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Copy of original supplied by Shannon E Kelly. Transcribed verbatim for the Internet by A D Gregg 2004 

PART TWO. Pages 12-23.  SCOTCH VALLEY. Written by: Mabel Ord. 1970

Page 12.
Elizabeth McBride Shackelford, November 22. 1886, lives at 5431 Madison, South Gate, California. She went there in 1939, to live with brother John. After his death, went to South Gate to be near relatives. She was born south of Seneca.

Alice McBride February 20, 1890 - February 1, 1902. 11 years, 11 months, 11 days. Buried at Scotch Valley Cemetery.

Margaret McBride Fisher February 20, 1893, lives in Canada. Visits Elizabeth in California.

A sister of Jean McIntyre McBride was the mother of Dr. Thompson, Seneca. Elizabeth has the deed to the McBride lot at Scotch Valley dated January 16, 1397. Signed by William Clark, Pres., and David Fisher Secy.

3. William McBride, called Will, has this data on his parent's stone. 'William McBride, son of J. & S. McBride, September 21, 1874 - 2yr 8mo 3da. (born Jan. 18, 1845)'. Also on same stone this inscription. 'William J. son of William and & J. McBride, February 2, 1875, 4yr. 5mo'. The family says William came to America from England with his bride and lived in Scotch Valley. The father died and the wife lonely and discouraged went back to her homeland (London, with the two boys. The older, William was a finger expert with Scotland Yards. The other managed a bar. The Billy McBride, as a schoolboy had correspondence with an American cousin Georgene Baird at Formoso, Kansas. William also was a sportsman and played cricket and football. By juggling facts and dates, William may have come to America in the 1660's. He declared intention for citizenship on December 31, 1873.

4. Elisabeth McBride daughter of James and Sarah Gregg McBride, died November 6, 1874, aged l9yrs, 4mo, 1da. Born in Scotland July 5, 1866. She died the same year the family came to America. Note the spelling, s in Elisabeth. Too, her marker was set years after the death.

5. Marian McBride, March 17, 1847 - March 14, 1896. I quote her granddaughter, Hila Rilinger, "she and William Clark came to United States from Scotland as sweethearts and married soon after coming here". William declared intention for citizenship on March 26, 1872. They lived in the NE 1/4 of Section 17. William Clark was the last to decease of the original 13 of the Scotch Valley Church. He was born 1846, married in 1872 died 1915. Their family:
Janet Clark married William Werner. Their daughter Hila married Dick Rilinger. They live in Clear Creek Township of Nemaha Co. Kansas. Nola Werner married John Price of Pawnee City, Nebr. Ivan married Carolyn Hunley. The Werner's have an infant son buried just west of the Wm. Clark stone in Scotch Valley. No name, born Dec. 20, 1914 - died the same day.

Andrew died at Formoso, Kansas. 1914

Sarah Clark McCaffrey.

John Clark of Formoso, Kansas. His daughter Alice Clark Nelson also lives in Formoso.
Page 13.
William Clark, January 3, 1846 - February 27, 1915, and his wife
Marian and three infants: Willie J. died April 21, 1879, 3mo.
14da. Geo. R. June 14 1888, 10mo. 10da. and Alice M. Sept. 21, 1886, 7mo. 8da. All are buried at Scotch Valley.

6. Georgina McBride married William Baird and lived in Scotch Valley on a farm, a part of John Baird's Sr. holdings; on which they built their own home. In 1904, for health reasons (asthma) they went to a farm 1 1/2 miles north of Formosa Ks. (Jewel Co.). William Baird and Georgina McBride were married May 12, 1881 at the home of the bride's mother, Sarah Gregg McBride. Though the Baird's came from Scotland, William was born in Jo Davies Co. Illinois. Their family:

John Baird, farmer, with his sister Sarah as housekeeper, lived on the Formosa farm. He died 1959.
Sarah Baird lives in Formosa. She has been a valuable correspondent in this Scotch Valley history.
William J. Baird, teacher died 1956. His daughter Georgene lives at Pratt, Kansas.
Hugh Baird of Salina, Kansas, had been an appraiser and Vice President of the Omaha Federal Land Bank.
George Baird died 1900, Shreveport La. His occupation, meteorologist and he had lived at Grand Island Nebr. There were two sons.
Kenneth Baird lives at Belleville, Kansas. He was an appraiser until his retirement in 1969.
There were three children that were buried at Scotch Valley. An infant son, September 17 1882. (first child)
Elsie Agnes Baird, 7mo. June 2, 1891 - January 14, 1892.
Eugene Edgar Baird, 3yr. 10mo. 9da. March 17, 1897 - June 26,1901.

