Archie Perry also played for The Bricklayers F.C from about October 1930. Chicago Tribune Newspaper Report: Nov 2, 1930. BRICKLAYERS SOCCER TEAM TO MEET OLYMPIAS. 'The Bricklayers line-up will Include Bob Gregg and Archie Perry, the latter being a center half-back recently arrived from Canada. ...'

Note: 30 March 1931 (Robert Gregg Junior. born Chicago, Illinois.)

1931 June 21

Chicago Bricklayers vs. Glasgow Celtic Tour

Glasgow Celtic’s 1931 North American tour :On June 21, 1931 at Cubs Park in Chicago, Illinois. Attendance 11,000. Half Time score 3-0. Attendance: 11,000. Celtic 6 (R. Thomson, Wilson 2, Napier, Hughes, McGhee). Chicago Bricklayers 3 (Imrie, Cuthbert).
The teams were: Celtic:
J. Thomson – Cook, McGonigle – Wilson, McStay, Scarfe – R. Thomson, A. Thomson, Hughes, Napier, McGhee. Chicago Bricklayers: Neate – Bob Gregg, Hugh Davidson – Bob Thompson, Tom Scott, Billy Ogilvie – Greenless, Baba Vicek, Imrie, Clem Cuthbert, Willie McLean. [Ref 1. The Celtic Wiki] [Ref 2. Celtic Programmes On Line ]

Age 32
Football Club: Stix, Baer and Fuller FC, St Louis, Missouri, USA [National Challenge Cup  Runners-up] and [SLSL League 3rd Place]. Bob moved to St Louis from Chicago Bricklayer to join Stix,  Baer & Fuller. His new club faced the previous Chicago club in the Semi-Final winning from a 3 match series. Stix,  Baer & Fuller then faced New Bedford in the National Challenge Cup Final on 2 April 1932 at  Sportsman’s Park - St. Louis. Bob's team were again runners-up. This was a 2nd National Challenge Cup Runners-Up medal for Bob in 2 seasons. Stix,  Baer & Fuller went on to be National Challenge Cup Winners for the next 3 seasons

Age 33
Football Club: Stix, Baer and Fuller FC, St Louis, Missouri, USA [National Challenge Cup  Winners].[SLSL League Champions]. Bob missed the Semi-Finals & Finals of the National Challenge Cup due to injuries received in the Quarter Finals replay-match on 12 March 1933

Age 34
Football Club: Stix, Baer and Fuller FC, St Louis, Missouri, USA [National Challenge Cup  Winners].[SLSL League Champions (On-going serious injuries kept Bob on the sick list most of this season)

26 January 1934 (Roberts mother Margaret Gregg dies in Darvel Ayrshire Scotland)

Age 35

Football Club:
Stix, Baer and Fuller FC, St Louis, Missouri, USA [National Challenge Cup  Winners].[SLSL League Champions]. (Mid-season 1934-35, Stix, Baer and Fuller gave up their sponsorship of the team which was taken up by St. Louis Central Breweries. The team continued their success playing as 'St. Louis Centrals F.C'  -  St Louis Central Breweries F.C ).
Bob returned to the field of play  following a long period of injuries, and was available for the Semi-Finals and Finals of the 1935 National Challenge Cup. He replaced Maurice Kramer as substitute at right back in the Final game on 12 May 1935 at Newark Stadium New Jersey, to finish up with his first National Challenge Cup Winners Medal. This was to be the finale of Bob's lengthy soccer career and his years in the U.S.A.  [Ref: Colin Jose Soccer Historian ]. (The following season 1935-36 the team changed name once again to St Louis Shamrocks winning the SLSL league and runners-up in the National Challenge Cup)

C. 1935/1955
Returned to Scotland UK  Age 36/37  [No exact date yet]
Ipswich Suffolk England 1955 4 Nov. Age 56

Additional References


See FULL STATS for Bob Gregg's appearance in the U.S National Challenge Cup  from 1927 - 1935.  Courtesy of Aldo Benni

2.  Also See:(Wikipedia - Bob Gregg Footballer)   NOTE: Some other Soccer career links on this page also point to Wikipeda content

3. Click to see - P1100. Bob Gregg scored the equalising goal in the second game of the 1931 National Challenger Cup Finals P1100. Chicago Tribune News Paper match report with pictures of Bob Gregg - Chicago Bricklayers FC 12 Apr 1931 National Challenge Cup- Second Leg.
4. Click to see - P1101. Bob Gregg's goal puts soccer game in deadlock - 1931 National Challenger Cup Finals P1101. Chicago Tribune News Paper match report. Bob Gregg's goal puts second game in deadlock - Chicago Bricklayers FC  12 Apr 1931 National Challenge Cup - Second Leg.
5. USA Medals
International Soccer Archives
See photos of historic U.S.A National Challenge Cup and American Soccer Medals

us open cup     U.S. OPEN CUP(National Challenge Cup)  1926 - 1935
  Winners Runners-Up
1935 Central Breweries F.C. (St. Louis) * Pawtucket Rangers 7-6
1934 Stix, Baer and Fuller F.C. (St. Louis) * Pawtucket Rangers 5-0
1933 Stix, Baer and Fuller F.C. (St. Louis) * New York Americans 2-1
1932 New Bedford F.C. (New Bedford, MA) Stix, Baer and Fuller F.C. (St. Louis) * 5-2
1931 Fall River S.C. (Fall River, MA) Chicago Bricklayers * 2-0
1930 Fall River S.C. (Fall River, MA) Cleveland Bruell Insurance 2-1
1929 Hakoah All Star F.C. (New York) St. Louis Madison Kennels 3-0
1928 New York National F.C. Chicago Bricklayers 3-0
1927 Fall River S.C. (Fall River, MA) Detroit Holley Carburetor 7-0
1926 Bethlehem Steel (Bethlehem, PA) St. Louis Ben Millers 7-2

[Source Note: I am grateful to Colin Jose who is the leading soccer historian in Canada, and in addition to many papers written about the American Soccer Leagues, is author of "The Complete Guide to the North American Soccer League" and 'The American Soccer League 1921-1931 : The Golden Years of American Soccer (American Sports History Series)'.
Also to Dave Litterer who maintains the website: 
http://www.sover.net/~spectrum/   The USA Soccer History Archives are maintained by Dave Litterer. (spectrum@sover.net) These two gentlemen have supplied a great deal of information regarding Robert Gregg's whereabouts and Soccer Club details during his time in the USA.]

Review by Dave Litterer: The American Soccer League 1921-1931 : The Golden Years of American Soccer - Colin Jose. Comprehensive statistical history of a long-forgotten league.

'This book fills a critical gap in the historic literature of American Soccer, by providing a comprehensive statistical history of the first true major soccer league in this country. The ASL was as powerful as the NAFL during the 1920's, but later folded and faded into complete obscurity for decades, existing as little more than rumour. Colin has single handedly reconstructed their entire history from box scores and news articles culled from newspaper microfilms.
His reconstruction of a significant part of American soccer history comes at an important time as the professional game enjoys unprecedented growth and new fans are beginning to rediscover the game's long heritage in the United States.
The statistical summaries are thorough, from player stats to linescores, and team histories. The news items and description of league activity is fairly basic but adequate. Most interesting are essays illustrating how the league fits in with the rest of the American soccer landscape of the era, and the extensive records of European stars who were attracted to the league by its generous salaries. There is a nice selection of rarely seen photographs of early players and teams, including Archie Stark, the Boston Wonder Workers and the New York Hakoah All-Stars'.

This is a good follow-up to Colin's earlier 1989 statistical survey; "A Complete record of the North American Soccer League
Also: published 2001 by Colin Jose, Roger Allaway and David Litterer:
The Encyclopaedia of American Soccer History
Published 2003 by Colin Jose. NAFL-A North American Soccer League Encyclopaedia.

USA - An Overview of American Soccer History

Email from Colin Jose to Alec Gregg 19 March 2000

----- Original Message -----

From: "Colin Jose"
To: "Alec Gregg"
Cc: "David A. Litterer"
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2000 4:14 AM
Subject: Your father - Robert Gregg

Hi Alec,
One of the problems with tracing players in North America is that no one seemed to keep any records, and therefore we don't know as much as we would like.  However, I can add to what Dave Litterer has told you about your father.

After he left New Bedford he seems to have moved to Chicago where he played for a team called the "Bricklayers".  This was one of the best teams in the U.S. at the time and in 1931 they reached the U.S. Open Cup final, the championship of the United States.  You can equate it to the Scottish or English F.A. Cup Finals.

In the final they played the Fall River F.C.  It was supposed to be a home and away series.  In the first game played on April 5, 1931 at the Polo Grounds in New York (attendance 12,000), Fall River won 6-2, with Bert Patenaude of Fall River (a member of the U.S. World Cup team in 1930) scoring five goals.  The second game played April 12, 1931 at Mills Stadium in Chicago (attendance 8,000) ended in a 1-1 tie, with your father scoring the Bricklayers goal.  Even though Fall River had won one game and lost one game for some reason a third game was played. This took place on April 19, 1931 at Sparta Field in Chicago (attendance 4,500) with Fall River winning 2-0. But there is an odd twist to this story, because part way through this season the Fall River franchise had been transferred to New York City and renamed "New York Yankees".  However, because the team had entered as Fall River it appears as Fall River in the records, even though they played in jerseys that said New York Yankees.  Then in the deciding game Fall River only had 11 available players, one of whom, the captain, former Scottish international Alex McNab had a broken arm.  McNab could not play but he did dress and go out for the coin toss.  Then he retired and Fall River played with 10 men.

The Bricklayers team contained the following players in playing order with the first names where known.  Neate - Bob Gregg, Hugh Davidson – Bob Thompson, Tom Scott, Billy Ogilvie - Greenlees, Jimmy Munro, Davie Coutts, Clem Cuthbert, Willie McLean.  Others who played were Martin, Hugh Hill and Tommy Hill.  The only one I know a little more about is Willie McLean, who seems to have played for Clydebank and later played for the U.S. in the World Cup of 1934.  Friends in St. Louis tell me that Willie McLean Disappeared sometime around 1946 and was never seen again.

