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Family [F537]



William GREGG {M} [P1780] = Janet JESS {F} [P1905]

Married 8 Jun 1888, Mahaar Farm Inch Freechurch Wigtown Scotland IGI-M19118-1

William GREGG

Born 8 Aug 1851, Craigend Colmonell Ayrs Scotland
Died 31 Aug 1920, Preston Mill Kirkbean Kirkcudbright Scotland
From Janet Greig Smith - March 2007 ( ).
William GREGG: Born 8th August 1851Craigend Colmonell Ayrs
Died Tuesday 31 August 1920, Preston Mill Kirkbean Kirkcudbright
On 31st August 1920, 7 am at Preston Mill
William Greig (Shepherd - Married to Janet Gess - 1881) died aged 71: son of
Andrew Greig (Shepherd - deceased & Isabella Greig m/s Mcillwraith deceased)
Cause of death: Carbuncle - Blood poisoning, Heart Failure
Certified by Hugh Gillies M. R. C. P.
Informant: Andrew Gregg (son), Glen, Shawhead, Irongray
(Ref: 1920d/Kirkbean, Co. Kirkudbright 870-5)

Jeff Higgins - June 2004:
2.William Gregg, born c.1849 at Craigend, Colmonell. In 1888 he married Janet Jess at Mahaar farm, Inch, Wigtown. They had at least 6 children including a son Andrew b.1893. William was a shepherd and died 31 Aug 1920 at Preston Mill, Kirkbean, Kirkcudbright. I have all relevant Census entries for William.

Janet JESS

Alias Janet GREGG
Born 15 Sep 1865, Inch Village Wigtownshire Scotland
Died 1 Jan 1936, Woodhead Corsock Scotland
From Janet Greig Smith - March 2007 ( ).
Janet Jess (Dairymaid - spinster aged 23 of Conchieton, Borgue:
Daughter of Thomas Jess (Gardener's labourer) Born 1825, Ireland - Deceased 9 Feb 1901, Castle Kennedy, Wigtown.
And Mary Flemming Muslin Sewer born 1828, Stranraer, Wigtonshire. Deceased 12 Apr 1901, 13 Glenoch Street, Stranraer
Thomas Jess and Mary Flemming married 23 Nov 1853, Aird Inch Wigtown
Died Jan 01 1936 in Woodhead, Corsock, Scotland
According to Website

Janet JESS:
Born on 9th April 1865 6am at Inch Village
Janet Jess was born: daughter of Thomas Jess (Agricultural labourer) & Mary Jess m/s Fleming
Parents' marriage 1853 November 24th, Aird, Parish of Inch
Informant Thomas: Thomas Jess (Father) present
(Ref: 1865b/Inch, Co. Wigtown 886-18)


Isabella McIllwraith GREIG {M} [P1942]

Born 19 Jun 1890, Mahaar Inch wigtown Sc
Died 29 Apr 1962
Isabella McIlwraith Greig Married Arthur Downie on the 30th. January 1923.

Thomas Jess GREIG {M} [P1943]

Born 12 Mar 1892, Mahaar Inch Wigtown Sc.
Died 11 Feb 1927
Thomas Married 1st. Wife Jean Reid More on the 17th. April 1919. Married 2nd. Wife Williamina Wright on the 17th. July 1922.

Andrew GREIG {M} [P1906] = Mary Gray MCMINN {F} [P1907] > Family [F538]

Married 10 Mar 1916, Little Sanquhar Dumfries Sc.

Andrew GREIG

Born 25 Aug 1893, Drummockloch Inch Wigtown Sc.
Died 14 Sep 1939, Muil Farm Corsack Bridge Kirkcudbright Sc.
From Janet Greig Smith - March 2007 ( ).
Andrew Married Mary Gray McMinn on the 10th. March 1916 at Littlemark Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire. Scotland.
My Grandfather was Andrew Greig b. 25th Aug 1893 at Drummockloch, his father was William Greig and his mother Janet Jess. See family photo taken c. 1911 we think to celebrate William and Janet's Silver Wedding Left to right Mary Greig, William Greig, Thomas Greig, Isabella Greig, Sarah Priestly Greig (small child) Andrew Greig (my Grandfather) , Janet Jess, Agnes Greig and Ivie Greig.