7. Margaret McBride married James Fisher. He was a singer. They moved to Canada in 1903, their family: Elizabeth (Lizzie married Charles Garrett 1898 - He died Jariuary'1~, 1900. He is buried at Scotch Valley. In the summer of 1970 his brother George and sister Odessa Anderson placed flowers on his grave. Others of the Fisher family were David, Janet, Ruby and Georgia. Odessa says Robin instead of Georgia. (maybe both). Odessa said they were wonderful kids.

8. Janet McBride married ------ Ferree, lived in Colorado. This family was not contacted. Janet and husband and son Stanley are buried at Longmont Colo. Other two children Ethel and Glen buried at St.. James Missouri.

9. James McBride married Alberta Jennings of Table Rock Nebr. He was a druggist and lived at Uni. Place. There was one son, Gregg Bryan McBride who lives in Lincoln; he was sports editor for the Star and World Herald, also a world traveler. He married Evelyn Leach, Hendley Nebr. Lincoln address, Sky Park Manor, Apt. 301, 1301 J St.

10. John McBride, called Jack, once had a men's clothing store in Washington, Kansas. He married Mina Kennedy. Had a son Jimmy. Second wife was Belle -----.
Page 14.
"Uncle Jimmy" Gregg, lovingly so called by his many nieces and nephews, friends and neighbors, was a typical Scotsman - Jolly and with a brogue. William Kelly of Kansas City said, "He was tall, a good sized man, rather bony - average face and chin whiskers kept trimmed fairly short". The picture used with his obituary shows a kindly race encircled with a short white beard. Born in Scotland 1827, died at his home 1910. He was twice married but had no family. The first wife Mary Ellis became his bride just the day before they left for America. That was a long trip in 1852 by sailing vessel, from Liverpool to New Orleans -10 weeks. Gregg was seasick 22 days. Four days before they were to land Mary was buried at sea in the Gulf of Mexico. Jimmy landed in America heart broken and penniless.

Gregg was the youngest of the eleven - 6 boys and 5 girls, born to William Gregg, a blacksmith in southwest Scotland. James attended school a few months of the year and liked mathematics. Always the desire to come to America was in his mind. He was 25 when he came. Following him to America were his sisters Sarah, Agnes and Janet. A niece Janet (daughter of his brother Andrew) came to America also with her Aunt Jennet.
From New Orleans, Gregg went up the Mississippi to a point somewhere in east Iowa or N.E. Illinois. He married there 1855 at Dewitt Iowa. A Mrs. Janet Baird Anderson. There were a couple of years of farming and in 1857 they came to Kansas. It was a group or 3 wagons, Gregg, John Baird his brother-in-law, and McCaffrey. They went in groups those days as Indians some times made trouble. We do not know if they drove oxen or horses. It was spring into summer of July 1857, Gregg settled on the farm where he lived the remainder of his life.

