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1791 - 1866

F146 ]

The Old Parish Church records for Tarbolton in Ayrshire, reveal John Gregg's[P457] baptism to have been on the 14 January 1798. In that same year a great Typhus epidemic spread throughout Britain killing thousands of people, and yet more were dying in the Anglo-French wars.

The Old Parish Records for TARBOLTON read: ' John Gregg lawful son to William Gregg and Agnes Currie in Tarbolton baptised 14th January 1798'.

John was fourth of six children in his family, and was the first child in our family to have been born at Tarbolton. This would be the birthplace of nearly all his descendants for the following 100 years. He was my Great-Great Grandfather.

Born during the reign of King George III, John would have grown up to hear of the current military events of the day, such as the American War of Independence of 1812, Nelsons death at Trafalgar, Wellingtons victories in Europe and Napoleons defeat at Waterloo in 1815.

In his teens he may have ridden on the first bicycles, invented by Sauerbronn. He was no doubt also intrigued at the invention of the phosphorous match. As a working man, he may well have been subjected to the payment of Income Tax, which was first introduced into Great Britain during his time.

Being one of four brothers, John was the only one to perpetuate the family name. His elder brothers William(1)[P487] b. Dec 1793 died in infancy, and records for his brother James[P463] b.17 Jul 1798 tell us only that he 'died abroad'. Perhaps this was in the European or American wars of the period, or did he 'go west' like so many of his countrymen to the Californian and Klondike gold rushes. This is a story we have yet to unfold.

His younger brother, another William[P475] born March1800 did not marry. He died in 1879 aged 79. However, we do have record referring to a child named Janet Norton Gregg, born at Cunningham Road Tarbolton on the 11 January 1864. The mother was Agnes Norton[P457] a dressmaker. Birth certificate details describe the father to have been one William Gregg, silk weaver, of Tarbolton, and as far as I can ascertain, there were only two men of this name living in Tarbolton at the time. Should the child's father indeed have been a member of this Gregg family, and bear in mind that this William was aged 64 at the time, then the other candidate was his nephew William[P489], son to John Gregg[P457] and Jean Gibson[P458]. Yet young William was married at the time to Agnes Paton, and already three children to his own marriage. The facts of the
story remain a mystery and leave the answers open to conjecture.

Photo 33 : CLICK HERE TO SEE ENLARGEMENT [60K] is an engraving depicting a scene in Tarbolton about 1775, a few years before John and Jean were born. From it, we can take a brief glimpse of life as it may have been in their time. The town is set in the heart of Ayrshire and towering above the tree-lined streets of this busy scene is the steeple of the old Tarbolton Church. In the very grounds of that church lay the remains of many of our ancestors. To the left of the picture are the local town-folk assembled in front of the stone-built houses, perhaps watching the local dignitaries in procession - centre picture. Centre-right a band is assembled(possibly military). To the far right appears to be a shepherd's family perhaps just passing through, or visiting town to watch the pageantry and join in the celebrations. Under the trees can be seen two adults and a child astride one horse, taking advantage of their elevation to view the proceedings.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the day can be noted the style of dress worn in the period. The men folk can be seen wearing the triangular shaped hats and others sport the wide brimmed flattop hats. A few men have the traditional kilt, but in general, they are wearing knee length breeches, which had been in fashion throughout Europe since the early 1600s, lasting for about 200 years. Long legged trousers did not become fashionable until about 1810, some 35 years after the scene portrayed.

It is noteworthy to mention here that today's current style of long legged trousers has also been worn for around 200 years, and perhaps a change of fashion is impending. Will our Grandsons be wearing breeches and 'cod pieces' during their lifetime, or perhaps revert even to the 'smocks' and 'tights' that preceded the 1600's.

Attire for the women in the period of our picture is ankle length skirts and dresses, often with pinafore type fronts - shawls and flat slip-on type shoes. Headgear in the picture depicts traditional bonnets for the ladies.