One year later your father
was playing in St. Louis for a team called Stix, Baer and Fuller.  Willie McLean moved to St. Louis with him.  This team was owned and operated by a large department store, and many of the players worked in the store as salesmen.  Stix, Baer and Fuller reached the U.S. Open Cup final in 1932 (so that's two finals in a row for your father) and played New Bedford Whalers.  Unfortunately his team lost again.  Both games were played in St. Louis and on March 27, the teams played to a 3-3 tie.  On April 3, New Bedford won 5-2.  The Stix, Baer and Fuller team was,  Charles La Barge - Bob Gregg, Tom Erbe - Harry Hebberger, Bill Lehman, Elmer Benoist - Willie McLean, Eddie Hart, Jack O'Reilly, Lou Ahrens, Frankie Pastor.  Others who played were Jimmy Roe, Joe McCarthy and Rudge.  I met Jimmy Roe about three years ago, but he has since passed on.

Stix, Baer and Fuller
reached the U.S. Open Cup Final again in 1933 and 1934, but your father was not in the line up in either years, although it seems that he was with the club.  Sometime after the 1934 season ended the department store stopped sponsoring the team and ownership passed to St. Louis Central Breweries.  The team, now known as St. Louis Central Breweries, reached the final again in 1935 and won for the third year in a row.  They played Pawtucket Rangers and the final went to three games.  In the first game played in St. Louis the Breweries won 5-2, in the second played in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the teams tied 1-1.  In the deciding game played in Newark, New Jersey Pawtucket won 3-1.  So each team had won a game and one was tied.  The aggregate score was St. Louis 7, Pawtucket 6.  The cup went to St. Louis. 
Your father played in one game, the final game in Newark as a substitute for Maurice Kramer at right back.  The Breweries team was Johnny Hamm - Maurice Kramer(Bob Gregg), Jimmy Nolan - Eddie Kane, Bill Lehman, Harry Hebberger - Alex McNab, Billy Gonsalves, Bert Patenaude, Jimmy Roe and Willie McLean.  Others were Frankie Pastor and Ollie Bohlman. And yes that is the same Alex McNab and Bert Patenaude who played for Fall River back in 1931.  Another notable player with St. Louis then was the great Billy Gonsalves, perhaps the finest American born player of all time.

I don't know anything about your father playing in Detroit for Holley Carburettors, but that doesn't mean that he didn't.  As I say very few records were ever kept.  Most of what I know I have had to research myself and when teams won the U.S. national championship in those days it was always easy to find more information.  Sorry I cannot add anything about Canada either.

There were at least two daily newspapers in St. Louis in those days, the Globe-Democrat and the Post-Dispatch.  One of them published short bios of the players with Stix, Baer and Fuller on February 16, 1934.  Your father's bio reads.  "Bob Gregg, fullback.  Gregg has been on the sick list all season, but is expected to be of some assistance in the remaining games.  He and McLean came here together after starring with the Bricklayers.  The 30 year old full-back, who is one of the longest kickers in the game, was born in Ayrshire, Scotland and made an international reputation while with Kilmarnock. From this you could come to the conclusion that he missed some finals through injury.

There was good coverage of soccer in the St. Louis papers in those days with lots of photographs.  St. Louis has, along with Fall River, always been one of the centres of soccer in the U.S.  As a result of all this your father ought to have had at least one U.S. Open Cup winners medal and two losers medals, along with many more from other competitions.

Colin Jose

Email from Colin Jose to Alec Gregg 11 March 2001

----- Original Message -----

From: "Colin Jose "
To: "Alec D Gregg "
Sent: 11 March 2001 22:25
Subject: Walkerville Soccer Club - Windsor

It has been some time since I was in touch. However, just recently I have come across some information that I think will be of interest to you.

First of all on your website you mention Walkerville F.C., who were Western Inter-City Football League Champions in 1927-28. At the time you contacted me you may remember that this puzzled me, because the only Walkerville I could find at the time was nowhere near Windsor, where your relatives lived, but on the western side of the lower peninsula of Michigan.

Now I have discovered that the reason I could not find Walkerville on a map of Ontario, is because it is a district of Windsor, and not a separate town or village. The only place I could find it was on a street map of Windsor. Walkerville did in fact have a soccer team at least as far back as 1920 playing in the Detroit and District league, and at that time they were members of the Michigan State Football Association and not, as one might expect, the Ontario Football Association. At various times teams from Windsor have played in a cross-border league with teams from Michigan, because Windsor is a long way from the other large cities of Ontario and much closer to the cities in Michigan across the river. Such a league still exists today.

The fact that Walkerville were in effect registered with the United States Football Association and not with the Dominion of Canada Football Association allowed them to enter the United States Open Cup competition. So far I have been able to find that they entered in 1920, 1921 and 1922 at least. In 1922 Walkerville won its first three games before being defeated in Pennsylvania by a team from Jeanette, which is near Pittsburgh.

The players who played for Walkerville in that competition were: Wighton, Mullen, Clacker, Stevenson, Blackburn, Ramsey, McGrain, Biggar, Spence, Steele, Lyons, Miller, Hughes and Buckley. In looking at your Walkerville picture of some years later I can find a G. Steel (without the e) and that makes me wonder if it is the same player as the one who played in 1922.
Also in that picture I can find a M.W. Honeyman, who is probably Maurice Honeyman, who later became a part of the Ontario Soccer Commission from 1948 to 1951.

In that same year, 1922, a second team from Windsor, Windsor Rovers also entered the competition, they won one game and lost the second, but included in their line up are two players named Gregg. They are listed as E. Gregg and C. Gregg. The other players on this team were Roberts, Ridley, Hornsby, A. Robinson, Reeves, Kincaid, J. Robinson and Mercer.

I will be looking into this a lot more in the weeks to come and I will also be in touch with the soccer people in Windsor who are currently doing some research of their own. I am sorry but I haven't been able to get to Cornell University in well over
a year, otherwise I would have made a photo-copy of the game in which your father scored.
I see you have re-organized your website. It looks great.

One final thought. Would it be possible for you to have a copy made of the Walkerville picture. If you would make a copy I would be happy to pay for the cost.

Colin Jose

Email from Chuck Zsolnai to Alec Gregg 14 July 2009
- Original Message -----
From: chuck zsolnai
To: alec gregg
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 4:57 PM
Subject: Attn Alec - Bob Gregg Footballer

Hello Alec,

In updating the information in Colin Jose's book (American Soccer League) I have found additional data that was omitted in the original publication.

In the biographies section, Bob Gregg was not included even though he is acknowledged to have played in the ASL.

He also participated in two significant non-ASL matches:

On 26 March 1927 - The famous Bethlehem Steel FC played Philadelphia FC in the Open Cup 1st round match. As the expected powerhouse won 3:1, but it was Bob Gregg who scored the lone goal for the Philadelphia side.

On 4 July, 1927 - The Touring Scottish FA played the Windsor All-Stars at Kelsey Park, Ontario (CANADA).

Bob Gregg (listed as Bob Greig) represented the Windsor Football Club among other locals - Canadian National Railroad and Canadian Club. These all-stars included Maurice Honeyman and Tommy McGowen (soon to be Walkerville FC players)

Although this may have been an off-season (summer) appearance with Windsor, it was at least a stop before moving back to the ASL in the 1928-1929 season to perform with New Bedford and Providence respectively.

I'm sure this will lead to more findings. Your Gregg Family website was the key to new research.

Many thanks.

International Soccer Archives

Letters and contracts in my collection indicate that Bob achieved a long and successful career in the sport he loved so much.

He played his final four years in soccer at the top Stix, Baer and Fuller' Soccer Club of St Louis. They won the National Challenge Cup for three consecutive years - 1933 -1934 and 1935, but he had sustained severe leg injuries which led to him missing games in part of the 1933, and most of the 1934 seasons. There were three newspapers in St Louis in those days - the St. Louis Globe-Democratic, the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the St. Louis Star-Times who all gave good coverage of soccer. On  the 16 February 1934, the Star-Times published a full squad photo and short biographies of the Stix-Baer-Fuller players. The one pertaining to Robert reads.... " Bob Gregg, fullback. Gregg has been on the sick list all season, but is expected to be of assistance in the remaining games. He and Willie McLean came here together after starring with the Bricklayers. The 30 year old fullback who is one of the longest kickers in the game, was born in Ayrshire, Scotland and made an international reputation while with Kilmarnock." [ Note: Robert was actually aged 35 not 30]

And, Robert did return to the field of play, and continued through to received a further Winners Medal for the 1935 Open Cup Championship.

In nine consecutive years from 1926 to 1935, of playing in North America, his prized trophies would included various League Medals, Open Cup Medals,  International Medals, Championship Medals, and Exhibition Trophies. His Professional Soccer Career spanned 15 years, starting at Irvine Meadow F.C, Ayrshire Scotland in 1921, to his last game for Stix, Baer and Fuller (by then renamed St. Louis Centrals) of St Louis, U.S.A., in the 1935 Open Cup Final. That year was to be the proud 'finale' to his British, Canadian and American Soccer dream.

For a while Robert lived in Chicago, a city said to have been almost entirely under the control of the Mafioso. It was the era of prohibition, the gangster mobs, the Speak-easies and the Charleston. The 1920s brought international notoriety to Chicago as gangsters battled each other and the law during the Prohibition era. In later years Robert would tell many a captivating tale of the likes of Al' Capone and his gangster accomplices. Of gang warfare, the shoot-outs between the 'cops' and the 'mob' - and the rows of dead 'villains' laid out on the side-walks for all to see.
However, circumstances were also to change in his personal life, and his planned intentions to return to Darvel. I am told from some old-time Darvel residents of the day that poor Nan MacKelvie was left far behind and jilted!

A sporting colleague, and great friend to
my father was a young man who later became our uncle. He was Archie Perry[P902], also from Britain, namely Sunderland County Durham, England.

Archie played for Walkerville Soccer Club, Windsor in Ontario, Canada, and stands proud in the photograph from 1928 taken when they were Western Inter-City Football League Champions (1927-1928). He also played in USA soccer Leagues, often for the same clubs as Bob Gregg. Archie arrived in Canada aboard the Steamship ATHENIA (Anchor Donaldson) from Liverpool England on 1 August 1926. Port of arrival: Quebec, Quebec. Aged 23

Click to View Enlarged Picture
 Archie Perry-Walkerville Soccer Club 1927
P131. Archie Perry. Walkerville Soccer Club 1927-28

Archie's older sisters, Marion Fletcher Perry[P901] and Charlotte 'Sissy' Perry[P900] were married to William (Billy) Lawrence and Conrad (Pat) Knudson, respectively. They were the first of the Perry family[F170] to settle in Ontario Canada, in 1923. Back home in England the men had worked in a new and advancing technology of the time. They were 'electricians' employed as technicians in electric lighting and cinema projection, and their skills would be much in demand in this new land. Post World War business was booming in Canada and the USA, and with the introduction of assembly-line production in the motor industry, they soon found work as auto-electricians at the new Ford and Chrysler motor plants. They did well and prospered.