Here in Kansas he bought homestead rights for $80.00. The perfected land title cost hint $500.00. The final payment was made at the Kickapoo Land Office. Gregg had to borrow money, paying exorbitant rates 35% to 60%. This homestead was always his home. Even today some refer to it as the Gregg place. He increased his land holdings to 1200 acres, some of which he gave to his wife's nieces and nephews. After selling some of the land also, 1440 acres made up the final farm home. How did he make the money to buy all these acres? Much of the farm was fertile bottom land. He was a livestock producer. He raised and sold Clydesdale horses and had fine cattle. He had much hired help, indoors as well as on the farm. William Beyreis and Rosetta Baker worked for Gregg as well as many nephews, nieces and his sister Jennet came in 1875 to help out in the home also. Mrs. Gregg died in 1876. Jennet stayed with her brother until her death in 1899.
He was deeply interested in the little Church. He gave the land, he gave money. We know not the trouble that led to disbandment. Gregg joined a Seneca Church and when he was no longer able to attend he had his name taken from its roll. Politically he was a Democrat. He was treasurer of his township ten years. He was a justice of the Peace and married 5 couples. He never had a trial in his court.
The Turkey Creek Fair was held for many years. This was held on the north side at Turkey Creek in Section 21, Gregg was a booster for this event. People came from all directions to visit, to see exhibits, ride the merry go round which was powered with a steam engine. Gregg took his fine livestock for exhibit. The last fair was probably 1905 or 1906.
Death came to "Uncle Jimmy" at his home July 17, 1910. He was almost 83 years old. He had cancer of the lower jaw. His niece Mrs. John Kelly and nurses cared for him. The last tine he went to Seneca was the year before at Thanksgiving time. He apparently had made some of the funeral arrangements. The service at the home by Rev. A. Payne of DuBois United Brethren Church and a male quartet
Page 15.
Agnes Gregg Kelly, sister to James Gregg, Jennet Gregg and Sarah Gregg McBride, was the wife or Alexander Kelly. They were ready to come to America with their family, when Salamander died. The son, John had coma to America to prepare a home, with the help of James Gregg. The widow and family came possibly in 1874. Agnes Kelly's death was probably April 1888(90) She lies buried in an unmarked grave at Scotch Valley, near a granddaughter Agnes Kelly who died in 1885. John Kelly had cared for his Mother.
Family of Agnes & Alexander Kelly: Margaret Kelly Milton, twins- John and Marian Kelly Graham, Sarah Kelly McAlpine, Agnes Kelly Fisher, James Kelly, Andrew Kelly.

I. Margaret Kelly Milton is so listed in the settlement of the James Gregg estate. And, immediately following is Mary Kelly Waters. Seneca records record that May Ellen Waters 18 married George Korber 26, October 28, 1902 at the residence of W. E. Watters, Rev. R.J. McCready officiating. William Watters and wife, Mary Kelly Watters lived in Scotch Valley, section 15 and section 9. They went to Canada 1902? The Korbers 1912. May Watters Korber's obituary, says she died May 1944, her mother, Mary Kelly Watters six months previous. We find no data for Margaret, though Via Kelly family "a son died young".

II. The twin Marian had black hair. She married ----- Graham, and lived in the vicinity of Atchison Kansas. Gregg's estate settlement lists many names of the Graham family. Marian was a Seven Day Adventist, and when she came to visit her twin brother, John, they argued religion far into the night, Marian died August 4, 1904.

III. John' Kelly came as a young man to America to his uncle "Jimmy" Gregg to make a home for his mother and the brothers and sisters. He married, when 40, his Cousin Janet Gregg, a daughter of Andrew Gregg. Janet had come with her aunt Jennet Gregg to Scotch Valley in 1875.
Briefly the family of John and Janet Kelly:

Andrew Kelly 1882-1941, he was called Andy or "Doc". He worked many years for Gregg handling the stallions. He never married, he was found dead on the farm, Section 22, was buried in Seneca, Kansas with the parents.
Isabelle Kelly Warren, 1884 - 19,50, called Belle, did house work for Gregg and later in Kansas City. Married ------ Warren. There were a son and a daughter.
Agnes Kelly Johnstone born May 2, 1888 married Jack Johnstone. There are two daughters and two sons. Agnes has helped with this Scotch Valley history. She lives at 1119 Rose Marie Lane, Stockton, California. 95207.
Marian Kelly Kriley, 1890 - 1915. She lived at Stockton, Kansas. She died in childbirth.
James Kelly, 1892-1935, called Jimmy, married Mable Edwards, there were five children. They bought an Arkansas farm. He died with appendicitis, buried at Table Rock, Nebraska. He spent his thousand-dollar legacy for a car.
Sarah Kelly Edwards. 1895 - 1960, worked in the Wherry home in Pawnee City, Nebraska. She married Allen Edwards. There were five children. Lived and died at Ord, Nebraska.
Page 16.
Kelly family continued...
7. Rosa May Kelly, 1893, lived four day. Buried at Scotch Valley.
8. William Kelly 1903-1973 lived in Kansas City. He was a school custodian. He married, and the daughter Nancy is a librarian. The son Ray manages a department store. William Kelly and his son visited in the Bredemeier home in the summer of 1970. They also visited the Scotch Valley Cemetery and other familiar places. I quote this from Agnes Johnstone's letter, 1970, "The Kelly's lived on Rogers land, lost it because Mr. Kelly had gone on some one's note. Lived a while in Pawnee, then Section 22, was helped financially by Uncle "Jimmy Gregg"."