At age 20, John Gregg married Jean Gibson[P458] a miller's daughter from Coylton. The marriage took place on 27 November 1818. Jean was the seventh and last child of Margaret Denholm[P460], and James Gibson[P459], who occupied the Mill o' Shiels water mill in Coylton. The mill is situated on the small river known as Coyle Water south of Ochiltree.

Sadly, Jean was never to have memories of her father. He died in December 1791, the very year she was born.

John and Jean named their first child James, most likely after her father, but neither this child nor Janet, their second, survived beyond their teens. Janet[P486] died aged only 15 on 13 January 1836, and James[P485] on 26 February 1840 aged 20. Although we are uncertain as to their ailment, we can surmise that it may have been due to the Asiatic Cholera ravaging Great Britain during the period. Thousands died as a direct result of the scourge, but many survivors, severely affected by the epidemic, also died in the years that followed.

The four remaining children of John and Jean Gregg survived to adulthood. Agnes[P487] born 1824 married Robert Jamieson[P488] in 1852, and Margaret[P490] born 1830 married David Paterson[P491] in 1853. The youngest daughter in this family was named Jean Denholm Gregg[P492], inheriting the 'Denholm' name from her maternal Grandmother. Born in 1834, Jean Gregg like her mother before was also to have little recollection of her own father, for John Gregg survived to only 42 years of age, and was buried at Tarbolton on the 17 July 1840.

John had inherited the 'Gregg Fiddle' from his father William [P439] and it was handed down to his son William [P489].

This must have been a great shock to his wife and family, having buried their son James only four months earlier, and aged only 20. Jean had lost two children and a husband all within four years.

Jean Gibson survived John by a further 26 years. She reached her mid 70's and died in February 1866. She experienced much personal pain and sadness in her life. Having never known her own father, the first two children of her marriage died at an early age, and her husband, seven years her younger, died in the prime of his life.

1841 census Montgomery Street Tarbolton:
Piece: SCT1841/619 Place: Tarbolton-Ayrshire Enumeration District: 6.  Civil Parish: Tarbolton Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: - Folio: 0 Page: 8. Address: Montgomerie Street
Surname First name(s) Sex Age Occupation Where Born
GREGG Jean      F 50 Pirn Winder Ayrshire
GREGG Agness F 15  Embroiderer Ayrshire
GREGG William M 13 Silk Handloom Weaver Ayrshire
GREGG Margt. F 8   Ayrshire
GREGG Jean F 5   Ayrshire

John Gregg had been dead for some months at the time of this census having died 1840 17th July aged 42 and son James died also that year in February aged 20.

1861 census Tarbolton:
Gregg M/S Gibson  Jean  head/widow 70 silk winder b. Coylton
Paterson Jane  grand-daughter 5   b. Tarbolton
Jamieson Jane grand-daughter 7 scholar  b. Tarbolton

In August 1855 her young daughter Jean Denholm Gregg, aged 21, produced a child out of wedlock. Jeanie D. probably raised the child in her mother's home, for she did not marry until 1867, the year following Jean Gibson's death. She married George Sillars[P494] in 1867 and we have record of their residence at James Street Tarbolton. Alas Jean Denholm Gregg also lived only a short life, and died aged 48 on 1 May 1881 at Tarbolton.

This entire generation of the Gregg family seems to have lived through a most difficult period in history, a time of enormous struggle for survival.

Jean Gibson's life seems to have been tragic. Her father [a miller at Mill O'Sheils Coylton] died aged about 40 in 1791 the same year Jean was born. Her daughter Janet died age 15 in 1836 and son James died in February 1840. That same year Jean's husband John Gregg died in July 1840 age 42 leaving her with 4 young children. Jeans youngest daughter also named Jean had an illegitimate child at age 19 in 1855. However, Jean Gibson survived until she was 75 of age and died on 3 February 1866 at her address 10 James Street Tarbolton Ayrshire

Children of John and Jean
James[P485] born 1819, Janet[P486] born 1821, Agnes[P487] born 1824, William[P489] born 1827, Margaret[P492] born 1830, and Jean Denholm[P492] born 1834

We received a nice email from Agnes Wilson of Ayrshire Sc. which adds some detail to the location in which John Gregg and Jean Gibson resided, and refers to our Gibson / Denholm links.