Click to View Enlarged Picture
 Margaret Perry with sisters Charlotte and Marion
P132. Perry sisters in Canada 1920's
Margaret 2nd from right

Click to View Enlarged Picture
 Alexander & Jessie Perry
P42. Alexander Dundas Perry
and Wife Jessie Fletcher

Click to View Enlarged Picture
 Alexander Dundas Perry with Sons Charles and Alexander
P61. Alexander Dundas Perry with Sons Charles, Alexander and Grand Children

Click to View Enlarged Picture
 Birth Certificate Margaret Gregg (Perry) 10 April 1906
P23. Birth Certificate Margaret Gregg (Perry) 10 April 1906

Click to View Enlarged Picture
  P395. 'Bon Voyage' 1920's
P395. 'Bon Voyage' 1920's

By 1925, the Perry sisters and their husbands had established homes in Windsor, Ontario, and sent word for their younger sister Margaret to join them. Margaret Perry[P528] was my mother. She was born at 7 Sussex Street in Sunderland County Durham England on 10 April 1906, and was sixth in issue to a family of eight surviving children. Her parents traded in the town as fresh fish dealers, and her elder brothers worked in the steel and ship building industries located on the busy rivers Tyne and Wear. Margaret set off unaccompanied from her then address at 3 Back Sussex Street, Sunderland, and embarked upon the long sea voyage from Liverpool England to Canada - a brave venture for a girl who was barely 19 years old. She would see neither her parents nor brothers again for 10 long years.
From the Canadian Immigration Records (1925-1935) we know that Margaret sailed from Liverpool England on 26 June 1925, and arrived in Quebec, Canada on Friday, 3rd July 1925 at 4a.m. She sailed from  Liverpool England on the Steam Ship 'Montrose' of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, which arrived with 220 Cabin Class and 301 Third Class passengers.
1 View Canadian Pacific Travel Banner 1920's)
2 Read on-line Newspaper of that day - The Montreal Gazette Page 18 Column 2
3 See sample graphics of the same The Montreal Gazette - Montrose Departure and Arrival.

Click to View Enlarged Picture
  Margaret Perry C1926-27
P37. Margaret Perry C1926-27 Canada
The Montrose was just 5 years old, having made its maiden voyage from Liverpool to Quebec in 1920. Towards the end of her long Atlantic sea voyage, Margaret would first catch sight of land again as the ship steamed up the Cabot Straits between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, then into the Great Gulf of St Lawrence. Some would disembark at Prince Edward Island whist Margaret's journey continued inland along the Great St Lawrence River as far as Quebec City. Then overland by train - to finally to arrive at Windsor, south of the Great Lakes. To the east lay Lake Erie and Lake Huron to the north. Across the border were the northern states of the USA - Michigan, Pennsylvania and Missouri.

Only 15 years earlier in 1910, on board the previous SS Montrose, and on this same route from England, the infamous Dr Hawley Crippen and Ethel Le Neve were arrested for the murder of his wife Cora. Ethel Le Neve was disguised as a boy for the journey from England to Canada. Captain Henry Kendall became suspicious of their true relationship and contacted London by radio. This was the first time that radio played a part in an arrest. Chief Inspector Walter Drew came aboard disguised as the pilot when the ship entered the St Lawrence River, and arrested them. [Note: In the year 2010 forensic genetics tests would declare that the remains of the body in the Crippen case could not have been those of his wife Cora, for whom he was tried for murdering].

Canadian Immigration Records (1925-1935) Margaret Perry

Given name: Margt.
Age: 19.
Date of arrival: 3 July 1925.  
Port of arrival:
Quebec, Quebec
Ship: MONTROSE, Canadian Pacific.
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION,
series C-1-a. Volume: 1925 volume 7 . Page: 16. Microfilm reel: T-14716. Item Number:489428

1 View Records at Canadian Libraries and Archives
2 See Montreal Gazette Newspaper for Ships Arrivals
Click to View Enlarged Picture
 Steam Ship Montrose
P9. The 1920s Steam Ship Montrose on which Margaret Perry travelled to Canada in 1925
'Montrose' UK - Canada(1922-1940 -16,402 gt) in 1939 was converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Forfar, and in 1939 torpedoed and sunk off Ireland.
One-way fares West would have been between 50-150 Canadian Dollars depending on cabin class.

Canadian Immigration Records (1925-1935)
Robert Gregg
Surname: Gregg.
Given name: Robert.
Age: 26
Date of arrival:
26 May 1926..
Port of arrival:
Quebec, Quebec
Ship: MONTROSE, Canadian Pacific.
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION,
series C-1-a. Volume: 1925 volume 4. Page: 196. Microfilm reel: T-14722. Item Number:167347

View Records at Canadian Libraries and Archives
Click to View Enlarged Picture
 Steam Ship Montrose
P.103 The 1930's Steam Ship Montrose on which Robert Gregg travelled to Canada in 1926.
'Montrose' UK - Canada(1922-1940 -16,402 gt) in 1939 was converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Forfar, and in 1939 torpedoed and sunk off Ireland.

Canadian Immigration Records (1925-1935) Archibald Perry
Given name:
M. Nationality: En
Date of arrival: 1 August 1926.
Port of arrival:
Quebec, Quebec
Ship: ATHENIA, Anchor Donaldson .
Reference: RG76 - IMMIGRATION,
series C-1-a. Volume: 1926 volume 12. Page: 28. Microfilm reel: T-14725. Item Number:489293

View Records at Canadian Libraries and Archives
Click to View Enlarged Picture
 Steam Ship Montrose
P100. The 1920s Steam Ship Athenia (2) on which Archie Perry travelled to Canada in 1926
Athenia (1) 1903-1917 also torpedoed and sunk off Inishtrahull, Ireland on 16th Aug.1917 loss of 15 lives.
Athenia (2) 1922-1939 torpedoed and sunk off Inishtrahull, Ireland; loss of 128 lives. (First ship to be sunk in WWII 3rd Sep.1939)
Athenia (1) 1904 1917 torpedoed and sunk off Inishtrahull, Ireland; loss of 15 lives.
Athenia (2) 1923 1939 torpedoed and sunk off Inishtrahull, Ireland; loss of 128 lives. (First ship to be sunk in WWII 3rd Sep.1939)

ATHENIA 1903(1)
7,835 gross tons, length 478ft x beam 56ft, one funnel, four masts, twin screw, speed 14 knots, accommodation for 12-1st class passengers. Launched on 20th Oct.1903 by Vickers. Sons & Maxim for Donaldson Bros, Glasgow, she started her maiden voyage from Glasgow to Montreal on 21st May 1904. In 1905 she was fitted with additional passenger accommodation for 50-2nd and 450-3rd class passengers and her tonnage increased to 8,668 g.t. Her first voyage as a passenger ship started 25th Mar.1905 when she left Glasgow for St. John. N.B and continued sailings to St. John and Quebec / Montreal. In 1913 she transferred to Donaldson Line Ltd and in 1916 went to Anchor-Donaldson Line. On 16th Aug.1917 she was torpedoed and sunk while 7 miles north of Inistrahull Island, Northern Ireland by the U.53 while on passage Montreal to Glasgow with the loss of 15 lives. [North Atlantic Seaway vol.3 by N.R.P.Bonsor] [Donaldson Line by P.J. Telford]

ATHENIA 1922 (2)
The ATHENIA was built in 1922 by Fairfield Co Ltd, Glasgow for the Donaldson Line of Glasgow. She was a 13,465 gross ton ship, length 526.3ft x beam 66.4ft, one funnel, two masts, twin screw and a service speed of 15 knots. There was accommodation for 516-cabin and 1,000-3rd class passengers. Launched on 28/1/1922, she sailed from Glasgow on her maiden voyage to Liverpool, Quebec and Montreal on 19/4/1923. She was used on the Cunard-Donaldson Line joint service. In March 1927 she was refitted to carry 314-cabin, 310-tourist and 928-3rd class passengers. She had the unfortunate distinction of being the first ship sunk in the war, on the day that war was declared. Torpedoed by the German submarine U.30 when 250 miles West of Inishtrahull, Northern Ireland on 3/9/1939 and sank with the loss of 128 lives. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P. Bonsor, vol.3, p.1014] - [Posted to The ShipsList by Ted Finch -8 April 1998]

My father took that same voyage in 1926 from Glasgow via Liverpool to Quebec. From Canadian Immigration Records (1925-1935) it can be seen that he too travelled on the Steam Ship Montrose, his journey being nearly a year after Margaret's, arriving on 26 May 1926. We have records from the American Soccer League(ASL-USA) of him playing for Philadelphia Football Club in 1926 aged 27. He obtained his American work visa, on 30 June 1927, port of arrival being Detroit. He arrived on the 'D&W' Ferry, which I presume to be 'Detroit and Windsor', and would confirm that he arrived via Canada. Presumably before this Robert had commuted across the border to play in the North American League. 

Ships travelling directly from Europe to locations in the USA would have taken a southerly direction from Nova Scotia, heading down to the Gulf of Maine on the eastern seaboard of America. Passengers would disembark probably at Boston Massachusetts, or steam on through Long Island Main to New York.

Windsor, in the Canadian Province of Ontario, lies to the east of the St Clair River which links the Great Lakes' Erie and Huron. Detroit Michigan in the United States of America is situated to the west, and it is this waterway which provides a natural border. As it is today, the crossing was even then an extremely busy place, with thousands of people busily to-ing and fro-ing to their work places, on pleasure trips and shopping expeditions. American citizens would quietly smuggle home the occasional bottles of prohibited liquor, yet unbeknown to many of them - this was where the Mafia illegally imported it by the truckload.

Robert Gregg and Archie Perry would often have used that crossing by local ferry. Today the River is spanned by a huge bridge, and underneath by the Windsor Tunnel. They travelled to football league venues that spanned the northern states of America and into Canada. It was through introduction by Archie, that Robert and Margaret met. They subsequently married in 1929, just one month after the great Wall Street Crash.