Sarah Kelly, wife of Hugh McAlpine came to America from Scotland with a family of two sons and three daughters. Two daughters and the son Hugh were born in America.
The McAlpine family:
1. William McAlpine, never married, was a mason.
2. Alexander McAlpine, an electrician, had one daughter and he died at Crooked River Oregon.
3. Agnes McAlpine married Frank Novotny of St. Benedict vicinity.
4. Mary McAlpine married William Kriley.
5. Margaret McAlpine married ------ Cleveland.
6. Ida McAlpine Stewart, her daughter Florence Bonte lives in the vicinity of Washington, Kansas.
7. Marian McAlpine married Barney Kriley.
8. Hugh McAlpine, October 23, 1839 - Jan. 6, 1972. He was a WWI veteran and was a farmer. He is buried at Table Rock, Nebr.

Burials are at Scotch Valley but data for the father only. May 8, 1846 - April 5, 1906. He was thrown from a vehicle, was injured and lay out all night. An unruly horse stopped in a brush growth.

Agnes Kelly married David Fisher December 18, 1877. Rev. R.J. McCready officiating. This family went to Canada. At Scotch Valley Cemetery there is a marker for an infant son, died February 14, 1885, aged, 14 days. This baby was Andrew. There were two infants, Ida and James also buried in Scotch Valley. The family moved to Canada in 1903. With five sons in the family, land was high priced in Kansas, more land could be bought in Canada at cheaper prices.

James Kelly, the religious one, married Helen (Ellen) Baird, there was a family of 12. They went to Canada after 1900, near Edmonton. He established a United Presbyterian Church and preached there. The James Kelly family:
1. Grace Kelly Crary Conklin 1883-1947, Pratt, Kansas. Their children Ralph, Gladys, Ruth and Dorothy.
2. Agnes Kelly, May 17, 1884 - February 16, 1885. Buried in Scotch Valley.
3. Jean Baird Kelly Ryan born March 22, 1886, married March 22, 1905, died August 17, 1957, The daughter Agnes Ryan Amon, 1527 N. Madison, Topeka, Kansas. has helped with data for this history. Others of this family were Lewis, Edna and Stanley.
4. Mary Kelly Scott 1838-1933, Spokane Washington. Her family - Wallace, Allen, Bernice, Doris and Lewis.
Page 17.
Page 17.
James Kelly Family Continued:
5. Ida Kelly McGuire 1890-1960, Edmonton, Canada. Her family Vera, Robert, Etta, John, William and Viola.
6.Alen Kelly 1892-1960, Spokane, Washington. Married Addie Jeffrey, there was no family.
7 & 8. Twins born September 17, 1895.
Maude Kelly married Fred Park. Children Fred died in war; and James, Edmonton, Canada. 2nd marriage- William Stowe. Alice Kelly married Carl Browning, Vancouver and Edmonton. Their children Earl, Ruth and Alice.
9.Archie Kelly born June 23, 1897, British Columbia. Married Ruth Shovelu, their children; James, Jean, Stanley arid Norman. Archie's second wife was Audrey Haug, their children: Alvin and Donald.
10.William Kelly born August 21, 1899, an Alberta farmer. Married Annie Golden June 27, 1927, their children- Alice, Joyce and Wayne.
11.Elsie Kelly born March 28, 1901. Married Walter Kyle, Vancouver Island. Children: Jean, Roderick, Harold and Melvin.
12.Nellie Kelly born February 10, 1907 lives at Edmonton, Canada. Married Dave Harley. Children: Maude, Ronald, Beryl, Nellie, Richard arid Maxine.