FROM: Agnes Wilson
DATE: 23 July 2001
SUBJECT: Re: Mill o'Shiel

Hi Alec
I came across your site whilst searching for possible connections to my own family (Gibson & Denholm have appeared in our tree but as yet I don't know what the connections are). Anyway family trees apart, my grandfather, a corn miller as was many of my ancestors, wrote articles on the corn mills of Ayrshire, the articles were published as a weekly series in our local newspaper. Besides both our ancestors probably being neighbours - mine were in Millmannoch Mill (fairly near to Mill o'Shiels) and probably being very loosely connected somewhere along the line. One of my g/fa's articles is on Mill o'Shiel, it doesn't mention your family - it only refers to George Anderson, miller in 1866. But I thought to might like to have an idea what my g/fa wrote about it, here's an excerpt:-

"When Robert the Bruce was reigning he tried to encourage tradesmen, merchants and farmers from the continent to settle in Scotland in an attempt to improve the country. A family of the name of Rankin, a Fleming, acquired the lands of Shiel.....Mill o'Shiel is one of the old mills, as it must have been in operation at a very early date. It may have been built shortly after Rankin acquired the lands of Shiel as the mill is marked on early maps. When it ceased to function it still had the wooden gears and the clay perforated kiln head. The weir was about three quarters of a mile up the river. The lade, in its course, was joined by what is now called Lane or Taglum burn, and also brought the water from Loch Shiel when that loch was in existence. The water power was good, as a retaining dam for collecting the water was close to the mill. One pair of Kameshill stones was in the mill, which did all the shelling of oats and finishing of oatmeal...."

The Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society published a compilation of the articles in a book, but also this article appeared the Ayrshire Post in 1944.

Hope you don't mind me sending you this but I thought you might to put a little more meat on the bones of your history.

All the best

Many thanks Agnes - Much appreciated.


An E-mail from Ann Nicholson 25 July 2001
FROM: Ann Nicholson
DATE: 25 July 2001
SUBJECT: Re: Jean Shaw/Gibson

Hi Alec

I thought you would enjoy this extract, there is also a chapter about our Jean Gibson in Ayrshire Village Sketches and Poems by David Mackie, published 1896, it gives a wonderful insight to Granny Gibson.  I have been trying to find more about the Denholm's for quite a while now without success.   Just a brief outline of our Jean Gibson's siblings, Henry married Agnes Gray.  Henry ran the post office and general store.  Children  : John was a Physician and Surgeon qualifying in Glasgow, he was the Tarbolton school teacher ( he was also the enumerator on the 1851 census).  Alexander and John were convicted of rioting and imprisoned, when they were released they and a group of other rioters appealed against their conviction.  They won and were given compensation, I am hoping that when in Ayr next week I will be able to track the items down and take hard copies. Alexander and John gave the money to Henry to help his business. I am also going to Edinburgh as I have finally tracked down the Kirk Sessions for Tarbolton, I am hoping these will answer a lot of questions.
The Gibson's are from my maternal line. With Scottish records being full of information I decided to do all the lines as far as I can.  This is proving most interesting. 
Hope all this makes sense.
Ann :-)

Ref.: Ayrshire Post 15th March 1897. (Ann Nicholson 25 July 2001)
Death of an Ayrshire Centenarian. Mrs Jean (Shaw)/Gibson.

