Family [F219]



James GREG {M} [P671] = Helen MITCHELL {F} [P672]

Married 20 Oct 1762, Dalmellington Ayrs Scotland IGI-M11586-2

James GREG

Born ABT 1737, Probably Riccarton or Ayr Scotland IGI Ref.
Assumed only - child of John Gregg and Agnes Millar
IGI Film Number: 452138 James Greg b. ABT 1737 Of Riccarton Ayrs
Relationship to these parents is assumed[ADG1997].


Alias Helen GREG (20 Oct 1762)
Born 22 Oct 1738, Straiton Ayrs Scotland IGI-C11617-2
Suggested. IGI - Helen Mitchell baptism 22 Oct 1738, STRAITON, AYR, SCOTLAND father's name: Allexander Mitchell mother's name: Margaret: C11617-2 : Scotland-VR
Helen was described as Lilia at the births[IGI] of two of her children Alex.[1776] and Ebenezer[1778]


Lillian(Lilean) GREGG {F} [P673]

Born 23 Oct 1763, Riccarton Ayrs
Christened 30 Oct 1763, Riccarton

John GREGG {M} [P674]

Born Jun 1765, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland
Christened 11 Jun 1765, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI - C11611-2
IGI - John Gregg baptism 11 Jul 1765 , RICCARTON, AYR, SCOTLAND father's name: James Gregg mother's name: Helen Mitchel: C11611-2: Scotland-VR

George GREGG {M} [P389] = Elizabeth HOWIE {F} [P390] > Family [F129]

Married 2 Nov 1787, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI-M11611-2

George GREGG

Born May 1767, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI
Christened 31 May 1767, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI
IGI - GEORGE GREGG Christening: 31 MAY 1767 Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland Father: JAS GREGG Mother: HELEN MITCHEL Source Information: Batch Number: 7408427 Sheet: 77 Source Call No.:0934249
It is asssumed only that this is the George[P389] born to James Greg and Helen Mitchell.

OPR Riccarton 1767:" Riccarton May 31st day, George son of James Greg & Helen Mitchell was baptised"
On the same page of the Church record Elizabeth Howied was baptised and was to become Geroges future wife!

Elizabeth HOWIE

Alias Elizabeth GREG (2 Nov 1787)
Alias Elizabeth GREGG (2 Nov 1787)
Born 5 Apr 1767, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI-C11611-2
Christened 7 Apr 1767, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI-C11611-2
IGI - Elizabeth Howie baptism: 07 Apr 1767, RICCARTON, AYR, SCOTLAND father's name: James Howie mother's name: Agnes Lamie: C11611-2 : Scotland-ODM
'Elizabeth Howie born 5 Apr 1767 to James Howie and Agnes Lambie at Riccarton, Ayrshire'

OPR Riccarton Jult 7th 1767: "Elizabeth daughter of James Howie and Agnes Lamie son? in Hole?, born 5th was Baptised."
OPR Birth Record - Elizabeth Howie 1767. This page also shows the birth of George Greig who later became her husband.

{ Following Source: Ayrshireroots: Siblings: 1. Agnes Howie 2. Elizabeth Howie b.29 May 1756 - [Died bef 1767] 3. Isobel Howie 4. Jean Howie 5. John Howie 6. Mary Howie 7. William Howie 8. James Howie , b. 09 May 1762, Riccarton 9. Margaret Howie , b. 1773 10.Janet Howie, b. 04 Sep 1780, Riccarton
James Howie. Born 1 May 1720 Hurlford, Riccarton. Died 28 May 1808 Riccarton. Buried 1808 Riccarton Cemetery, Ayr, Scotland. Mother Agnes Lambie, b. 1733 d. 17 Oct 1790
Grand Parents:
Grandfather: William Howie, b. Abt 1681, Riccarton. GrandMother Isobel Connel, b. Abt 1685, Kilmarnock
Grandfather: James Lambie, b. 16 Dec 1702, Riccarton GrandMother Elizabeth Shaw , c. 25 Apr 1708, Riccarton, Ayrshire, Scotland
OPR '1732 - Nov 2 James Lambie and Elizabeth Shaw both in this parish lawfullie married together'
Great Grand Parents: Alexander Shaw , b. Abt 1675 Agnes Wilson , b. Abt 1675

William GREG {M} [P676]