VII. Andrew Kelly born 1854, died 1893, in Kansas City, a rather sudden death, quick consumption. At the time of death, he was an assistant city physician. He is buried in Union Cemetery - downtown Kansas City, Kansas. He attended Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, where he graduated in pharmacy. He worked in a drug store in Pawnee City. In 1879, Andrew Kelly 24 and Ida Eakins 22 were married February 19, by Rev. James Barnett at Emporia, Kansas. Andrew's wife Ida also became a pharmacist. In 1885 Andrew went to a Kansas City Medical School. Two children, Mary Agnes Kelly and William Alexander Kelly, six and four years old, died of scarlet fever December 1886. They are also buried in Kansas City. The third child Albert Eaken Kelly was born January 12, 1887 in Pawnee City.
Ida Eaken Kelly married Henry M.Foley 1895. He had two daughters Clara and Iva. To the Foley's Robert and Ruth were born.
Ruth married Wilbur Clark, Pawnee City, Nebraska. She has given Kelly information for this history.
Albert Eaken Kelly was killed in an auto accident at Whittier, California, December 14, 1961. He was a minister in the United Presbyterian Church for 47 years. He had two honorary doctors degrees. He was moderator of the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church 1955. He also served at Mission Creek. W.D, Eaken, father of Ida, was a house painter. His wife, Ida's mother, was a sister of Rev. McCready. Mrs. Clark calls him Uncle Bob McCready. (great uncle). Mr. Eaken and George R. Ord worked together.
"Doc" a nickname for the Andrew Kellys was not just a nickname for this Andrew Kelly.
Handwritten Note: 1974 Mrs Ruth Kelly, widow of Dr. Albert G Kelly Whittier? California passed away in Council Bluff Jan 7. Funeral service will be held in - Whittier? Jan 11. Mrs Kelly was the sister-in-law of Mrs Ruth Clark of Pawnee City Nebraska.
Page 18.
John Baird and his wife Agnes had two small sons when they came that early summer 1857 to a location on the Nemaha. Before their cabin was ready, the third child Margaret was born in the covered wagon (July 1857). That winter four year old Hugh died. Since there were no burial grounds, Hugh was buried in the timber of the Nemaha. The Baird's acquired many acres of land. A log schoolhouse was built on his land; the term Baird schoolhouse is in early records. John Baird Sr. August 17, 1821 - June 4, 1872. Born in Glasgow, Scotland. His wife was Agnes Hays Baird, August 10, 1833 - August 8, 1886.

John Baird's sister Jean Baird 1815-1887 married George Goppelt. She is buried at Scotch Valley. John's sister Jennet Baird Anderson Gregg 1820-1876 married James Gregg in Iowa. They are buried at Scotch Valley.

The family of John Baird Sr.
1. Hugh Baird died March 6, 1858. Age 4yrs 3mo. He was buried by the Nemaha River. There is an inscription on the family marker in Scotch Valley.
2. William Baird, June 19, 1855 - December 30, 1937, Formoso, Kansas. Married Georgina McBride, May 12, 1881. Rev. R.J. McCready officiating.
3. Margaret Baird Brown, July 12, 1857 - January 13, 1895. She was born in the covered wagon at the farm before their dwelling was built. She gave 80 acres of land to the Congregational Church in Seneca, Kansas.
1. Janet Baird Dudey, June 18, 1861 - August 27, 1888. She married Albert Dudey. An infant daughter died after the mother, who died nine days after giving birth to Janet May Dudey, August 18 - 0ctober 16, 1888. A daughter Agnes survived her mother. Mother and infant Janet are buried at Scotch Valley.
5. Helen or Ellen Baird Kelly, November 13, 1864 - April 14, 1947. Married James Kelly, the preacher, January 25, 1882. They moved near Edmonton, Canada after 1900.
6. Jean Baird, February 18, 1866 - July 26, 1885. 19yr. 4mo. 8da. She was buried at Scotch Valley.
7. John Baird, December 18, 1868 - April 4, 1948. 79yr. 3mo. l6da. Spanish American War Veteran, also a prominent DuBois Nebr. character. He married Sallie Turner daughter of Jozelle Turner. The Baird's cared for Richard Turner.
8. Agnes Baird September 22, 1871 - January 4, 1962. Lived at Shreveport, Louisiana, buried, at Formoso, Kansas. She received her nurse training at Woman's Hospital Nurses Training School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Graduated in 1895.