We have to record of the death of Mrs John Gibson, Known as the Tarbolton centenarian, who was born at Lochmark, Parish of Stair on 15th December, 1785. Until quite recently she enjoyed comparatively sound health, though slightly deaf and feeble, Mrs Gibson was the wonder of the district, and like most centenarians had a retentive memory. She had the distinct recollection of leaving her birthplace when she was only four years of age, and of being conveyed to Glasgow by a carrier named David Allison. She stayed in the city with an uncle until she was ten years of age. The bustle of Glasgow had no attraction for little Jeannie Shaw, and she left for home, a distance of 35 miles. By this time, her parents had removed to Bridgend, in the parish of Coylton. For two years she stayed at this latter place, and then entered domestic service, in which she remained until her 24th year, when she was married at the farm of an uncle (Laigh Dalmore) to Mr John Gibson, coming thereafter to Blacklochans The couple had a family of eleven, - six sons and five daughters. About forty years ago Mr. Gibson died. In the little cottage at Blacklochans, she had lived for about eighty years. With one exception, her family grew to manhood and womanhood, and became in course of time parents of large families. Mrs Gibson's mother died at Joppa, Ayrshire at the advanced age of 99 years and 2 months. Nothing delighted the people of the district better than to have a "crack" with the old lady, who was recognised as one of the finest specimens of Ayrshire peasantry of auld lang syne to be met with.

Mrs Gibson died on Thursday of last week, and her remains were interred in Tarbolton Churchyard on Monday. She has left 300 descendants. Allan Gibson the eldest son living in the family was born on 31st January 1823, and Elspie Gibson, the youngest daughter, was born on 15th March 1838.

A page containing Gibson names from Ayrshire Scotland can be seen : Gregg-Denholm-Gibson