As early as May that year, much official communication traversed between Canada and
Robert's hometown of Darvel in Scotland. Although Robert's birth certificate clearly showed his surname to be spelled 'Greig', his young sister
Isabella Greig[P568] informed Margaret, his wife to be, that the spelling was incorrect. For a now unexplained reason, 11 of his brothers and sisters were registered in the name of 'Gregg', yet Robert and Isabella, the youngest two,  were registered as 'Greig'. Because Robert and Isabella were born in a different location to their brothers and sisters, it is reasonable to assume that this was a simple case of the local Church Minister or Registry Clerks spelling the name as they thought fit, a not un-common occurrence by officialdom in those days.
Click to View Enlarged Picture
Izabella Greig
P10. Isabella Greig 1920s
Click to View Enlarged Picture
Bella Greig & Mother [Margaret Doyle]
P32. Isabella Greig & Mother [Margaret Doyle]
Click to View Enlarged Picture
Letter from Register General-Edinburgh 1929
P11. Letter from Register General - Edinburgh 1929

Finally, a letter sent from the Registrar General in Edinburgh, Ref. No. M.54/14/ 26 May 1929 was received. Having been directed through Reverent John Jack, Minister of Darvel, it stated ...
'on reference being made to the Entry of Death of the father of the young man in question, it is found that his surname is recorded therein as Greig and that registration in that spelling was made on the information of a son who clearly adhibited his signature in the Register as WILLIAM GREIG.' .... 'at registration of the birth of ROBERT the father clearly signed his name in column (5) as MATTHEW GREIG and is no longer alive to depone the facts of the case or to adhibit his signature afresh in what is alleged to be the correct spelling of his name'.... 'as Mrs Gregg is alive, she might consult a Law Agent as to the expediency of having an Affidavit made touching the spelling of the name, which if desired could be recorded in the Books of Council and Sessions in the General Register House here'.

Both Robert's brother William Gregg[P558] and his father were registered at birth as Gregg. The surname spelling on Matthew's marriage certificate is also the same. Why Grandfather used the spelling is not known, and if the affidavit was ever made, we will not know without further involved research.

Clearly all documents relating to Robert after that time, with the exception of his American Work Visa [No. 62,217 July 17 1929], appeared as Robert Paton Gregg. . I suspect the surname spelling of Greig on his visa related to his possession of his birth certificate naming him as Greig, and it was this which was offered to the authorities as his source of identification. Robert and Margaret's marriage certificate clearly names them as GREGG, and this was the name used on Margaret's American Immigration visa.[No.62,408 July 10 1929.

Click to View Enlarged Picture
P.46 RPG Visa
P46. Immigrant Id Card USA Robert P Gregg Spelled Robert P Greig

Click to View Enlarged Picture
 MG USA Visa
P45. Immigrant ID Card USA Margaret Gregg (Perry)

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Marriage Certificate Robert and Margaret Gregg
P47. Marriage Certificate - Robert P Gregg and Margaret Perry
Note the differing spelling of the surname on the two Identification Cards - Greig and Gregg

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Margaret [Doyle] Gregg
P15. Margaret [Doyle] Gregg Scotland C.1932
1929 was the year of the big American stock market crash,  followed by the Great Depression. Margaret and Robert married on Wednesday 5 June 1929 in Windsor Ontario Canada. Witnesses were Archie Perry and Betty Kerr. Back in Great Britain, on that same day, and following the result of the recent General Election, Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin would tender his resignation to King George VI. Ramsay MacDonald would be summoned to Windsor Castle on the following day where he would be asked by the King  to form the next Government as Labour Prime Minister. [ View Montreal Gazette Graphic.] or [Montreal Gazette - Interactive Online].
On 9 August 1929, Margaret and Robert migrated across the border to live in the USA. Port of Arrival was Detroit Michigan. They lived first at 2953 Warren Boulevard, and then 3004 Madison Street Chicago Illinois [See 1930 Census], with a Monthly Rent of $40 US at the latter address. Their first two children, named Margaret[P532] and Robert[P534] were born there within the next 2 years. The Fifteenth United States Census in April 1930 shows the family surname mis-spelling - this time as 'Grege' ! The enumerator also wrote the wrong details for 'Father' of both Margaret and daughter Margaret
Click to View Enlarged Picture
Margaret [Doyle] Gregg
P16. In Memoriam Card.
Margaret Gregg (Doyle) 1934

Letters and offers of contracts dated over the next few years showed addresses for various locations in Illinois and St Louis, Missouri. In mid March 1934, a letter arriving from Scotland was received at the Cote Brilliant Avenue, St Louis address - using the present spelling of the name - 'Mr. R. Gregg'.
The letter refers to the children's Grandmother Margaret Gregg[P513-Doyle]. Having been widowed in 1909 she was now in her seventies. With her youngest son away in America, she longed often to see him before she died. She would ask her daughter Isabella to write to him and say 'tell Bobby it's time to come home - tell him and I know he will come'. Sadly, she was never to see her son again for this particular letter also contained a card of remembrance and the details of her last days.

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Robert Paton Gregg and Margaret Perry Wedding Portrait
P60. Robert P Gregg and Margaret Perry on their wedding day 1929
Click to View Enlarged Picture
Margaret Gregg[Perry] and Daughter Margaret 1931
P69. USA 1931.
Margaret [Perry] Gregg and Daughter Margaret Gregg
Click to View Enlarged Picture
Robert & Margaret Gregg-First 2 Children
P14. Margaret and Robert Gregg
with children Margaret and Robert USA - 1932
Click to View Enlarged Picture
Margaret Gregg (Junior) and Robert Gregg (Junior) C.1933
P49. Margaret Gregg (Junior) and Robert Gregg (Junior) C.1933

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Margaret Gregg (Junior) taken C.1935
P54. Margaret Gregg (Junior)
 taken C.1935

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Robert Gregg (Junior) C.1932
P87 Robert Gregg (Junior.) C.1933

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Robert Gregg (Junior) C.1932
P125. Robert Paton Gregg, Margaret Gregg and Margaret Junior

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Robert Gregg (Junior) C.1932
P68. Robert Paton Gregg, USA 1930's

Elinor Smith. I remember my mother once telling me about her windy and noisy experience of flying in an early two seater bi-plane in St Louis Illinois, USA. How she was dressed in flying jacket and helmet with goggles. She also mentioned a female pilot, 'The Flying Flapper', of the time, who was well known for her dare devil flying antics and stunts. I was able to trace the following information to one Elinor Smith online at Cruiseline.com, and a superb video at YouTube which also portrays the lifestyle, music,  and the environment of the 1920's and 30's in USA.
Eliinor Smith Pilot Elinor Smith was born in 1911. She knew she was born to fly at the age of 6 when she took her first airplane ride. She started taking lessons at the age of 8. She was fortunate at that time to have parents who supported her in what she wanted to do. Her mother didn’t want to deny her daughter opportunities just because of her gender and her father had always had a passion for planes. These things helped her in her quest to fly. Elinor set many aviation records. Most of these records came because of her age. She was youngest woman to fly solo at the age of 15. At the age of 16, she became the youngest person to earn a pilot’s license in the U.S. On October 21, 1928 at the age of 17, Elinor flew under four East River Bridges in New York City. The bridges she flew under were the Queensboro, the Williamsburg, the Manhattan, and the Brooklyn Bridges. She is the only person ever to accomplish that feat. Her first world record was the endurance record she set on January 31, 1929 of 13 hours, 16 minutes, and 45 seconds. During that flight was the first time she had ever landed at night. In April of 1929, Elinor again broke the endurance record making it now 26 hours, 23 minutes, and 16 seconds. Later that year, she teamed up with Bobbi Trout and set a joint record endurance flight of over 42 hours and became the first women to refuel a plane in midair. She also became the first person, male or female, to receive a transport pilot’s license at the age of 18. While she was still 18, she became the first woman to pilot a military aircraft. In 1929, she became the first female executive pilot of the Irving Chute Co., for a nationwide tour to demonstrate parachute drops . In 1930, she became the first woman to test pilot for Long Island’s Fairchild Aviation Corp. In 1931, she became the first woman to fly over 30,000 feet, but she wanted to beat that record. So, a week later, she went up again and set a new women’s altitude record of 34, 500 feet. Her proudest moment though was in 1930 when all the licensed fliers of the U.S. were asked to name the best female and male pilots in the United States. Elinor won. She said, “It was such an honor to know that my peers considered me the best.” Elinor then married a year or two later and had two children. While she was pregnant with her third child, she thought maybe she shouldn’t be flying; that she should be home taking care of the children. So, she quit flying. Almost 25 years past before she piloted a plane again. Elinor loved to fly; Flying was meant for her. She is such a great example to the aviatrix of today. Elinor Smith (Sullivan) died 24 Mar 2010.

Watch this great  Full sized Video of Elinor Smith online at YouTube or Click here to watch our small 320x240px version - 40 Mbytes

By 1936-37 season, the St. Louis League, and USA Soccer Leagues in general, were in decline. Familiar teams of years past had long gone. It would take many years and many attempts before USA soccer would rise to anything like it's former glory.

At age 36, my father was beginning to suffer from the inevitable sports injuries associated with the game, and after fifteen years of playing professional football, 10 of them in USA, it was prudent for Robert to hang up his boots, and the next move for the family was 'home' to Great Britain. I am told that he distributed  the Football  Medals he won in those years in America to family members in U.K, but sadly I have been unable to locate any to this date.

For a while they lived in  Ayrshire, Scotland and then Sunderland, England. Robert's ambition to open a golf range in Darvel, Ayrshire met with local opposition and that idea was eventually laid to rest.
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Robert Paton Gregg - golfer 1930's
P17. Robert Paton Gregg - golfer 1930's
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Archie Perry outside a glass green house at Newborn

P94. Archie Perry outside a glass  house at Newborn Suffolk UK 1938
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Archie Perry British Army 1940's
P95. Archie Perry
British Army
In 1938, the family moved south to rural East Anglia living and working on a smallholding at Newborn in Suffolk. The properties were owned by the 'Land Settlement Association'. The holdings were sited on uncultivated land and leased to the occupants as tenant 'farmers' - somewhat reminiscent of the old crofters system in Scotland. The land needed to be cleared, cultivated and planted, and the work was hard; the collective produce from cattle and poultry and vegetables being sent daily to local markets. Part of the project entailed the construction of enormous glass greenhouses in which lettuces, tomatoes and fruit was grown for the London markets. During that period Uncle Archie Perry also returned from America and came to live with the family securing employment on the construction and maintenance of the greenhouses.
Soon the outbreak of World War II [1939-45] began. Conscription was introduced and many British Servicemen were mobilised to foreign lands. Uncle Archie Perry being one. Shortages of every kind soon became evident and the produce from the settlements was commandeered for the war effort. My brother[P536] Archibald Perry GREGG  was born at Newborn Suffolk on the 17 May 1940. Air bases and army barracks sprung up throughout East Anglia and by 1943 many thousands of conscripted GI's from the USA were posted here.