Additional data on No.4. Janet Baird Dudey. She was survived by her husband Albert Alonzo Dudey and daughter Agnes Harriet, so named for the two grandmothers; Agnes Harriet was cared for by an aunt Margaret Baird Brown, wife of George Brown.
Albert Dudey lived some 10-15 years in Scotch Valley, the nieces and nephews called him "Uncle Al". Of English heritage he had been born in north New York. The urge to go west brought him to Kansas. After his first wife Janet's death, there was again the urge to go west to the vicinity of Grand Island, Nebr. There he married again and there were children. He farmed for several years and then lived after 1902 in Grand Island, where his wife Irene had a boarding house. Irene died 1923. After several years with the daughter Agnes and son William, he lived the last years of his life with the daughter Ethel, at Fruitland Idaho. He died in 1937. He was buried at Grand Island, Nebr. by the wife Irene.
Page 19.
Albert A. Dudey Aug. 17, 1856 - Jan. 27, 1937, 80yrs. Died at Weiser, Idaho, burial at Grand Island Nebr. Born at West Stockholm, Lawrence County, New York.
Married - Janet Baird Dec.16, 1884 by Rev. Gee. Lockridge, Seneca Congregational Minister. Janet Baird Dudey June 28, 1861-Aug 27, 1888.
Married - Irene Elizabeth Hoes. Nov. 20, 1890. Irene Hoes Dudey Jan 1 1869
Died Aug 23, 1923.
Children by Janet: 1. Agnes Harriet Nov. 14, 1886-May 11, 1963 at Burwell, Nebraska. Married George Dressen Dec. 29, 1909. Had daughter, Esther - Mrs. Don Anderson, Mills, Nebr. and Dorine - Mrs. Ray Goehring, Burwell Nebraska. 2. Janet May - Aug 18, 1888 - OCT. 16, 1888. Buried at Scotch Valley.
Children by Irene: 1.William Hamilton Aug.16, 1891, lives in Grand Island, married Naomi Fent 1910. She died 1928. Married Mabel A. Brown 1929. 2. Ethel May, May 22, 1894. Married Eric Dressen - Dec.27, 1911. They live at Fruitland Idaho. The half sisters - Agnes and Ethel married brothers, George and Eric


George Goppelt, "a Dutchman" deserves a paragraph in this Scotch Valley history. His wife was Jean Baird, sister of John Baird Sr. and Jennet Gregg. Jennet was the wife or James Gregg. Jean Goppelt died July 9, 1887 aged 72 yrs. She is buried in Scotch Valley and has a beautiful monument. A near by peony, raises the question of the possible resting place of George. He was a Mexican War soldier. He and his Companion, George Friedrich, are mentioned in Seneca G.A.R. meetings. Enroute to Kansas these two stopped in St. Joe for a few days. They must have had several meals at a certain restaurant for Goppelt carried the memory of the beautiful waitress to his home here on the prairie. Friedrich filed on land June 2, 1858, Goppelt Aug 8, 1859. Both in Clear Creek Township, in Nemaha Co. When Friedrich returned to St. Joe for supplies, Goppelt asked him to speak to Mary Claymire, the waitress, and ask her to return with him, to become Goppelt's bride. Friedrich went and brought Mary and her child back to Kansas; but she was Friedrich's bride not Goppelt's. Goppelt married Jean Baird. Jean and Mary were good friends so we were told.
Page 20.
George Friedrich and George Goppelt, his pal in the Spanish American War, Came to the new Wild mid-west, northeast Kansas in the middle 1850's. This country was alluring and attractive to adventuresome spirits. Kansas was opened to settlers by the Kansas - Nebraska Act 1854. The two George's filed on Kansas land. We know no more of Goppelt than those land filings and other land transactions, and that he married Jean Baird. She is buried at Scotch Valley but we could find nowhere what happened to him after her death.
George Friedrich married Goppelt's desire, Nary Claymire. They are buried at State Line Cemetery(St. Peters) in marked graves. George in 1893, 70yr. She in 1911, 90yrs.
Mary lived to be many years. My memory sees her in her daughter's home,(Laura Bock), dressed in black - her bonnet and her full skirt. She died at her daughters home (Jette Borges) in Western, Nebraska.
Life for the Fridrich's may have been very simple - a home on the prairie with its pioneer duties, pioneer happiness and pioneer hard-ships.
Geo. Friedrich married Mary Claymire. Their family:
1. Jettie (Henrietta) her child. Married Conrad Borges.
2. Christopher died as a baby while the Father was in St. Joe for supplies
3. Henry born 1853. Married Nary Mann. There were several daughters.
4. Amelia, married Fred Robbing. Twin daughters Amelia and Mary. Amelia married Herman Schultz: Mary married Emil Schultz. Daughter Gussie married White. There was a son Fred.
5. Laura married Bock.
6. Dick married Hulda Fasholtz. Children George and Robert.