TIMELINE 1791 - 1866

1791 : Birth date of [P458] JEAN GIBSON
1791 : The Ordnance Survey of Great Britain is founded
July 1791 : Birth date of [P464] Elizabeth GREGG
Sunday July 10 1791 : Christening date of [P464] Elizabeth GREGG
Thursday December 15 1791 : Death date of [P459] James GIBSON
1793 : Birth date of [P1378] John MACKENZIE
1793 : Invention of cotton gin by Eli Whitney
Sunday January 20 1793 : Christening date of [P1378] John MACKENZIE
Friday February 1 1793 : France declares war on Britain and the Netherlands
December 1793 : Birth date of [P474] William GREIG
Wednesday December 18 1793 : Christening date of [P474] William GREIG
EST 1795 : Marriage date of [F263] - [P856] John PATON = [P857] Agnes SHAW
1795 : Poor Law devised
1795 : Birth date of [P1379] William MACKENZIE
1796 : Discovery of Smallpox vaccine by E Jenner
1797 : Birth date of [P496] John PATON
ABT 1797 : Birth date of [P521] MICHAEL DOYLE
1797 : Birth date of [P1380] James MACKENZIE
ABT 1797 : Birth date of [P518] RACHAEL WILSON
Tuesday February 21 1797 : French landing in Wales repulsed at Fishguard
Saturday April 15 1797 : First naval mutiny at Spithead
Friday June 30 1797 : Second naval mutiny at the Nore
1798 : Typhus epidemic kills thousands
January 1798 : Birth date of [P457] JOHN GREGG
Sunday January 14 1798 : Christening date of [P457] JOHN GREGG
Wednesday January 24 1798 : Christening date of [P1380] James MACKENZIE
EST 1799 : Marriage date of [F160] - [P498] John SEATON = [P499] Jean ELLES
1799 : Birth date of [P497] Catherine SEATON
ABT 1799 : Marriage date of [F167] - [P519] JAMES WILSON = [P520] JANET SHENNAN
Wednesday January 9 1799 : Parliament passes the first income tax
BEF 1800 : Death date of [P474] William GREIG
ABT 1800 : Birth date of [P1814] Elizabeth POULTNEY
ABT 1800 : Birth date of [P1813] SAMUEL? PERRY
March 1800 : Birth date of [P475] William GREGG
Sunday March 9 1800 : Christening date of [P475] William GREGG
1801 : Electric arc lamp invented by Sir Humphrey Davy
Friday June 26 1801 : Birth date of [P1381] Hugh MACKENZIE
Monday July 6 1801 : Christening date of [P1381] Hugh MACKENZIE
ABT 1802 : Birth date of [P1612] Matthew SEATON
EST 1803 : Birth date of [P516] THOMAS MCHUTCHEON
EST 1803 : Birth date of [P517] ALICE SMITH
July 1803 : Birth date of [P461] Agnes GREGG
Saturday July 16 1803 : Christening date of [P461] Agnes GREGG
Thursday April 5 1804 : Birth date of [P1382] Thomas MACKENZIE
Sunday April 15 1804 : Christening date of [P1382] Thomas MACKENZIE
EST 1805 : Marriage date of [F268] - [P858] William WELSH = [P859] Unknown STRAWTHORN
Monday October 21 1805 : Nelson dies victorious at Trafalgar
EST 1806 : Birth date of [P462] Robert WELSH
1808 : Birth date of [P1383] Robert MACKENZIE
Sunday August 21 1808 : Sir Arthur Wellesley leads campaign in Peninsular War
Friday July 28 1809 : French driven from Portugal
ABT 1810 : Birth date of [P1811] ALEXANDER DUNDAS
1811 : Luddites attack textile machinery
February 1811 : Prince of Wales becomes Prince Regent due to King's insanity
Friday June 14 1811 : Marriage date of [F423] - [P463] James GREGG = [P448] Mary MACKENZIE
1812 : French retreat from Moscow
Wednesday August 12 1812 : Wellington takes Madrid
ABT 1814 : Birth date of [P1812] JANET DUNCAN
Friday July 15 1814 : Marriage date of [F149] - [P465] John PETTIGREW = [P464] Elizabeth GREGG
1815 : Humphry Davy invents mining safety lamp
Sunday May 14 1815 : Birth date of [P466] William PETTIGREW
Sunday June 18 1815 : Napoleon defeated at Waterloo
1816 : Invention of phosphorous match by F Derosne
1816 : Invention of bicycle by K D von Sauerbronn
1817 : Potato famine kills thousands in Ireland
1818 : Mary Shelley publishes "Frankenstein"
Sunday June 7 1818 : Birth date of [P467] Agnes PETTIGREW
