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in Association with Beverly Thicket - New Zealand

A letter from Bev Thicket - 9th February 2005.

Hi Alec Photo attached of James Gibson [P135 and his wife Margaret Lewis[P52].[F119] No date.
The family story is that James' older brother (no name) lived at Gibston, Stair, near Mauchline, Ayr. The brother inherited the family property and was very wealthy. James quarrelled with him and left, never allowing the families to meet. It is thought that James went to Ireland where he met and married Margaret Louis (Lewis), of French ancestry, whose forbears were Huguenots. The marriage could have taken place in Scotland. For a time James Gibson held the temporary position of Forester at Glenhead, Kildrennan Estate, Barhill, Ayrshire, on the River Dusk. There was a dam on the river, just in front of the house. Here Lewis Gibson [P450] was born. The family moved to an estate at Martnaham Muir, later known as Whitestones, then Dunwoodie. Hollybush was the nearest railway station. James & Margaret retired to Boghead. James was known for his beautiful garden where he grew prize flowers and vegetables. They are buried in the old Parish Church graveyard at Coylton, along with four of their children, two James and two Johns. There you have it. Now I have found myself a puzzle. Both Lewis Gibson [P450] and his brother David gave their mother's name as Margaret Allen on their marriage certificates. I know that Lewis knew his mother's name (Margaret Louis/Lewis) as most of the above information has come from him. I also know that I have the right certificates as every thing else matches up. Just before I finish. You have some incorrect information. Lewis Gibson [P450] died at Patea, not Oamaru. He is buried at Oamaru. Cheers Bev