Family [F495]



George GREGG {M} [P219] = Julia Louisa DOYLE {F} [P79]

Married 1876, Otago New Zealand

George GREGG

Born 1846, Barr Ayrs
Died 4 Sep 1902, Tokonui New Zealand
Buried Toknui Remerey Reserve New Zealand
George went to Dunedin New Zealand in 1868, married Julia Louise Doyle, and died aged 56 in Tokonui New Zealand. He is listed on family monument at Barr Churchyard. He died from Asthma and Bronchitis.

The following was reported in an Ayrshire newspaper and is an extract from an Otago, New Zealand paper.

I regret having to report that Mr George Gregg, one of our most respected settlers, died on Thur.4th. Sept.1902.
About ten years ago he was seized with a severe attack of asthma and bronchitis, which so impaired his health that he remained an invalid until the end. Though able to move about and superintend his farm operations he was not able to undertake active work.
The late Mr Gregg was a native of Ayrshire, born and brought up at Barrhill near Girvan. His Mother two sisters and two brothers are still alive and one of his brothers now occupies the same farm as his late father was tenant of. Mr. Gregg left home and arrived in Dunedin in 1868, and was occupied in the management of Stockton Galloway Station Dunstan District for 14 years. He left that situation to take up land at Tokonui, where he resided for the last 19 years. His family being young when he arrived here, it was a hard struggle breaking the native land and converting it into an arable farm, which however he succeeded well in doing.
Throughout his residence in Tokonui the deceased gentleman wits actively and prominently identified with every phase of local progress. Possessing the implicit confidence of the whole district, as one who strove to better the condition of his fellow man without motives of a mercenary nature to further his own ends, he was invariably entrusted with office and discharged his duties with the greatest interest and attention to detail. At the time of his death he held the offices of Chairman of School committee, Chairman and Secretary Dairy Factory, Commissioner of Cemetery and Recreation Ground. Prior to his coming to Tokonui he was an elder of the Presbyterian Church in Dunstan, under Rev. Lohian and he held similar office in Toi Toi congregation under Rev. Johnston of Fortrose. He did splendid work in the settling of a new district in primitive conditions. Along with his respected wife he had brought up and maintained a family of four sons and three daughters.
According with Mr Gregg's wish he was buried in The Cemetery Reserve Tokonui.
(The deceased was a son of the late Mr. John Gregg, farmer, Shallochwell).

Julia Louisa DOYLE

Alias Julia Louisa GREGG
Born ABT 1850, ??


Elizabeth Francis GREGG {F} [P1715]

Born 1878, Central Otago New Zealand
Died 17 Apr 1947, Aged 68 - Unmarried
Buried Headstone At Tokanui Cemetery
'Elizabeth Frances GREGG died 17th APR 1947, aged 68 years'
(Buried in the same plot as niece, Louisa MCFADZIEN)
No issue

Wilhemena Emily GREGG {F} [P1716]

Born 1880, Central Otago New Zealand
Died 15 Jan 1955
Buried Headstone East Taieri Cemetary
Known as 'Mina'. Married John McFadzien 1910. Marriage Index
Headstone at East Taieri Cemetery: 'In loving memory of John McFadzien died 10 May 1949 and Mina McFadzien died 15 Jan 1955'
1. James Gregg MCFADZIEN
Born 1911 - birth Index, registered at Fortrose
(Keith Douglas Gregg - I believe this to be the following person:*Mr. James MCFADZIEN, 19 Eccles Street, Gore, farmer )
CORRECTION: Email 1 AUG 2011 from Peter Crump NZ: To whom it may concern,I have just had an interesting look through the web-site. While reading the final summary I spotted that in the list of children to child no 2 , their eldest, James Gregg McFadzien, is believed to be the same James McFadzien of Eccles St. Gore, Farmer. This is not the case as James from Gore was my Grandfather through his daughter Dorothy Crump ( nee McFadzien ). He did not have a middle name. James Gregg McFadzien and James McFadzien were cousins. I trust this is helpful. Regards, Peter Crump, Invercargill , NZ .

ADDITIONAL INFO from Peter Crump:
Dear Alec, easy to see how assumptions can be made while doing this research. The information you need to confirm follows: The parents of James McFadzien, farmer of Gore, were JAMES & ELIZABETH (nee Jones) McFadzien. James was b. 29/9/1878 , d. 17/8/1962. Elizabeth b. 9/4/1882, d. 9/2/1959. They were married in 1905. I trust this is enough for you to go on with . I do have otrer info. but not at hand, regards, Peter
Born 1913 - birth index - registered at Fortrose
Died 21 May 1913
Headstone Takanui Cemetery:
In loving memory of Louisa, beloved daughter of J and M MCFADZIEN who died 21 May 1913 aged 2 months
Born 1914 - birth index - registered at Wyndham
WW 11 Enlistment Rolls:
MCFADZIEN George Single of Westport School Teacher
Next of kin: Mr. J MCFADZIEN, father, Outram RD Otago
Born 1915 - birth index - registered at Wyndham
Orn 1918 - birth index - registered Wyndham
Married Hugh HOGG

Hubert John GREGG {M} [P1717]

Born 1882, Tokanui New Zealand
Died Prob between 1963-1966
Married 1920 to Victoria May SHIRLEY, marriage index
Probably died between 1963 and 1966. His wife was in the Burial Records of Eastern Cemetery Invercargill. They had only one daughter: Myrtle Jane GREGG. Born 1921/22. Unmarried
Died 09 MAR 1951.
Burial records Eastern Cemetery Invercargill: GREGG Myrtle Jane aged 30 died 09 MAR 1951 of Ritchie Street, Invercargill

George GREGG {M} [P1718]

Born 1885, Tokanui New Zealand
Died 24 Jun 1947, Headstone at Tokanui Cemetery
Married 1914 to Margaret EARWAKER, marriage index Reservists List WW 1:
GREGG George sawmill hand Tokanui. Died 24 JUN 1947.
Headstone Transcription Tokanui Cemetery: 'In loving memory of Jean Margaret beloved wife of George GREGG died 01 May 1919 aged 29 years also the above George GREGG died 24 JUN 1947 aged 61 years'.