Friday November 27 1818 : Marriage date of [F146] - [P457] JOHN GREGG = [P458] JEAN GIBSON
1819 : Invention of stethoscope by R Laennec
1819 : MacAdam revolutionises road building
Wednesday August 18 1819 : Birth date of [P485] James GREGG
Sunday August 22 1819 : Christening date of [P485] James GREGG
ABT 1820 : Birth date of [P1825] Janet BELL
ABT 1820 : Birth date of [P1824] James FLEMING
Saturday January 29 1820 : End of reign of George III
Sunday January 30 1820 : Start of reign of George IV
Tuesday July 11 1820 : Birth date of [P468] Mary PETTIGREW
Sunday October 28 1821 : Birth date of [P486] Janet GREGG
Sunday November 4 1821 : Christening date of [P486] Janet GREGG
1822 : Invention of electric motor by Michael Faraday
Sunday November 10 1822 : Birth date of [P469] John PETTIGREW
ABT 1823 : Marriage date of [F513] - [P1813] SAMUEL? PERRY = [P1814] Elizabeth POULTNEY
1823 : Birth date of [P1611] John GREGG
EST 1824 : Marriage date of [F165] - [P516] THOMAS MCHUTCHEON = [P517] ALICE SMITH
Sunday June 20 1824 : Birth date of [P487] Agnes GREGG
Friday June 25 1824 : Christening date of [P487] Agnes GREGG
Saturday October 9 1824 : Marriage date of [F159] - [P496] John PATON = [P497] Catherine SEATON
1825 : Birth date of [P873] James MCHUTCHEON
Tuesday February 8 1825 : Birth date of [P500] Robert PATON
Tuesday February 22 1825 : Christening date of [P500] Robert PATON
Tuesday August 2 1825 : Birth date of [P470] James PETTIGREW
Tuesday September 27 1825 : First passenger train service from Stockton to Darlington
Monday January 30 1826 : Telford's Menai suspension bridge completed
Sunday December 10 1826 : Birth date of [P501] Jean PATON
Tuesday December 26 1826 : Christening date of [P501] Jean PATON
ABT 1827 : Marriage date of [F166] - [P521] MICHAEL DOYLE = [P518] RACHAEL WILSON
1827 : G S Ohm postulates Ohm's Law
Tuesday March 6 1827 : Birth date of [P489] WILLIAM GREGG
Friday April 20 1827 : Christening date of [P489] WILLIAM GREGG
Tuesday January 22 1828 : Wellington becomes Prime Minister
Friday August 15 1828 : Birth date of [P471] Alexander PETTIGREW
Thursday October 16 1828 : Birth date of [P871] John DOYLE
Friday November 21 1828 : Birth date of [P495] AGNES PATON
Sunday December 14 1828 : Christening date of [P495] AGNES PATON
1829 : George Stephenson builds first steam locomotive
ABT 1829 : Birth date of [P1410] Elizabeth PERRY
1829 : Birth date of [P872] Samuel MCHUTCHEON
Wednesday January 28 1829 : William Burke hanged for murder in Edinburgh
Saturday September 26 1829 : First proper police force established in London
ABT 1830 : Birth date of [P488] Robert JAMIESON
Thursday January 14 1830 : Birth date of [P472] Robert PETTIGREW
Monday April 12 1830 : Birth date of [P490] Margaret GREGG
Sunday April 18 1830 : Christening date of [P490] Margaret GREGG
Saturday June 26 1830 : End of reign of George IV
Sunday June 27 1830 : Start of reign of William IV
Wednesday September 15 1830 : Liverpool to Manchester railway opens
1831 : Invention of the friction match by C Sauria
Monday January 31 1831 : Birth date of [P502] Jean PATON
Monday February 14 1831 : Christening date of [P502] Jean PATON
1832 : M Faraday invents electric dynamo
ABT 1832 : Birth date of [P1819] Charles WHITING
1832 : Birth date of [P1064] CHARLES PERRY
June 1832 : Cholera epidemic strikes Britain
Thursday June 7 1832 : Parliament passes Reform Act
Sunday September 9 1832 : Birth date of [P503] James PATON
Friday September 21 1832 : Marriage date of [F148] - [P462] Robert WELSH = [P461] Agnes GREGG
Sunday September 23 1832 : Christening date of [P503] James PATON
1833 : Birth date of [P869] James DOYLE
1833 : Birth date of [P515] CATHERINE MCHUTCHEON
Sunday January 13 1833 : Christening date of [P1057] William WELSH
Tuesday February 12 1833 : Birth date of [P473] Alex PETTIGREW