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World War II Ration Book
P.1300 World War II Ration Book
By 1941 the Gregg family moved to the nearby town of Ipswich, a semi-industrialised port town, where for a further four years they lived through the harrowing years of that wretched war. Britain was besieged by the might of the German war machine, and the area was under constant attack from bomber planes directing their aim at the factories and gas supply tanks near the Ipswich Docks. Sirens sounded to warn of the daily air raids, and many cold nights were spent in the Anderson air raid shelters hastily dug into back yards. Click to View Enlarged Picture
P.1304 1940' Anderson Shelter
P.1304 1940' Anderson Shelter
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World War II Ration Book
P.1304 1930's Gas Mask
Gas masks were issued to civilians who were advised to carry them at all times. From 1940 food and clothes rationing became the order of the day, and it was almost fourteen years later, and nine years after the end of the War, that rationing in Britain finally ended on 9 July 1954. See external article about Eating during the Second World War

In spring of 1943
my mother was expecting her fourth child. With the war still raging, and the dangers of the nightly bombing In Ipswich, she decided to travel north to her home town of Sunderland to stay with her brother Alexander Perry[P889] and his wife Elizabeth (Lizzy) Skelton[P1599] for the birth. They, and their son Alexander became the godparents to the child born on 29 January 1944 in Sunderland. This was to be the last born of my parents four children  - and none other than myself, Alexander Doyle Gregg[P539].

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Margaret [Perry] Gregg with sons Alec & Archie Gregg
P.92 Margaret [Perry] Gregg with Alec Gregg  & Archie Gregg C.1946
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Margaret Gregg Jnr with brothers Alec & Archie Gregg C.1946
P91. Margaret Gregg (Jnr)
with Alec Gregg & Archie Gregg C.1946
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Robert Gregg Junior with brothers Alec & Archie Gregg C.1947
P90. Robert Gregg (Jnr)
 with Alec Gregg & Archie Gregg C.1947/
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Margaret Gregg with sons Robert and Alexander C.1947
P102. Margaret Gregg with sons Robert and Alexander C.1946 at a local Fete held on the school grounds at Britannia Rod Ipswich

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P71. Robert P Gregg with Sons Archie and Alec c.1949
P71. Robert P Gregg with Sons Archie and Alec c.1949

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Robert & Margaret Gregg-1950
P20. Margaret & Robert P Gregg 1950 at Dau. Margaret's Wedding

Click to View Enlarged Picture
P21. Robert P Gregg & Grand-daughter Lesley Anne Oliver 1952
P21. Robert P Gregg & Grand-daughter Lesley Anne Oliver 1952

Click to View Enlarged Picture
Margaret & Robert P Gregg 1955 at Son Robert's Wedding
P63. Margaret & Robert P Gregg 1955 at Son Robert's Wedding

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P134. Alec C.1946-7
P134. Alexander D Gregg C.1947-8

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P136. Alec Gregg(Far Left), Archie Gregg(Far Right), McPheely's & Oliver's 1958 Felixstowe
P136. Alec Gregg Archie Gregg, McPheely's & Oliver's 1958 Felixstowe

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P137. Margeret Gregg(Perry) & son Alec  Skiffle Musicians! C.1958
P137. Margaret Gregg(Perry) & son Alec - Skiffle Musicians! C.1958-9

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P138. Margaret Gregg(Perry) 1962 with son Alec
P138. Margaret Gregg(Perry) 1962 with son Alec

Click to View Enlarged Picture Margaret [Perry] Gregg 1956
P. Margaret Gregg (Perry) 1956
World War II eventually ended in 1945, leaving Europe and many other parts of the world in ruins. The family remained in Ipswich where Dad died suddenly on November 4 1955, a relatively young man aged only 56 years. A post-mortem was carried out because of the suddenness of death. The report revealed the cause of death to be Coronary Thrombosis and Artheroma.

aged 49, was entitled to a State Widows Pension - all of 10 shillings a week. That equates to 50 new-pence in present day British decimal currency.

Consequently, she needed to work hard to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Click to View Enlarged Picture Margaret [Perry] Gregg 1956
P104. Robert Paton Gregg Death Cert 1955

During the 1950's, women's wages were usually less than 50% of that earned by men, and Mum went out to three regular jobs. Early mornings she worked as a school cleaner, and in the daytime she worked in the bottle sterilising plant of a local dairy. Her evenings were taken up in restaurants where she worked late hours to further supplement her income.
Click to View Enlarged Picture Margaret [Perry] Gregg 1980's
P22. Margaret Gregg (Perry) 1980's
By the 1960's Mum, with my sister Margaret, had established a successful company, catering for outside functions such as weddings and banquets. They made a reasonable living from this for a number years, and from time to time we all chipped in with our sleeves rolled-up.

Having achieved a good and long life Margaret finally passed away from 'Old age and Bronchopneumonia' at Crabbe Street Nursing Home, Ipswich on 10July 1995. She was in her 89th year, and to date (2012), has been the longest surviving member of my direct family, other than Agnes Currie[P440] who survived to be 90 years old; and lived from 1766 to 1855. Robert and Margaret Gregg are laid to rest at Ipswich Lawn Cemetery, plot numbered 'UB 210' in the register of purchased graves, and on the plan of the said cemetery.
Click to View Enlarged Picture Margaret Gregg Death Cert 1995 P99. Margaret Gregg Death Cert 1995


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Margaret Gregg and Grand-daughter Alexandra Gregg 1984
P101. 1984 Margaret Gregg and Grand-daughter Alexandra Victoria Gregg

At the latest update of this publication [January2012]

Children of Robert Paton Gregg and Margaret Perry:
Margaret, Robert, Archibald and Alexander.

Lesley, Susan and  Deborah Oliver. Lisa and  Mark Gregg. Robert and Donna Gregg. Teresa, Robert and Alexandra Gregg.

Harrison and Rhianna Jones. Catriona Stoodley. Charlotte Swann. Spencer and Jessica Gregg. Michael, David and Daniel Pollard. Hollie, Connor, Ellie and Harry Gregg. (Harry is currently [2012] the youngest male Gregg in his family line). Imogen, Lewis and Kira Fletcher. Bradley and Tayler Smith. Connie and James Gregg. James[P1867] is currently [2012] the youngest male Gregg my family line. See: His Ancestral Tree

Baby Isobelle born 28 Feb 2008
to Harrison Jones & Michelle.
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P129. 1991 Margaret Gregg 85th Birthday. [P534]
P117. 1991 Margaret Gregg 85th Birthday [P534]

Click to View Enlarged Picture
P129. 1991 Margaret Gregg 85th Birthday. [P534]
P93. Margaret Gregg(Perry) Christmas 1994. Crabbe Street with son Alec [P534]
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P116. Robert Paton Gregg and Margaret Gregg grave.
P116. Robert Paton Gregg and Margaret Gregg grave.

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Darvel Juniors Football Team 1967 - from Pictorial History of Darvel - By James Mair - Alloway Publishing Darvel Ayrshire  -  from Pictorial History of Darvel - By James Mair - Alloway Publishing Darvel Ayrshire
P19. Matthew Gregg[P564] 1964 - Far right

P19. This picture of the Darvel Juniors Football Team, a semi-professional club and was taken in 1967. On the far right is the Club Secretary. He is Matthew Gregg[P564]
son to Matthew Gregg and Margaret Doyle, and elder brother to Robert Paton Gregg. Robert had played for this Club some 50 years earlier. Football involvement was obviously popular in the Gregg family.



TIMELINE 1899 to 1995  [and Additionally to date]
1899 : Invention of first tape recorder by V Poulsen