1971 - A Friedrich genealogy.

1. Gregory Lang - August 7, 1970.
2. Mother - Stephanie Glenn married Alan Lang.
3. Grandmother - Mary Ellen Schultz married Raymond Glenn.
4. Great Grandmother - Mary Robbing married Emil Schultz. Great Great Grandmother - Mary Claymire Friedrich.
Page 21.
Richard D. McCaffrey whose father was Edward McCaffrey lives in Clear Creek Township. Edward came to Kansas 1858 and went through the rough life on the frontier, which included guerrilla and Indian attacks, stagecoaches, and ploughing by oxen. Edward was born in Ireland in 1822 and came to America when a young man locating in Iowa. After living there for some time, he migrated to Kansas and homesteaded a claim in Clear Creek Township in Nemaha County. His land was in Section. 11, he built a cabin out of hand-hewn logs, also erected a barn for horses and cattle though materials for building were scanty. He was able to construct very serviceable buildings, which were used for several years until he was able to afford better ones.
In travelling from Iowa to Kansas, he drove a yoke of oxen, which he also used in breaking up his land. His trading was done at St. Joseph and Atchison as these were the nearest places to get provisions. The trip was rough and dangerous. Many times white settlers were attacked by Indians though few were ever killed in these skirmishes.
Game was plentiful in those days, especially deer and wild turkey and a pioneer who could shoot was not in danger of starving. Mr. McCaffrey owned 640 acres of land in Clear Creek Township, which he farmed until his death in 1896. In the early days he served as County Commissioner and always took a lively interest in public affairs of Nemaha Co. He was reared in the Roman Catholic faith.
Edward's wife, mother or Richard McCaffrey, was Fannie Cassidy. She was born in Ireland, she died in 1876 at the age of forty eight years. Ten children were born to her, eight of whom are living. Richard the ninth child was born in Clear Creek Township - March 21, 1872.
Richard grew up on his father's farm and attended school in Dist. 26.At the age of 22, he started farming for himself and in 1909 bought eighty acres of land. This has since been increased to 219 acres which lie in Section 2 Clear Creek Township.
Mr. McCaffrey has built a number, of improvements on his place, which have greatly increased its value. He takes special pride in his fine livestock, which is of high quality and which is all graded.
He was married in 1905 to Sarah Clark, daughter of William and Marion McBride Clark (she of Scotch Valley), who were natives bf Scotland. Mr. & Mrs. Richard McCaffrey are parents of four children, Francis W. Melvin M., Marian A., and Harold E. Mr. Mcaffrey is a Democrat. He is a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen Lodge at Bern. He is a conscientious man of high character. His many friends admire him for his integrity and firm conviction.