Monday July 29 1833 : Slavery abolished throughout British Empire
1834 : Birth date of [P1826] Thomas FLETCHER
March 1834 : Tolpuddle Martyrs sentenced to transportation
Friday March 7 1834 : Birth date of [P492] Jean Denholm GREGG
Sunday March 9 1834 : Christening date of [P492] Jean Denholm GREGG
Saturday August 9 1834 : Birth date of [P504] James PATON
Sunday August 31 1834 : Christening date of [P504] James PATON
Monday October 13 1834 : Marriage date of [F512] - [P1811] ALEXANDER DUNDAS = [P1812] JANET DUNCAN
1835 : Samuel Colt invents the revolver
ABT 1835 : Birth date of [P1823] Janet (Bell) THOMSON
1835 : Birth date of [P514] THOMAS DOYLE
ABT 1835 : Birth date of [P1596] Margaret KNOX
1836 : Birth date of [P494] George SELLARS
1836 : Birth date of [P854] Peter DOYLE
1836 : Charles Darwin returns from South America
1836 : Invention of screw propeller by F P Smith
Wednesday January 13 1836 : Death date of [P486] Janet GREGG
Monday May 23 1836 : Christening date of [P1058] Robert WELSH
ABT 1837 : Birth date of [P855] Patrick DOYLE
1837 : Invention of telegraph by S F B Morse
Friday May 5 1837 : Birth date of [P1065] CHARLOTTE McKINZIE DUNDAS
Tuesday June 20 1837 : End of reign of William IV
Wednesday June 21 1837 : Start of reign of Queen Victoria
ABT 1838 : Birth date of [P491] David PATERSON
April 1838 : First steam crossing of the Atlantic
Friday April 27 1838 : Birth date of [P505] David PATON
Sunday May 13 1838 : Christening date of [P505] David PATON
September 1838 : Grace Darling rescues survivors of the "Forfarshire"
EST 1839 : Birth date of [P719] Arthur GREGG
1839 : Rubber vulcanisation developed by C Goodyear
Wednesday May 22 1839 : Birth date of [P1827] Margaret YOUNG
ABT 1840 : Development of photography
Wednesday January 1 1840 : Birth date of [P547] Agnes NORTON
ABT 1840 : Birth date of [P720] Ann DICKIE
Wednesday February 26 1840 : Death date of [P485] James GREGG
Wednesday May 6 1840 : Penny Post introduced
Tuesday June 2 1840 : Britain annexes New Zealand
July 1840 : Death date of [P457] JOHN GREGG
Friday July 17 1840 : Birth date of [P506] Matthew PATON
Friday July 17 1840 : Burial date of [P457] JOHN GREGG
Tuesday August 4 1840 : Christening date of [P506] Matthew PATON
ABT 1841 : Birth date of [P860] Esther DOYLE
1841 : Birth date of [P874] John MCHUTCHEON
ABT 1841 : Birth date of [P1822] David Bell FLEMING
May 1841 : Death date of [P439] WILLIAM GREGG
Wednesday May 19 1841 : Burial date of [P439] WILLIAM GREGG
Monday June 14 1841 : Marriage date of [F518] - [P1824] James FLEMING = [P1825] Janet BELL
Tuesday July 6 1841 : First national census taken
Sunday July 11 1841 : Birth date of [P1331] Thomas DUNDAS
September 1841 : Robert Peel becomes Prime Minister
1842 : First use of ether as anesthetic by CW Long
Sunday December 31 1843 : Charles Dickens publishes "A Christmas Carol"
1844 : Burial date of [P465] John PETTIGREW
Thursday February 1 1844 : Birth date of [P1332] Richard DUNDAS
June 1844 : Mines Act prohibits use of women and boys in mines
1845 : Invention of pneumatic tyre by R W Thompson
EST 1846 : Birth date of [P862] Jane Drennan WIGHTMAN
1846 : Birth date of [P868] Rachael DOYLE
July 1846 : Potato famine hits Ireland and Scotland
April 1847 : Thousands emigrate from Ireland on "Coffin" ships
Sunday May 9 1847 : Birth date of [P1815] Alexander DUNDAS
November 1849 : Cholera epidemic takes 2000 lives a week
1850 : Invention of refrigerator by Twining / Harrison
BEF 1851 : Death date of [P465] John PETTIGREW
Monday March 31 1851 : 1851 national census taken
Thursday May 1 1851 : Great Exhibition opened in Hyde Park
Thursday June 3 1852 : Marriage date of [F154] - [P488] Robert JAMIESON = [P487] Agnes GREGG
ABT 1853 : Transportation of criminals to Australia ends
1853 : Smallpox vaccination becomes compulsory