1899 : Introduction of aspirin by Felix Hoffman
Wednesday April 19 1899 : Birth date of
[P1610] Agnes Paton DUNLOP
Wednesday July 12 1899 : Birth date of
October 1899 : Start of Boer War
1900 : Invention of rigid airship by von Zeppelin
1900 : Invention of agricultural tractor by B Holt
August 1900 : Boxer rebellion in Peking
1901 : Birth date of
[P899] Alexander Frederick PERRY
1901 : First successful safety razor sold by K Gillette
Tuesday January 22 1901 : End of reign of Queen Victoria
Wednesday January 23 1901 : Start of reign of Edward VII
1902 : Birth date of
[P902] Archibald PERRY
ABT 1902 : Birth date of
[P1614] Terence DUNLOP
EST 1902 : Marriage date of [F162] -
[P510] Alan CARSWELL = [P509] Mary Thompson GREGG
EST 1902 : Marriage date of [F168] -
[P522] John(2) DOYLE[DALE] = [P523] Emily Rosina RICKETTS
Saturday April 5 1902 : 20 killed as terracing collapses at Ibrox Park
Monday April 14 1902 : Birth date of
[P568] Isabella GREIG
Sunday June 1 1902 : End of Boer War
1903 : Birth date of
[P897] Jessie WHITELAW
EST 1903 : Marriage date of [F311] -
[P1032] William WILSON = [P559] Agnes GREGG
1903 : Birth date of
[P847] Evelyn DALE
1903 : Birth date of
[P891] Matthew RICHMOND
Monday October 5 1903 : Death date of
EST 1904 : Birth date of
[P1033] Robert WILSON
Friday November 18 1904 : Death date of
Tuesday December 27 1904 : Death date of
[P508] Jane HOPKINS
1905 : Birth date of
[P848] James DALE
January 1905 : Burial date of
[P508] Jane HOPKINS
Wednesday October 4 1905 : Convicted Suffragettes choose to go to prison
Sunday December 10 1905 : Christening date of
1906 : Wassermann test for syphilis developed
EST 1906 : Marriage date of [F312] -
[P560] Thomas GREGG = [P1041] Mrs Elizabeth [F312] GREGG
EST 1906 : Birth date of
[P1034] Matthew WILSON
Tuesday April 10 1906 : Birth date of
1907 : Birth date of
[P849] Gladys DALE
1907 : Albert Einstein postulates "E=mc²" theory
EST 1908 : Birth date of
[P1035] William WILSON
1909 : Birth date of
[P850] Elsie DALE
Thursday November 25 1909 : Death date of
[P511] Catherine Seaton GREGG
Wednesday December 22 1909 : Death date of
1910 : Invention of first synthetic plastic, Bakelite
EST 1910 : Birth date of
[P1042] Matthew GREGG
EST 1910 : Birth date of
[P1036] Robert(2) WILSON
Friday May 6 1910 : End of reign of Edward VII
Saturday May 7 1910 : Start of reign of George V
Sunday July 31 1910 : Radio used to arrest Dr Crippen fleeing to Quebec
Sunday August 14 1910 : Marriage date of [F481] -
[P903] Charles PERRY = [P1609] Elizabeth Jane GODFREY
1911 : E. Rutherford puts forward nuclear model of the atom
1911 : Birth date of
[P525] James Ralph PERRY
Tuesday January 3 1911 : Three policemen die in the Seige of Sidney Street
Tuesday March 7 1911 : Birth date of
[P1009] Harold George ALEN
Thursday August 31 1911 : Troops clash with strikers in north of England
EST 1912 : Birth date of
[P1037] Thomas WILSON
EST 1912 : Birth date of
[P1043] Thomas GREGG
Monday April 15 1912 : SS Titanic sinks with loss of 1513 lives
Thursday May 2 1912 : Birth date of
[P1010] Ileen Mary THOMPSON
Monday February 10 1913 : Capt. Scott found dead in Antarctica
Sunday April 20 1913 : Birth date of
[P524] Gertrude DALE
June 1913 : Suffragette dies under King's horse at Epsom
EST 1914 : Birth date of
[P1044] George GREGG
1914 : Invention of military tank by E Swinton
Sunday June 28 1914 : Austrian Archduke Ferdinand assassinated in Sarajevo
Tuesday July 28 1914 : Austria declares war on Serbia
Tuesday July 28 1914 : Start of World War I
Saturday August 1 1914 : Germany declares war on Russia
August 1914 : Battle of Tannenberg
Monday August 3 1914 : Germany declares war on France
Tuesday August 4 1914 : Britain declares war on Germany
Tuesday August 4 1914 : Germany invades Belgium
September 1914 : First Battle of the Marne
Sunday October 4 1914 : First bombs fall on London
1915 : Birth date of
[P851] John DALE
EST 1915 : Birth date of
[P1038] Margaret WILSON
February 1915 : Start of German submarine blockade of Britain
Thursday April 22 1915 : Germans first use of mustard gas at Ypres
Monday April 26 1915 : British land in Turkey
Friday May 7 1915 : SS Lusitania sunk by German submarine
Saturday May 22 1915 : 200 soldiers killed in train crash at Quintinshill
Monday September 6 1915 : Poland and Lithuania overrun by Germany
Thursday October 14 1915 : Britain and France declare war on Bulgaria
Monday December 20 1915 : British withdraw from Gallipoli
Friday December 31 1915 : Marriage date of [F280] -
[P564] Matthew Paton GREGG = [P898] Susan Muir SPIERS
EST 1916 : Birth date of
[P1045] William GREGG
ABT 1916 : Birth date of
[P1031] Matthew Paton GREGG
February 1916 : Battle of Verdun
Monday April 24 1916 : 450 die in Easter Rising in Dublin
Wednesday May 31 1916 : Battle of Jutland
Saturday July 1 1916 : Start of Battle of the Somme
Sunday August 27 1916 : Romainia declares war on Austria-Hungary
Wednesday November 15 1916 : End of Battle of the Somme
1917 : Birth date of
[P852] Kathleen DALE
Friday January 12 1917 : Marriage date of [F267] -
[P561] John GREGG = [P828] Elizabeth Campbell WILSON
Friday April 6 1917 : USA declares war on Germany
October 1917 : Start of Battle of Caporetto
Wednesday October 31 1917 : Birth date of
[P829] Leah Mitchell GREIG
December 1917 : End of Battle of Caporetto
Friday December 7 1917 : USA declares war on Austria-Hungary
Saturday December 15 1917 : Russian Bolsheviks now allies with Germany
1918 : Death date of
[P852] Kathleen DALE
Saturday March 9 1918 : Death date of
[P862] Jane Drennan WIGHTMAN
Thursday March 21 1918 : Start of German offensive
Monday April 1 1918 : Royal Air Force created
Saturday May 18 1918 : Sinn Féin banned and leaders arrested
July 1918 : Second Battle of the Marne
Thursday August 8 1918 : End of German offensive
Friday October 4 1918 : Germany offers surrender
Monday November 11 1918 : End of World War I
Monday November 11 1918 : Hostilities cease on Western Front
Saturday December 28 1918 : Women allowed to vote for the first time
1919 : Birth date of
[P853] Francis DALE
EST 1919 : Birth date of
[P1046] Margaret GREGG
March 1919 : Spanish flu kills 150,000 throughout Britain
Tuesday March 18 1919 : Death date of
[P523] Emily Rosina RICKETTS
Sunday December 28 1919 : Lloyd George becomes Prime Minister
EST 1920 : Birth date of
[P1039] Mary WILSON
January 1920 : Marriage date of [F424] -
[P867] William Wightman DOYLE = [P1368] Martha Jane MORRISON
Monday March 8 1920 : Birth date of
[P830] Margaret Dale(Doyle) GREIG
Thursday August 26 1920 : Birth date of
[P1369] Jane(Jeanie) DOYLE
Monday October 18 1920 : State of emergency declared as miners strike
Sunday November 21 1920 : "Bloody Sunday" - 12 Irish killed by the Black and Tans
EST 1921 : Birth date of
[P1047] Elizabeth GREGG
1921 : Death date of
[P843] Asey DOYLE
Tuesday December 6 1921 : Irish Free State created
1922 : Banting and MacLeod isolate human insulin
Sunday February 26 1922 : Death date of
[P522] John(2) DOYLE[DALE]
BEF 1923 : Death date of
[P845] Catherine DOYLE
EST 1923 : Birth date of
[P576] Cyril PAGE
EST 1923 : Birth date of
[P1048] Nancy GREGG
1923 : Birth date of
[P817] Gladys MARDLE
Saturday January 6 1923 : Death date of
[P860] Esther DOYLE
Thursday February 1 1923 : Death date of
[P854] Peter DOYLE
Friday September 14 1923 : Marriage date of [F430] -
[P1747] David Bell FLEMING = [P1750] Catherine Doyle WHITING
Monday October 15 1923 : Birth date of
[P833] Matthew Paton GREIG
EST 1924 : Birth date of
[P575] Violet MILLER
1924 : Birth date of
[P816] Frederick W KEELING
Sunday January 27 1924 : Death date of
[P558] William GREGG
Wednesday April 23 1924 : First royal transmission by wireless
1925 : Birth date of
EST 1925 : Birth date of
[P1049] Anne GREGG
EST 1925 : Birth date of
[P1040] Agnes WILSON
1926 : Invention of the liquid-fuelled rocket by R Goddard
1926 : First demonstration of television by J L Baird
Monday May 10 1926 : TUC calls first General Strike
Monday October 4 1926 : Birth date of
[P831] Helen Wilson GREIG
Tuesday October 4 1927 : Birth date of
[P533] Leslie Harold OLIVER
1928 : Birth date of
[P894] Matthew Paton Gregg MCPHEELY
Saturday January 7 1928 : River Thames floods killing 14
Sunday September 30 1928 : Penicillin discovered by Alexander Fleming
Sunday January 6 1929 : Birth date of
[P832] Mary GREIG
Monday January 7 1929 : Death date of
[P832] Mary GREIG
Thursday January 10 1929 : Death date of
[P828] Elizabeth Campbell WILSON
Wednesday June 5 1929 : Marriage date of [F171] -
Thursday November 21 1929 : Birth date of
[P532] Margaret GREGG
EST 1930 : Birth date of
[P834] Mary M WILSON
Saturday May 24 1930 : Amy Johnson flies solo to Australia
Sunday October 5 1930 : Airship R101 crashes in France killing 48
Monday March 30 1931 : Birth date of
[P534] Robert GREGG
Monday October 19 1931 : Marriage date of [F297] -
[P1009] Harold George ALEN = [P1010] Ileen Mary THOMPSON
Friday February 12 1932 : Whipping of children under 14 is banned
Thursday April 21 1932 : Birth date of
[P535] Daphne ALEN
Friday September 30 1932 : Unemployment reaches 25%
1934 : Invention of first practical radar by Watson-Watt
1934 : Birth date of
[P892] Margaret Doyle RICHMOND
Friday January 26 1934 : Death date of
Monday January 29 1934 : Burial date of
Friday September 21 1934 : 262 killed in blast at Gresford colliery
Monday March 18 1935 : Thousands protest in Wales at "means test"
1936 : Sir Frank Whittle invents the jet engine
1936 : Invention of helicopter by H Focke
Monday January 20 1936 : End of reign of George V
Tuesday January 21 1936 : Start of reign of Edward VIII
Wednesday November 11 1936 : Jarrow Crusade reaches London
Thursday December 10 1936 : Edward VIII abdicates
Thursday December 10 1936 : End of reign of Edward VIII
Friday December 11 1936 : Start of reign of George VI
Thursday January 28 1937 : Death date of
[P509] Mary Thompson GREGG
Friday May 28 1937 : Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister
Saturday August 21 1937 : Birth date of
[P1503] David Reid GREIG
1938 : Discovery of nuclear fission by Hahn and Strassmann
Monday July 11 1938 : Last British troops leave Eire
Saturday December 31 1938 : Marriage date of [F169] -
[P525] James Ralph PERRY = [P524] Gertrude DALE
1939 : Birth date of
[P530] Rose Margaret PERRY
EST 1939 : Birth date of
[P1506] Norah GILMOUR
Friday August 25 1939 : IRA bomb Coventry killing 5
Friday September 1 1939 : Germany invades Poland
September 1939 : Children evacuated from London and major cities
Sunday September 3 1939 : Start of World War II
Sunday September 3 1939 : Britain and France declare war on Germany
Friday September 22 1939 : Marriage date of [F426] -
[P1370] Robert SAVAGE = [P1369] Jane(Jeanie) DOYLE
Sunday December 17 1939 : the Graf Spee scuttled off Montevideo
ABT 1940 : Death date of
Friday May 10 1940 : Churchill takes over as Prime Minister
Friday May 10 1940 : Germany invades Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg
Sunday May 12 1940 : Germany invades France
Friday May 17 1940 : Birth date of
[P536] Archibald Perry GREGG
Sunday May 26 1940 : Allied evacuation from Dunkirk begins
Friday May 31 1940 : Christening date of
[P536] Archibald Perry GREGG
Monday June 10 1940 : Italy declares war on France and Britain
Monday June 10 1940 : Italy invades France
Friday June 14 1940 : Germans enter Paris unopposed
Saturday June 22 1940 : France surrenders to Germany
Thursday November 14 1940 : Coventry bombed
EST 1941 : Birth date of
[P1371] William Wightman Doyle SAVAGE
Thursday April 17 1941 : Yugoslavia surrenders to Germany
Sunday April 27 1941 : British leave Greece
Sunday June 22 1941 : Germany attacks Russia
Thursday August 14 1941 : Britain and USA 'issue' Atlantic Charter
Monday November 3 1941 : Birth date of
[P585] Terry Roderick STOODLEY
Sunday December 7 1941 : Japan attack USA at Pearl Harbour
Thursday December 11 1941 : Britain and USA declare war on Japan
Thursday December 11 1941 : Germany and Italy declare war on USA
Sunday February 15 1942 : British surrender Singapore to Japanese
Thursday April 9 1942 : USA surrenders Bataan peninsula to Japanese
Wednesday May 6 1942 : USA surrenders Corregidor Island to Japanese
Wednesday June 10 1942 : Lidice, Czechoslovakia razed by Germans
Sunday November 8 1942 : British and US troops land in North Africa
1943 : Birth date of
[P531] Betty Lynda PERRY
Thursday January 14 1943 : Casablanca conference
Monday February 1 1943 : Germans surrender at Stalingrad
Tuesday February 23 1943 : Birth date of
[P1051] James Paton GREIG
Wednesday May 12 1943 : War in Africa ends