Born 24 Sep 1769, Riccarton Ayrs
Christened 1 Oct 1769, Riccarton
William's birth year is give as 1768 and 1769 in IGI records

Agnes GREG {F} [P906]

Born Jul 1771, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland
Christened 28 Jul 1771, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI - C11611-2
IGI - Agnes Gregg baptism 28 Jul 1771 baptism, RICCARTON, AYR, SCOTLAND father's name: James Gregg mother's name: Helen Mitchel: C11611-2 : Scotland-VR
SCR FR79 - Agnes GREGG (F) C: 28 Jul 1771 Father: James GREGG Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland Mother: Helen MITCHEL

James GREGG {M} [P675]

Born 3 Aug 1773, Riccarton Ayrs
Christened 8 Aug 1773, Gate Gouse Riccarton

Alexander GREGG {M} [P677]

Born 17 Jan 1776, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI - C11611-2
Christened 21 Jan 1776, Gate House Riccarton AYrs Scotland IGI - C11611-2
IGI - Alexander Gregg baptism 21 Jan 1776 , RICCARTON, AYR, SCOTLAND birth date: 17 Jan 1776 father's name: James Gregg mother's name: Lilias Mitchel: C11611-2 : Scotland-VR
Also SCR FR88

Riccarton Parish Records: 1776 20th January, This day Alexander, son of James GREGG & Lilia MITCHELL, spouses at Hurlford, born 17th current, was baptized at (Gatehouse, Riccarton?).

There is a Alexander Gregg*** practicing as a Surgeon in 1837 at Auckinleck: This Alexander is the nearest in age to be this Surgeon if indeed he was a native of Ayrshire:
Ayrshire Directory - 1837 - by Pigot & Co

Cumnock (or Old Cumnock) is a considerable village of thoroughfare; 60 miles sw of Edinburgh, 16 e of Ayr, and the like distance sse of Kilmarnock; situate on a line of road between Dumfries on the south-east and Glasgow on the north, 44 from the former town and 38 from the latter. The village, which is of an irregular triangular form, in seated in a deep sheltered hollow, at the confluence of the Glianock and Logan waters; it is celebrated for the manufacture of those beautiful wooden snuff boxes, a species of trade which originated here nearly thirty years since, and, with some few exceptions, as Lawrencekirk, Catrine and Mauchline, is still confined to Cumnock. This branch furnishes employment to a considerable number of men, women and children, all of whom get more wages by their ingenious labour than most other artisans; and a good deal of money is thus caused to flow through and enrich the town. Plane tree is the wood used in the manufacture, and great ingenuity is evinced in adorning the lids with devices, which is choirs performed by boys; the very nice manner in which boxes are constructed is admirable and although, in this part of the box, many imitations have been attempted, but have failed to rival the original manufacturer. The places of worship are a church of the establishment, and one of the united secession. To the parochial school, which is well attended, the sum of 25 annually, was left by Charles Duncan, esq., late merchant of London, and a native of Cumnock; the Marques of Bute also allows the master a salary for educating twenty poor children of this parish, and pays the schoolmaster of New Cumnock and Ochlitree for the instruction of ten children in their respective parishes. The principal part of the town occupies the site of what was formerly the church-yard; the present cemetary was, at one period, the place of execution, and contains the remains of three persons who were shot on the spot, in 1685, by a party of Highlanders, for their adherence to the covenanted work of reformation; and the corpse of Peden, a martyr of the covenanting body, who died in the parish of Sorn, was exhumed, by a party of dragoons, after being interred six weeks, and ignominiously buried at the gallows foot. An establishment of the Ayrshire Banking Company , and two saving's banks, are in the town; the first was opened in 1831, to which Messrs Crawford and Nichol are the treasurers; the other in 1835, to which M. Campbell is treasurer. There are also two libraries, viz. the "Cumnock Library" established in 1792 by shareholders, and the "Cumnock new public library", formed in 1832. The castle of Terrenacen, now in ruins, is in the neighbourhood - it gives the title of baron to the family of Dumfries. The market is held on Thursday; and the fairs on the fourth Thursday after Candleman, on the Wednesday succeeding the last Tuesday in May, and Wednesday after the first Tuesday in July, and after the third Tuesday in October, all old style.