Unfortunately I never knew my Grandparents, they died many years before I was born, Andrew Greig died on the 19th Sept 1939 aged 46 at Muil. (farm house) Corsock Bridge, Parish of Kirkpatrick Durham.and Mary Gray died in Dumfries infirmary on the 25th march 1940 ages 48.
The reason I know of (Old uncle John) is because my Aunt Janet remembers him well. My Grandparants seamed to collect relatives who resided with them at the Glen for varying amounts of time. In uncle Johns case until his death in 1928. Amongst the children he had his favourites my mother was one, my aunt was not! Being a bit of a tom boy she seamed to rub him up the wrong way. He was living at the Glen when my Mother was born and that seems to be the reason for his affection towards her. He also was fond of his youngest niece Sarah, known to the family as (Sally) who is the young lady in the picture I have already sent to you. The portrait along with the watch she is wearing were his gifts for her 21st birthday. As her Father (uncle Johns brother) William had died, he kept a fatherly eye on her. After William Greig death - 31st August 1920 the remaining family still at Preston Mill moved in with my Grandparents at the Glen. That being Janet Jess, Sarah, (Sally) and Thomas Greig's baby daughter another Janet Jess, his wife having died when the baby was a few days old. The baby having the same name as my aunt and being the same age was called Jenny at home. She stayed until her father remarried some years later.
My Aunt tells me 'old unc John used to sit by the fire knitting. On pension day he would take pony Mary and the trap down to Shawhead to collect his money and Janet Jess's, and would then collect his 2 nieces from school along with other school friends who lived in the same direction, giving instruction to them to be good or they would find themselves walking, then out would come a bag of peppermint creams (one each mind) All the children seamed to find the old mans lengthy beard blowing everywhere highly comical. She remembers the day in 1928, before they went to school, she aked her Mother if Uncle John would be there when they came home from school. Sadly she answered 'no'.
One piece of information that may be useful to you is information about Agnes Sloans death - 24th 3 1770 - spouse to George Gregg - smith at North Balloch) that's according to a Barr churchyard inscription. So she may well have died in childbirth.
Kindest regards
Janet Greig Smith

Mary Gray MCMINN

Alias Mary GREIG
Born 20 Jul 1891, Littlemark Sanquar Scotland
Died 25 Mar 1940, Dumfries Infirmary Dumfries Scotland
Mary Gray McMinn: Alias Mary GREIG Born 20 July 1891 12 Noon at Littlemark Sanquhar Daughter of John McMinn (Ploughman) & Elizabeth McMinn m/s Stobbs

Mary Flemming GREIG {F} [P1944]

Born 14 Sep 1895, Drummockloch Inch Wigtown Sc.
Died 15 Mar 1920, Treeshill Bridgeweir Renfrew Sc.
OCCUPATION: Domestic Servant
SOURCE: Died unmarried - Influenza

Agnes Mclelland GREIG {F} [P1941]

Born 27 Jan 1899, Mahaar Inch Wigtown Sc.
Died 31 Dec 1971
OCCUPATION: Died unmarried

Ivie GREIG {M} [P1945]

Born 28 Jun 1899, Drummockloch Inch Wigtown Sc.
Died 10 May 1967
Married Jane Currie on the 5th. November 1925

Sarah Prestly GREIG {F} [P1911]

Born 10 Mar 1906, Cults Inch Wigtown Sc.
Died 9 Jun 1990
From Janet Greig Smith - Updated Sept 2008 ( ).
Known as Sally
Sarah Prestly Greig Married John Haining on the 11th. March 1927 at the Glen Farm, Irongray, Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Sally is the daughter of Janet Jess and William my Great Great Grandfather She was their youngest I think and her full name was Sarah Prestly Greig.


IGI Marriage: William Greig Married Janet Jess Friday 8 June 1888, Mahaar Farm Inch (Freechurch) Wigtown IGI-M191181
After banns according to the forms of the free church of Scotland
William Greig (Shepherd - Bachelor) aged 35 of Mark, Inch: son of
Andrew Greig (Shepherd - deceased & Isabella Greig m/s Mcillwraith
(marriage to)
Janet Jess (Dairymaid - spinster aged 23 of Conchieton, Borgue:
daughter of Thomas Jess (Gardener's labourer) & Mary Jess m/s Fleming
Clergyman: Alex. Duff Watson
Witnesses William Smith, Mary Jess
(Ref 1888m/Inch, Co. Wigtown 886-3
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ADG2005: William was a shepherd working in Wigtown on the 1881 Census:

1881 Census - On 3 April 1881 Place: Dwelling:Farm Cottage Mark Inch, Wigtown, Scotland. GRO Ref Volume 886 EnumDist 6 Page 3
John Mc M. AGNEW M 39 M Inch, Wigtown, Scotland Rel: Head Occ: Farmer 550 Acres Employing 9 Men 6 girls 2 Boys
William GREIG U 32 M Colmonell, Ayr, Scotland Rel: Serv Occ: Shepherd
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Info from Elizabeth Fisher September 2008:
[P1780] 1901 Census - On 31 March 1901 SCOTLAND CENSUS. GREIG - living Drummuckloch Cottage, Inch, WIG
William (Head, male, 52y, born Colmonell, AYR, shepherd)
Janet (wife, female, 35y, born Inch, WIG)
Agnes (daughter, 12y, born Inch, WIG, scholar)
Bella (daughter, 10y, born Inch, WIG, scholar)
Thomas (son, 9y, born Inch, WIG, scholar)
Andrew (son, 7y, born Inch, WIG, scholar)
Mary (daughter, 5y, born Inch, WIG, scholar)
Ivy (son, born Inch, WIG)

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