Sunday July 25 1943 : Mussolini deposed
Friday September 3 1943 : Allies land in Italy
Wednesday September 8 1943 : Italy surrenders
Friday September 10 1943 : Germans take Rome
Monday November 22 1943 : Cairo conference
Sunday November 28 1943 : Teheran Conference
Saturday January 22 1944 : British and US troops land at Anzio
Saturday January 29 1944 : Birth date of
Sunday February 20 1944 : Christening date of
Wednesday May 31 1944 : Birth date of
Sunday June 4 1944 : British and US troops enter Rome
Friday August 25 1944 : Paris liberated
Friday October 13 1944 : Athens liberated
Friday October 20 1944 : USA invades Philippines
Saturday December 16 1944 : Battle of the Bulge
Friday February 9 1945 : Birth date of
[P1810] Margaret Jean GREGG
Sunday February 11 1945 : Yalta agreement
Saturday April 28 1945 : Mussolini killed at Lake Como
Tuesday May 1 1945 : Hitler's suicide announced
Wednesday May 2 1945 : Berlin falls
Monday May 7 1945 : VE Day. Germany surrenders
Tuesday July 17 1945 : Potsdam conference
Monday August 6 1945 : USA drops atom bomb on Hiroshima
Wednesday August 8 1945 : USSR declares war on Japan
Thursday August 9 1945 : USA drops atom bomb on Nagasaki
Tuesday August 14 1945 : Japan surrenders
Sunday September 2 1945 : VJ Day. Japanese sign surrender aboard USS Missouri
Sunday September 2 1945 : End of World War II
Saturday December 29 1945 : Birth date of
[P1689] Margaret Turner PARKER
February 1946 : 50,000 "GI brides" shipped out to the USA
Monday September 2 1946 : Birth date of
[P1011] Wendy ALEN
December 1946 : Fuel and food shortages continue
Tuesday April 15 1947 : Birth date of
[P537] Maureen MACLEOD
Thursday August 14 1947 : Birth date of
[P538] Vera Eva STANDING
Thursday November 20 1947 : Princess Elizabeth marries the Duke of Edinburgh
Thursday January 1 1948 : Railways nationalised
EST 1948 : Birth date of
[P813] Valerie PAGE
Monday June 28 1948 : Troops break dockers' strike
December 1948 : Labour government constructs "Welfare State"
Tuesday March 15 1949 : Clothes rationing ends
Monday April 18 1949 : Eire becomes Republic of Ireland
Monday August 22 1949 : Death date of
[P867] William Wightman DOYLE
Saturday October 15 1949 : Death date of
[P844] Isabella(2) DOYLE
Friday November 4 1949 : Death date of
[P1729] Charles WHITING
ABT 1950 : Albert Einstein puts forward theories of relativity
Wednesday June 28 1950 : Royal Navy enters Korean War
Saturday August 5 1950 : Marriage date of [F172] -
[P533] Leslie Harold OLIVER = [P532] Margaret GREGG
Monday December 25 1950 : Stone of Destiny taken from Westminster Abbey
1951 : Death date of
[P842] Rachael DOYLE
Thursday May 31 1951 : Death date of
Thursday June 7 1951 : Soviet spies Burgess and MacLean disappear
EST 1952 : Birth date of
[P814] Rhonda PAGE
Wednesday February 6 1952 : End of reign of George VI
Thursday February 7 1952 : Start of reign of Elizabeth II
Friday February 8 1952 : Birth date of
[P577] Lesley Anne OLIVER
Monday November 24 1952 : "Mousetrap" opens in London
Thursday December 11 1952 : Derek Bentley sentenced to hang
1953 : Discovery of measles vaccine by Enders and Peebles
Saturday January 31 1953 : Ferry Princess Victoria sinks in the Irish Sea
Sunday February 1 1953 : Birth date of
[P1621] Christine KEELING
Sunday February 1 1953 : Birth date of
Tuesday February 3 1953 : Hundreds die as East Coast is flooded
Saturday May 30 1953 : Edmund Hillary reaches the top of Mount Everest
Tuesday July 14 1953 : Birth date of
[P578] Susan Margaret OLIVER
Sunday July 19 1953 : Birth date of
[P584] Steven JONES
1954 : Discovery of first polio vaccine by J E Salk
May 1954 : "Teddy Boys" appear
Saturday July 3 1954 : Rationing ends
Friday January 7 1955 : Death date of
[P561] John GREGG
Friday May 27 1955 : Death date of
[P510] Alan CARSWELL
Wednesday July 13 1955 : Ruth Ellis is the last woman to be hanged
Saturday August 27 1955 : Marriage date of [F173] -
[P534] Robert GREGG = [P535] Daphne ALEN
Friday November 4 1955 : Death date of
EST 1956 : Marriage date of [F392] -
[P1503] David Reid GREIG = [P1506] Norah GILMOUR
EST 1956 : Birth date of
[P815] Adrian PAGE
Wednesday October 31 1956 : Britain invades Suez
Monday January 21 1957 : Birth date of
[P1693] Thomas GREIG
Thursday October 17 1957 : Air borne radiation leaks from Windscale nuclear plant
November 1957 : First motorway in Britain, M1 opens
1958 : Birth date of
[P586] William SWAN
Thursday February 6 1958 : 7 members of Manchester United die in plane crash
Friday March 28 1958 : Birth date of
[P1694] Margaret GREIG
1959 : Death date of
[P1747] David Bell FLEMING
Sunday December 6 1959 : Birth date of
[P587] Richard POLLARD
1960 : Birth date of
[P836] Elizabeth Ann GREIG
1960 : Birth date of
[P889] Neil HEAD
Monday November 28 1960 : Birth date of
[P579] Deborah Jayne OLIVER
Saturday December 31 1960 : National Service abolished
Thursday January 26 1961 : Death date of
[P1693] Thomas GREIG
Thursday October 26 1961 : Birth date of
[P1695] David GREIG
Tuesday October 2 1962 : Birth date of
[P580] Lisa Michelle GREGG
1963 : Birth date of
[P835] Linda Helen GREIG
Wednesday March 27 1963 : Dr Beeching proposes cutting 25% of rail lines
Wednesday June 5 1963 : John Profumo resigns after sex scandal
Monday November 4 1963 : The Beatles appear in the Royal Variety Show
Wednesday February 12 1964 : Death date of
[P901] Marion Fletcher PERRY
Saturday February 15 1964 : Burial date of
[P901] Marion Fletcher PERRY
Thursday March 12 1964 : Birth date of
[P590] Andrea MARSHALL
Tuesday July 28 1964 : Birth date of
[P1690] Robert Parker GREIG
Monday November 30 1964 : Death date of
[P898] Susan Muir SPIERS
Wednesday December 9 1964 : Birth date of
[P1703] Allison PATON
Monday December 21 1964 : Death penalty abolished in Britain
Sunday April 4 1965 : Birth date of
[P581] Mark Robert GREGG
Saturday September 18 1965 : Marriage date of [F176] -
Thursday October 28 1965 : Brady and Hindley charged with Moors Murders
Friday January 28 1966 : Birth date of
Friday June 3 1966 : Birth date of
[P1691] Elaine Paton GREIG
Friday July 22 1966 : Birth date of
[P588] Angela Louise LAWRENCE
Friday October 21 1966 : 144 die in Aberfan as coal bing buries school
Saturday November 5 1966 : Marriage date of [F174] -
[P536] Archibald Perry GREGG = [P537] Maureen MACLEOD
1967 : Emergence of Flower Power
Wednesday January 4 1967 : Birth date of
[P1677] Kenneth John MCLEAN
Tuesday February 14 1967 : Birth date of
[P1706] Fiona GILMOUR
Thursday May 18 1967 : Birth date of
Saturday September 30 1967 : Birth date of
[P582] Robert Roderick GREGG
Friday December 1 1967 : Death date of
[P560] Thomas GREGG
Tuesday November 5 1968 : Birth date of
[P589] Simon James FLETCHER
Wednesday January 8 1969 : Birth date of
[P554] Cameron SMITH
Wednesday March 5 1969 : London gangsters the Kray twins sentenced to life
Saturday March 21 1970 : Birth date of
[P583] Donna Michelle GREGG
Thursday May 7 1970 : Birth date of
[P1625] Deborah Jane FLINT
Tuesday December 15 1970 : Death date of
[P568] Isabella GREIG
1971 : Death date of
[P902] Archibald PERRY
Saturday January 2 1971 : 66 die when barriers collapse at Ibrox Park
Monday February 15 1971 : British currency goes decimal
Tuesday May 18 1971 : Birth date of
[P1643] Gillian GREIG
Saturday January 22 1972 : Britain joins the EEC
Sunday January 30 1972 : 13 shot in another Bloody Sunday in Derry
February 1972 : Miners strike leads to power cuts
Friday May 26 1972 : Death date of
[P1609] Elizabeth Jane GODFREY
Friday December 8 1972 : Death date of
[P564] Matthew Paton GREGG
Thursday March 8 1973 : IRA begins mainland bombing
Monday December 17 1973 : Three day week introduced
1974 : Death date of
[P899] Alexander Frederick PERRY
Sunday January 20 1974 : Death date of
[P565] James GREGG
Tuesday November 12 1974 : Lord Lucan escapes and disappears
ABT 1975 : Death date of
[P1610] Agnes Paton DUNLOP
Friday July 11 1975 : Inflation reaches 25%
Saturday November 8 1975 : Birth date of
[P1692] James Paton GREIG
1976 : Divorce date of [F174] -
[P536] Archibald Perry GREGG = [P537] Maureen MACLEOD
Wednesday March 24 1976 : Divorce date of [F176] -
Tuesday March 30 1976 : Death date of
[P1368] Martha Jane MORRISON
August 1976 : Drought causes water shortages
1977 : Death date of
[P1750] Catherine Doyle WHITING
Saturday April 2 1977 : Red Rum wins the Grand National for the third time
May 1978 : Death date of
[P525] James Ralph PERRY
Saturday May 13 1978 : Marriage date of [F175] -
[P536] Archibald Perry GREGG = [P538] Vera Eva STANDING
Saturday May 27 1978 : Marriage date of [F499] -
[P1699] William LAW = [P1694] Margaret GREIG
Wednesday December 13 1978 : Jeremy Thorpe, MP charged with incitement to murder
January 1979 : "Winter of Discontent" causes chaos
Friday May 4 1979 : Margaret Thatcher becomes first woman Prime Minister
Sunday September 2 1979 : Yorkshire Ripper claims 12th victim
Monday May 5 1980 : SAS storms Iranian embassy in London
July 1981 : Riots break out in 8 inner city areas
1982 : Death date of
[P847] Evelyn DALE
Sunday March 28 1982 : Death date of
[P891] Matthew RICHMOND
Friday April 2 1982 : Argentina invades Falkland Islands
Monday June 14 1982 : British troops regain control of Falklands
1983 : Death date of
[P850] Elsie DALE
Friday April 8 1983 : Death date of
[P897] Jessie WHITELAW
Saturday June 11 1983 : Marriage date of [F189] -
[P587] Richard POLLARD = [P580] Lisa Michelle GREGG
Tuesday August 30 1983 : Birth date of
[P1700] Michael Adam LAW
Sunday September 25 1983 : 134 IRA prisoners escape from the Maze prison
1984 : Death date of
[P848] James DALE
Thursday February 16 1984 : Birth date of
May 1984 : Coal strikes crushed by riot police
Friday October 12 1984 : IRA bombs Tory conference in Brighton
Sunday November 4 1984 : Christening date of
Saturday May 11 1985 : 40 killed as fire destroys Bradford City stand
Tuesday October 8 1985 : Birth date of
[P1701] Suzanne Louise LAW
Thursday January 16 1986 : Death date of
[P533] Leslie Harold OLIVER
Thursday September 4 1986 : Death date of
[P1050] Nellie SPROAT
Friday September 12 1986 : Birth date of
[P1702] Steven LAW
Monday July 20 1987 : Birth date of
[P883] Harrison JONES
Friday October 16 1987 : Hurricane hits southern England
Wednesday November 18 1987 : 30 die in King's Cross Underground fire
Wednesday July 6 1988 : North sea oil rig Piper Alpha explodes
Thursday August 4 1988 : Birth date of
[P879] Michael John POLLARD
Thursday December 22 1988 : Pan Am jumbo jet explodes over Lockerbie killing 270
Friday February 3 1989 : Birth date of
[P884] Rhianna JONES
Sunday March 26 1989 : Birth date of
[P878] David Jones POLLARD
Saturday April 15 1989 : 94 football fans crushed to death at Hillsborough
Sunday May 7 1989 : Marriage date of [F500] -
[P1695] David GREIG = [P1703] Allison PATON
Monday May 22 1989 : Birth date of
September 1989 : Thousands of Scots elect not to pay new Poll Tax
Thursday October 19 1989 : "Guildford Four" released from prison
1990 : Birth date of
[P890] Sarah HEAD
Saturday March 10 1990 : Birth date of
[P1698] Paul William SURGEON
Saturday June 2 1990 : Marriage date of [F461] -
[P1710] James Nimmo PATON = [P1691] Elaine Paton GREIG
August 1990 : Death date of
[P524] Gertrude DALE
Thursday August 23 1990 : British and US troop build-up in Persian Gulf
Thursday January 17 1991 : Operation "Desert Storm" defeats Iraq
Thursday February 7 1991 : Downing Street hit by IRA mortar bomb
Thursday March 14 1991 : "Birmingham Six" released from prison
Saturday May 25 1991 : Birth date of
[P880] Daniel Robert POLLARD
Thursday June 20 1991 : Birth date of
[P882] Catriona Margaret Bridie STOODLEY
Saturday August 17 1991 : Marriage date of [F188] -
[P586] William SWAN = [P579] Deborah Jayne OLIVER
Thursday October 17 1991 : Birth date of
[P591] Spencer Ryan GREGG
Friday December 27 1991 : Birth date of
Thursday February 27 1992 : Birth date of
[P1704] David Abraham GREIG
Friday June 5 1992 : Marriage date of [F492] -
[P1690] Robert Parker GREIG = [P1706] Fiona GILMOUR
1993 : Death date of
[P817] Gladys MARDLE
Saturday June 12 1993 : Marriage date of [F191] -
[P589] Simon James FLETCHER = [P583] Donna Michelle GREGG
Monday August 9 1993 : Birth date of
[P1711] Charles PATON
Wednesday January 26 1994 : Birth date of
[P881] Charlotte SWAN
Thursday October 6 1994 : Birth date of
[P1712] Kimberley PATON
Friday October 7 1994 : Birth date of
[P1705] Devlin Ann GREIG
Monday July 10 1995 : Death date of
Wednesday July 19 1995 : Burial date of
Friday July 21 1995 : Birth date of
[P592] Jessica GREGG
September 1995 : Britain hit by worst drought for over 250 years

