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Family [F337]



James GREG {M} [P1108] = Jennet BOYD1 {F} [P1109]

Married 12 Dec 1802, Largs, Ayr, Scotland IGI-M11602-2

James GREG

Born ABT 1766, Largs Ayrs
Died 13 Jul 1843, Largs Ayrs
OCCUPATION: Feuer, Cooper, Bailie
The two records below appear to be same person but different dates and addresses ! There may have been 2 James Greg's in Largs

Largs Registered Deaths 1823-1854
1843 Jul 13 James Gregg feuer Middleton (age 77) b.1766

Deaths:Larg's Registered Deaths 1823-1854
Sep 17 1846 James Gregg feuer Main Street Bailie (age 80) b.1766

From Scottish This record may apply to this James: James Greg 13/6/1806 Glasgow Sheriff Court Inventories 4 SC36/48/1 cooper in Largs Inventory

James Greg 4/9/1843 Ayr Sheriff Court Inventories 1 SC6/44/12 residing at Middletin, parish of Largs Inventory (age 77) b.1766

James Greg 17/10/1846 Ayr Sheriff Court Inventories 35 SC6/44/15 Feuar and Cooper in Largs Inventory; Disposition and Deed of Settlement

James Greg 26/10/1846 Ayr Sheriff Court Inventories 1 SC6/44/15 Feuar and Cooper in Largs Additional Inventory

LARGS VOTERS' ROLL IN 1857. Taken from the Largs & Millport Weekly News July 1905
Obviously related but records presently N/A
Gregg, James, farmer, Harley Park.
Greg, Robert, cooper, Largs.
Gregg, William, cooper, Largs

Jennet BOYD

Alias Jennet GREG (12 Dec 1802)
Born EST 1780, Largs?


Jean GREG {F} [P1253]

Born 18 Mar 1804, Largs Ayrs Scotland IGI-C116072
Christened 25 Mar 1804, Largs Ayrs Scotland IGI-C116072
IGI - Jean Greg baptism: 25 Mar 1804 baptism LARGS, AYR, SCOTLAND birth date: 18 Mar 1804 father's name: James Greg mother's name: Janet Boyd : C11602-2: Scotland-VR
SCR FR150: Jean GREG (F) C: 25 Mar 1804 Largs, Ayr, Scotland Father: James GREG Mother: Janet BOYD

Elizabeth GREG {F} [P1070]

Born 1817, Largs Ayrs
Died 12 Feb 1835, Largs Ayrs
Assumed daughter to James & Jannet :
Larg's Registered Deaths 1823-1854: 1835 Feb 12 Elizabeth daughter of James Gregg bailie (age 18) b.181


IGI Marriage: groom's name: James Greg bride's name: Jennet Boyd 12 Dec 1802 Largs,Ayr,Scotland: M11602-2: Scotland-ODM


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