(Ed Mcaffrey came with James Gregg and John Baird to Kansas. We think the year was 1857. He was a Roman Catholic and not associated with Scotch Valley. Descendants were associated with St. Benedict's Church and also St. Bridget which is now a historical museum).
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Parents: William Gregg and Meron McMurray Gregg, lived in Barr Parish, Ayrshire in Southwestern Scotland. Mr. Gregg was a black smith. There were eleven children - six boys and five girls. Names and some dates of the ones we found in this research:
1. John Gregg lived and died in Scotland.
2. Jean Gregg Coughtry(ADG2004- McAughtrie) lived and died in Scotland.
3. Andrew Gregg lived and died in Scotland. A son Andrew visited in the homes of the Gregg relatives in America. (Alec Gregg June 2004: I believe the previous sentence should read 'A son OF Andrew visited..., and that son was John Gregg[P1781]. No son of Andrew named Andrew has been found). This information is now backed up by the further research from Jeff Higgins and Joan Fisher. He visited twice. He was sheepherder in Scotland. His Sister Janet came to this country with her aunt Jennet and later married John Kelly.
4. Sarah Gregg McBride, wife of James McBride, came with the family to Scotch Valley in 1874. Agnes Gregg Kelly, widow of Alexander Kelly, came with her family to Scotch Valley, but we do not know the Year - possibly 1874?
6. Jennet Gregg came to America in 1875. She made her home with James.
7. James Gregg the youngest of the family came to America in 1852. He came to Kansas in 1857. Scotch Valley really began with James Gregg and continued with Gregg relatives that followed him to America.

In James Gregg's will, each namesake was to receive a thousand dollars. They were:
James G. McBride
Gregg Jennings McBride, son of James G. McBride.
James Kelly, son of Alexander and Agnes Kelly.
James Gregg Kelly, son of John and Janet Kelly.
Gregg McBride, son of John and Bell McBride.

Turkey Creek Fair-Courier Tribune Aug. 4, 1899.

The Board or Directors or the Turkey Creek Fair met last Monday at the residence of Mr. James Gregg and reconsidered the accepting of bids for a shooting gallery and all games of chance at the fair; and decided to not permit a gallery - any chance games on the grounds. The solicitors are requested to meet at Mr. Gregg's Monday morning, August 28 at 9 o'clock sharp and be prepared to make a complete report of their work.

Page 23.

by Elenora & Sharon Bredemeier 1965

In 1965, this land was owned by Clarence & Vera Wiesedeppe. The legal part or this was obtained from the Register of Deeds Office of Nemaha County Kansas. We also talked to Mr. Ingalls and Mr. George Britt, and they verified that there was once a village called Coal Town.

On August 8, 1876, James and Sarah Hicks deeded to the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of the Seneca circuit, 4 acres more or less for a cemetery; in the SW. quarter, Section 22, TI, R12, of Nemaha Township, Nemaha County, Kansas. On July 17, 1885, F. M. Johnson leased this quarter (less cemetery) for the Nemaha Coal Mining Company of Nemaha Township. The royalty to be received was 
cent per bushel on all coal taken out and screened over a screen, two inches between bars. No royalty on fine coal or any thing that was taken under 7 feet. This royalty was to be paid monthly. This company was incorporated in 1887.
On October 28, 1886 this land was bought for the sum of $2750.00, and was known as the Nemaha Coal and Mining Company.
On January 31, 1887 it was sold to Dr. A. Leigh of Hiawatha, Kansas with the intention of making a health resort, which never materialized. It was registered as - The Nemaha Medical and Artesian Well and Improvement Co. It was also formed as a corporation.
On September l5, 1890, the 156 acres were sold at sheriff's sale to H.C. Settle and L.B. Keith for $1885.00. This ended the corporations, it has been used since only as a farm.
The last entry in regard to the cemetery was June 9, 1916, when the trustees of the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Seneca, sold all but 1/2 acre to L.B. Keith. This 1/2-acre is still considered a cemetery or burial ground.
At this time, the condition of this burial plot is terrible. Sharon recorded the marked graves - seven in all. Of course, as she said, she may have missed some due to the dense overgrowth. Trees are now very large and the brush thick. No doubt there were many unmarked graves.
The inscriptions on the stones:
Dick V O'Laughlin 1798-1858
Metcalf 1813-1859
Henry? Patterson age 46 - 1860
Julia Avery 40 yrs. 1876
N.N. Johnson 1854-1887
William Branson 1848-1887
Emily Branson 1829-1888

Hand written note at the end of page: Remains of the old hotel torn down 1976.


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