SINCE 1995
1996 : Death date of [P1059] Donald Vernon STORMS
1996 : Death date of
[P851] John DALE
1996 : Death date of
[P1009] Harold George ALEN
1996 : Death date of
[P831] Helen Wilson GREIG
February 1996 : Major oil spill from "Sea Empress" at Milford Haven
Tuesday 2 April 1996 : Birth date of
[P1556] Imogen Hope FLETCHER
Monday 30 December 1996 : Marriage date of [F190] -
[P582] Robert Roderick GREGG = [P588] Angela Louise LAWRENCE
1997 : Death date of
[P1051] James Paton GREIG
1997 : Death date of
January 1997 : Death date of
[P1010] Ileen Mary THOMPSON
Sunday 16 March 1997 : Birth date of
[P877] Lewis James Roderick FLETCHER
Sunday 11 May 1997 : Birth date of
[P1713] Cloe GREIG
Sunday 11 May 1997 : Birth date of
[P1714] Lauren GREIG
Saturday 6 September 1997 : Funeral of Diana Princess of Wales held in London
Friday 19 September 1997 : Birth date of
[P885] Hollie Louise GREGG
June 1998 : Death date of
[P834] Mary M WILSON
March 1999 : Death date of
[P829] Leah Mitchell GREIG
Thursday 29 April 1999 : Death date of
[P1964] Grace Holland HIGHET
Thursday 1 July 1999 : After 292 years Scotland again has its own parliament
Monday 2 August 1999 : Birth date of
[P1696] Tammy Louise MCLEAN
Tuesday 27 June 2000 : Birth date of [P1555] Connor Macleod GREGG
Monday 2 October 2000 : Death date of
[P894] Matthew Paton Gregg MCPHEELY
November 2000 : Heavy rain causes worst flooding since records began
2001 : Marriage date of [F472] -
[P1557] Graham GARTON = [P579] Deborah Jayne OLIVER
February 2001 : Foot and mouth disease closes UK countryside
Tuesday 5 June 2001 : Birth date of
[P1708] Paton GREIG
2002 : Death date of
[P816] Frederick W KEELING
Thursday 21 February 2002 : Birth date of
[P1697] Lori Margaret MCLEAN
Saturday 30 March 2002 : Queen Mother dies aged 101
Tuesday 5 November 2002 : Birth date of
[P1709] Kalib James GREIG
2003 : Death date of
[P895] James MCPHEELY
Friday 1 August 2003 : Marriage date of [F497] -
[P1677] Kenneth John MCLEAN = [P1643] Gillian GREIG
Monday 6 October 2003 : Birth date of
Friday 3 December 2004 : Birth date of
[P1830] Ellie Elizabeth GREGG
Saturday 28 May 2005 : Birth date of
Friday 16 September 2005 : Birth date of
[P930] Kira Imogen FLETCHER
Friday 7 July 2006 : Marriage date of [F192] -
[P581] Mark Robert GREGG = [P590] Andrea Jane MARSHALL
2007 : Death date of
[P1607] Alexander Frederick PERRY
January 2008 : Death date of
[P1604] George PERRY
Wednesday 30 January 2008 : Burial date of
[P1604] George PERRY
Thursday 28 February 2008: Birth date of
Isobelle JONES
Friday 4 July 2008 : Marriage date of
Sep 2008 : Emerging global financial crisis plunges UK into recession
10 Sep 2008 : The LHC particle accelerator at CERN begins test runs
14 Jun 2009 : First death in UK from Swine Flu virus
30 Jun 2009 : Marriage date of [F1] - [P539] ALEXANDER DOYLE GREGG = [P306] Caroline Wairimu WARUE
Jul 2009 : The largest ever Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard is found in Staffordshi
10 Mar 2010 : Death date of [P833] Matthew Paton GREIG
14 Aug 2010 : Marriage date of [F552] - [P582] Robert Roderick GREGG = [P1988] Victoria Elizabeth EASTLAUGH
Tuesday 29 November 2011: [P1993] Harry David GREGG
Sunday 15 Jun 2014 : Birth date of [P2215] MATTHEW DOMINIC GREGG
Wednesday 25 Feb 2015 : Death date of [P536] Archibald Perry GREGG
Monday 23 Mar 2015 : Burial date of [P536] Archibald Perry GREGG
25 Aug 2016 : Birth date of [P2379] WILLIAM ARCHIE PERRY GREGG


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