Friday October 21 1853 : Marriage date of [F155] - [P491] David PATERSON = [P490] Margaret GREGG
1854 : Birth date of [P826] Jane JAMIESON
Sunday March 26 1854 : Start of Crimean War
Sunday March 26 1854 : Britain and France declare war on Russia
Sunday September 3 1854 : Birth date of [P827] Jane PATERSON
Friday December 22 1854 : Marriage date of [F158] - [P489] WILLIAM GREGG = [P495] AGNES PATON
1855 : Invention of the safety match by J E Lundstrom
1855 : Burial date of [P440] AGNES CURRIE
Tuesday February 20 1855 : Birth date of [P1816] John DUNDAS
Tuesday March 20 1855 : Birth date of [P507] John GREGG
Tuesday October 2 1855 : Death date of [P440] AGNES CURRIE
Sunday November 4 1855 : Death date of [P481] John GIBSON
Wednesday December 26 1855 : Marriage date of [F164] - [P514] THOMAS DOYLE = [P515] CATHERINE MCHUTCHEON
Sunday March 30 1856 : End of Crimean War
Saturday May 24 1856 : Death date of [P478] Henry GIBSON
Thursday June 12 1856 : Marriage date of [F515] - [P1819] Charles WHITING = [P1596] Margaret KNOX
Thursday July 24 1856 : Birth date of [P1685] Agnes PATERSON
Monday October 13 1856 : Birth date of [P837] James DOYLE
EST 1857 : Birth date of [P508] Jane HOPKINS
Saturday January 24 1857 : Death date of [P480] Alexander GIBSON
Tuesday March 3 1857 : Birth date of [P512] MATTHEW PATON GREGG
Sunday May 10 1857 : Sepoy mutiny in India
1858 : Marriage date of [F519] - [P1826] Thomas FLETCHER = [P1827] Margaret YOUNG
Thursday February 18 1858 : Birth date of [P1686] David PATERSON
Wednesday April 14 1858 : Birth date of [P839] John(1) DOYLE
ABT 1859 : Marriage date of [F517] - [P1822] David Bell FLEMING = [P1823] Janet (Bell) THOMSON
1859 : First oil well sunk by E L Drake in Pennsylvania
Saturday March 26 1859 : Birth date of [P1687] Margaret PATERSON
Tuesday June 14 1859 : Birth date of [P1682] Agnes JAMIESON
Thursday July 28 1859 : Birth date of [P513] MARGARET DOYLE
Thursday November 24 1859 : Charles Darwin publishes "The Origin of Species"
Wednesday December 7 1859 : Birth date of [P511] Catherine Seaton GREGG
Tuesday July 10 1860 : Birth date of [P1820] James Thomson FLEMING
1861 : Gatling gun invented by R J Gatling
Saturday February 16 1861 : Birth date of [P522] John(2) DOYLE[DALE]
Monday April 8 1861 : 1861 national census taken
Wednesday July 24 1861 : Birth date of [P1683] Denham JAMIESON
Saturday September 28 1861 : Birth date of [P1729] Charles WHITING
Monday August 18 1862 : Birth date of [P838] Izabella(1) DOYLE
BEF 1863 : Death date of [P1814] Elizabeth POULTNEY
BEF 1863 : Death date of [P1813] SAMUEL? PERRY
Saturday January 10 1863 : London Underground opens
Saturday May 30 1863 : Death date of [P461] Agnes GREGG
Thursday July 16 1863 : Marriage date of [F317] - [P1064] CHARLES PERRY = [P1065] CHARLOTTE McKINZIE DUNDAS
Friday December 4 1863 : Marriage date of [F234] - [P719] Arthur GREGG = [P720] Ann DICKIE
Thursday December 31 1863 : Death date of [P497] Catherine SEATON
Monday January 11 1864 : Birth date of [P493] Janet Norton GREGG
Sunday May 22 1864 : Birth date of [P840] Samuel DOYLE
Monday June 27 1864 : Birth date of [P1066] Samuel PERRY
Thursday July 7 1864 : Birth date of [P1684] Helen JAMIESON
Wednesday November 30 1864 : Birth date of [P721] Arthurina GREGG
EST 1865 : Marriage date of [F271] - [P854] Peter DOYLE = [P862] Jane Drennan WIGHTMAN
ABT 1865 : Birth date of [P1821] Jane Ogilvie GEMMELL
Monday July 24 1865 : Birth date of [P841] Thomas(1) DOYLE
ABT 1866 : Invention of the breech-loading rifle
Saturday February 3 1866 : Death date of [P458] JEAN GIBSON
Saturday February 24 1866 : Birth date of [P526] ALEXANDER DUNDAS PERRY
Wednesday May 30 1866 : Birth date of [P863] Rachael Wilson DOYLE
September 1866 : Cholera sweeps London


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