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Family [F487]



William GREIG {M} [P1500] = Agnes FERGUSON {F} [P1648]

Married 30 Jun 1893, Kilwinning Ayrs

William GREIG

Born 27 Jan 1867, Kilwinning Ayrs Scotland IGI-C11599-1
Died 28 Jul 1942, Stevenson Ayrs
OCCUPATION: labourer-bricklayer.
IGI - Name: William Greig Birth Date: 27 Jan 1867 Birthplace: KILWINNING,AYR,SCOTLAND Father's Name: John Greig Mother's Name: Jane Thomson C11599-1
Additional info courtesy of Martyn Taylor 6/2/2004 -


Alias Agnes GREIG
Born 28 Mar 1868, Irvin Ayrs
Died 1 Aug 1947, Stevenson Ayrs
OCCUPATION: Domestic servant
From Irene Mitchell July 2004:
Agnes FERGUSON:(Alias GREIG) born Saturday March 28 1868, Irvine, Ayrshire, was a first cousin of my step-grandmother, Margaret FERGUSON (Alias McCONNACHIE) born 5th March, 1875, New Cumnock, Ayrshire: Irene Mitchell, British Columbia.< >

Additional info courtesy of Martyn Taylor 6/2/04 -

Parents: Father Ferguson Charles, b. 1848, Irvine Mother Gardiner Agnes, b. Abt 1850: Source Ayrshire Roots
Grand Parents:Ferguson William , b. Abt 1810, Ayrshire Mother Kerr John[Joan?] , b. 07 Jun 1814, Irvine : Source Ayrshire Roots
Grand Parents:Edward Gairdner , b. Abt 1825. AgnesGalt , b. Abt 1825

Great Grand Parents:John Kerr , b. Abt 1790 Joan McKelvie , b. Abt 1790 : Source Ayrshire Roots


John GREIG {M} [P1649]

Born 10 Apr 1894, Stevenston Ayrs
Died 22 Feb 1964, Stevenston Ayrs Sc.
OCCUPATION: Engine Fitter-Mech Engineer
Courtesy of Martyn Taylor Aug 2005: My research into my GREIG relations is continuing. Since I last sent you a register in Feb 2004 I have made additions to the following descendant of John GREIG (P1437 on your website) and Jean Taylor THOMSON:
Their grandson, John GREIG (previously noted as born 10 April 1894 in Stevenston; died after 1947 - P1649 on your website) was an Engine fitter and Mechanical engineer. He died in Stevenston on 22 Feb 1964. He was married twice, first (in New Ardrossan in 1921) to Isabella Biggins ALLAN (born c.1899; died New Ardrossan 3 Feb 1923); second (in Stevenston on 15 Jun 1928) to Mary S DICKIE (maiden surname HALBERT) (a Shop assistant, born c.1895). John and Mary had at least two daughters who married and are quite possibly still living, so I shall keep their details confidential for the present.

Agnes Gardener GREIG {F} [P1650]

Born 2 Apr 1896, Stevenston Ayrs
Died 2 Jul 1924, Stevenston Ayrs

William GREIG {M} [P1651]

Born 12 Nov 1898, Chemical Row Stevenston Ayrs
Died 2 Dec 1898, Stevenston Ayrs
William was a twin to Jeanie Greig[P1652]

Jeannie GREIG {F} [P1652]

Born 6 Apr 1900, Chemical Row Stevenston Ayrs
Died 27 May 1901, Stevenston Ayrs
Jeanie was a twin to William Greig[P1653]

William GREIG {M} [P1653]

Born 6 Apr 1900, Stevenston Ayrs
Died 26 Oct 1913, Stevenston Ayrs

Charles GREIG {M} [P1654] = Janet BONE {F} [P1880] > Family [F245]

Married EST 1925

Charles GREIG

Born 20 Sep 1903, Chemical Row Stevenston Ayrs
Died 2 Jan 1987, Kilwinning
OCCUPATION: Electrician

Janet BONE

Alias Janet GREIG (2 Apr 1867)
Born 7 Feb 1904, Stevenson Ayrs Sc.
Died 10 Dec 1979, Kilwinning Ayrs
Father James Bone, b. 12 Jun 1860, Green, Kilwinning Mother Elizabeth Conn , b. 06 Jan 1861, Stevenston, IGI
Grand Parents:Kenneth Bone , b. 13 Sep 1829, Kilwinning Elizabeth Lindsay Wales , b. 02 Feb 1829, Kilwinning [Source Ayrshire Roots]
Great Grand Parents: Kenneth Bone , b. Abt 1805 Margaret Bramer b. Abt 1805 [Source Ayrshire Roots]


Additional info courtesy of Martyn Taylor 6/2/04-

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