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Family [F250]



George GREIG {M} [P765] = Anna Wallace ANDERSON {F} [P766]

Married 11 Dec 1890, St Andrews Street Kilmarnock Ayrs

George GREIG

Born 22 Feb 1866, Largs Ayrs
Died 6 Aug 1934, 253 Duke Street Glasgow
OCCUPATION: Drapery Salesman
On 22nd March 1866, 10.20 a.m. at Craigievar House, Skelmorlie, Largs. George Greig was born: son of William Greig (Master Mason) and Marion Greig m/s Kyle
Parents' marriage: 1843 September 29th, Hamilton. Informant: William Greig (Father). (Ref: 1866b/Largs, Co. Ayr 602-15)

On 6th August 1934, 1.30 p.m. at 253 Duke Street, Glasgow (usual residence: 14 Buchan Street). George Greig (Drapery Salesman married to Anna Anderson) died aged 68: son of William Greig (Builder [Master] deceased) and Mary [sic] Greig m/s Kyle (deceased). Cause of death Cerebral haemorrhage. Certified by: John C. Anderson, M.B., Ch.B. Informant: Thomas Greig (Son) 10 Buchan Street. (Ref: 1934d/Glasgow Dennistoun 644/4-1233)

Female deaths can be easier to locate as they should be listed under both maiden and married surnames, thus enabling positive identification at the index stage without having to inspect numerous certificates. Anna Anderson Greig was confirmed as having died in 1942:

Anna Wallace ANDERSON

Alias Anna Wallace GREIG (EST 1904)
Born 9 Jun 1871, Kilmarnock Ayrs
Died 5 Jan 1942, Govan Road Glasgow Sc.
On 5th January 1942, 1.45 p.m. at 1301 Govan Road, Glasgow (usual residence: 317 Thistle Street, Glasgow). Anna Wallace Greig (Widow of George Greig Draper's Salesman) died aged 70: daughter of James Ayson Anderson (Dyer deceased) and Sarah Anderson m/s Wallace (deceased)
Cause of death: Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Uraemia. Certified by:J. L. Markson, L.R.C.P. & S. Informant Sarah Taylor (Daughter) 317 Thistle Street, Glasgow
(Ref: 1942d/Glasgow Govan 644/17-24)

Parents: James Ayson Anderson. (b: Abt 1833 in Paisley. m: January 1855 in Ayr. d: 20 January 1903 in Kilmarnock) who married Sarah Wallace
(b: Abt 1835 in Newton on Ayr. d: 31 July 1898 in Kilmarnock)

Grandparents 1: William Anderson. (m: 9 November 1823. d: Bef 1886) who married Jane/Jean Ayson. (d: Aft 1855. : Bef 1886)
Grandparents 2: John Wallace. (d: Aft 1855. d: Bef 1886) who married Jean White( d: Aft 1855. d: Bef 1886)


Male GREIG {M} [P2360]

Born 4 Aug 1891, KIlmarnock Ayrs Sc. [IGI C01955-9]
Name: Greig Gender: Male Birth Date: 04 Aug 1891 Birthplace: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland Father's Name: George Greig Mother's Name: Anna Anderson Greig Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C01955-9 Origin: Scotland-EASy GS Film number: 255129 Reference ID: p197

Jessie Guthrie GREIG {F} [P1678]

Born 26 Mar 1899, Bentnick St Kilmarnock
On 26th March 1899, 6.15 p.m. at 12 Bentinck Street, Kilmarnock. Jessie Guthrie Greig was born: daughter of George Greig (Draper's Salesman) and Anna Wallace Greig m/s Anderson.
Parents' marriage: 1890 December 11, Kilmarnock. Informant: George Greig (Father) Present. (Ref: 1899 b/Kilmarnock, Co. Ayr 597-300)

Thomas Curdie GREIG {M} [P767]

Born 1905, Kilmarnock Ayrs
Died 28 Apr 1970, Kilmarnock Sc.
No day and month given in IGI record for birth.


On 11th December 1890 at The Co-operative Hall, St. Andrew's Street,
Kilmarnock. After Publication According to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland George Greig (Draper's Salesman Bachelor) aged 24, of 18 Thomson
Street, Kilmarnock: son of William Greig (House Builder [Journeyman] dead) and Marion Greig m/s Kyle (dead) (marriage to) Anna W. Anderson (Spinster) aged 19, of 20 Bentinck Street, Kilmarnock: daughter of James Ayson Anderson (Dyer Journeyman) and Sarah Anderson m/s Wallace.
Clergyman: James Lindsay, M.A., B.D., B.Sc. Minister of St. Andrew's Parish, Kilmarnock. Witnesses:W. M. Kellie - Nellie Anderson. (Ref: 1890m/Kilmarnock, Co. Ayr 597-222).

34 Archerland Road, Kilmarnock 6th April 1891 (Ref: 1891 cens. Kilmarnock, Co. Ayr 597/bk 14/p 45)
George Greig Head Married 25 Draper's Salesman b. Ayr Skelmorlie
Anna Greig Wife Married 19 b. Ayr Kilmarnock

C01955-9 - A son was born to this family Birth Date: 04 Aug 1891 Birthplace: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland (No first name given)

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