They had: 1. George GREGG. Born 1917 - birth index - registered at Invercargill
Unmarried. Died 03 NOV 1942 - war death certificate. Headstone Tokanui Cemetery: '12498 Corporal George GREGG died of wounds in military Hospital, Caserta, Italy on 03 NOV 1942, aged 25 years'.

2. Agnes GREGG. Born 1918 - birth index - registered at Invercargill. Unmarried
Died 30 NOV 1929. Headstone Tokanui Cemetery' Agnes, daughter of George and Jean GREGG, died 30 NOV 1929, aged 11 years'.

3. Daisy Jean GREGG. Born after 1920. Married Bert DAWSON - Tokanui Book. Had daughter Alwyn Dawson (Maried name Nicol)
Email April 2009 Sean Nicol ( - Cairo Egypt.
: Hello cousin, I'm Sean Dawson Nicol born 1968 Invercargill NZ, my Great-grandfather is George Gregg, my grandmother is Daisy Jean Dawson (nee Gregg).
Found your site today after searching for info on my Great-uncle George Gregg buried Caserta Italy 1942. After attending ANZAC service today in Cairo, Egypt, and visiting El Alamein Commonwealth War Cemetery last week, (searching for a friends grandfathers grave), it prompted me into organising myself to fulfill my late grandmothers wish for someone from the family to visit his final resting place.

About my immediate family, we are currently living in Cairo, Egypt. My wife Randa Ramzy Georgi Nicol is Egyptain, and works as cabin crew for British Airways.
We have twin boys born April 2006, Invercargill NZ, Joshua Dawson Nicol, and Emmanuel Gregg Nicol, as you can see I thought it important to keep the Gregg name alive in our branch of the tree.

My mother Alwyn Nicol (nee Dawson) is the unoffical keeper of own families history, and would be able to help completing alot of the NZ side. If you wish I'll contact her and get any information you require, plus I'm sure she can scan a copy of our branch.

Sean Nicol

David GREGG {M} [P1719]

Born 1887, Tokanui New Zealand
Died Before 1949
David GREGG. Born 1887 – birth certificate – registered at Fortrose WW 1, Enlistment Rolls
GREGG David farmer. Next of kin: H J GREGG, brother, Tokanui, Southland. Married Ivy RACE – Tokanui book

They had: 1. Majory Eleanor. Married Garnett BLAMPIED
2. Norma Ivy. Married Graham BLICK
Very little more of this family. David must have died prior to 1949 as Ivy was in the Invercargill Electoral Rolls as a widow from 1949 through until she disappears from them between 1963 and 1966 when she presumably died, moved or remarried. I could not find Majory BLAMPIED in any current Electoral for Southland or Otago

James Doyle GREGG {M} [P1720]

Born 1889, Tokanui New Zealand
Died After1966
Married 1916 to Agnes Malcolm RACE, marriage index WW I Enlistment Roll: GREGG James Doyle wood machinist. Next of kin: Mrs A M GREGG, wife c/ Mrs. W E RACE Raymond Street, Trafalgar, and Invercargill
They had:
1. Stuart Doyle GREGG. Born 1920 – birth index – registered at Invercargill. Married Margo ORR – Tokanui Book
2. James Allan GREGG. Married Mayvera Othalic COCHRANE – Tokanui Book
James Doyle's wife Agnes disappeared from the Invercargill Electoral rolls between 1957 and 1960 and James himself was still there until 1966. James Allan and Mayvera were listed in Invercargill in 1949 and 1954 but had obviously moved elsewhere by 1957.

Marion Milne GREGG {F} [P1721]

Born 1893, Tokanui New Zealand
Died 1929, Tokanui Book
Named after her Aunt Marion Milne [M/S Gregg]
Marion Milne (May). Born 1893 – birth index – registered at Fortrose. Married 1917 to Hugh George MCLEOD (Marriage certificate). Died 1929 – Tokanui Book
They had:
1. Margaret. Born 19191 – birth index –registered at Tokomairiro
2. Mina Mary. Married Dick BAKER – Tokanui Book
Extract from Tokanui Book: *Hugh MCLEOD married Mae GREGG and they had two daughters, Margaret and Mina. Mae died in 1929 and the family shifted to Invercargill. They sold their 640 acre farm to Robert CHISHOLM in 1934. Mina married Dick BAKER.

THIS was found and appears to be related :
1881 Census Place: Dwelling: Low St Banff, Banff, Scotland. GRO Ref Volume 147 EnumDist 4 Page 5
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Peter MILNE M 31 M Cluny, Aberdeen, Scotland Rel: Head Occ: Draper & Clothier
Marion MILNE M 30 F Barr, Ayr, Scotland Rel: Wife
Lizzie MILNE 4 F Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland Rel: Daur
Mina GREIG U 28 F Barr, Ayr, Scotland Rel: Visitor Occ: Domestic Serv
Elizabeth GREIG U 25 F Barr, Ayr, Scotland Rel: Visitor Occ: Domestic Serv