Auchinleck (pronounced Affleck) signifying a field of rock, is a respectable village in the parish of its name, 1 mile from Cumnock, three from Sorn, and the like distance from Catrine. Like Cumnock, many are employed in the manufacture of snuff boxes, and others in weaving and sewing muslins for the Glasgow houses. The parish, which is 18 miles in length, by only about two in breadth, is watered on its northern extremity by the Ayr, and by the Lugar on the south. Coal and limestone are produced here, but the soil is for the most part mossy and unproductive. The places of worship are a church of the establishment, and one belonging to the burghers; there is also a parochial school. The ruins of Auchinleck castle stand in an angle formed by the Dopal burn and the Lugar; and in the neighbourhood is the Place of Auchinleck. a handsome mansion, erected in the last centuary by Lord Auchinleck, senator of the college of justice, and father of the eminent and amiable James Boswell, Esq., the friend and biographer of Johnson; the house is still the property of the Boswell family. A well attended fair, for the sale of lambs, is held annually on the last Tuesday in August.

Post Office, Cumnock. Andrew Rankin, Post master. - Letters from Edinburgh and Glasgow arrive every morning at nine, and are despatched every forenoon at eleven - Letters from Sanquhar amd New Cumnock arrive every morning at half past eight, and are despatched every morning at half past nine. - Letters from England arrive every afternoon at five, and are despatched to Douglas Mill every evening at 7. Post, Auchinleck, Receiving house at Janet Dalrymple's - Letters from London arrive every afternoon at half past four, and are despatched every evening (to Sorn) at half past seven - Letters (excepting the London) arrive every morning at nine, and are despatched every afternoon at five.

Allanson, James, Esq of Glasnock/ Bannatyne, Rev. Ninian, Manse/ Boswell, Sir James, baronet of Auchinleck house/ Brown, Rev. Robt, Bankhead manse/ Bute, the Most Noble the Marques of Dumfries house/ Chrystal, Rev. James, Auchinleck manse/ Cunningham, William Allanson, Esq of Logan and Enterkine

Gilmour, Edward, Auchilleck/ McCrae, John, Cumnock/ McCrae, William, Cumnock/ Parochial School, Cumnock - James Campbell, master/ Parochial School, Auchinleck - William Robertson, master

Boyd, James, Cumnock/ Gibson, Andrew, Auchinleck/ Millroy, John, Auchinleck/ Murdock, James, Auchinleck/ Nicol, James, Cumnock/ Ronald, John, Cumnock/ Torrence, John, Cumnock

French, Alexander, Cumnock/ Hamilton, George, Cumnock/ Hamilton, Thomas, Cumnock

Anderson, Agnes, Cumnock/ Crichton, David, (and flour and grain dealer), Cumnock/ Templeton, John, Auchinleck

Ayrshire Banking Company, Cumnock - (draw on the Royal Bank of Edinburgh and Glasgow, Williams, Deacon & Co., London) - James Crawford, Agent

Drinnan, George, Cumnock/ McCarrick, Thomas, Garralland/ McClellan, Alx (& carrier) Cumnock/ McKerrow, James, Auchinleck/ Merry, Henry, Cumnock/ Morrison, David, Cumnock/ Reagans , William, Cumnock

Ferguson, Walter, Cumnock/ Hamilton, David, Auchinleck/ McClatchie, Hugh, Cumnock/ McGeachin, Hugh, Cumnock/ McGeachin, Hugh jnr, Cumnock/ McKerrall, Robert, Cumnock/ McMillan, James, Cumnock/ Murdock, David, Cumnock/ Robertson, William, Cumnock/ Smith, George, Cumnock/ Wilson, John, Auchinleck

Black, William (and cabinet maker), Cumnock/ Bryan, William, Cumnock/ Drummond, James, Cumnock/ Galbraith, Wm (& cabinet maker), Cumnock/ Hodge, Andrew, Cumnock/ McClatchie, William, Cumnock/ Morton, William, Auchinleck/ Murdock, Robert, Auchinleck/ Thomson, Hugh, Cumnock

Gibb, John, Cumnock/ Howat, James, Cumnock

Crichton, Adam, to the Marques of Bute, Dumfries House Gibb, Andrew, to Sir James Boswell, bart, Auchinleck house

West of Scotland (fire) the Scottish Amicable (life) Offices, James Cranford, Cumnock

Baird, Thos, (& shopkeeper) Cumnock/ Clemis, Andrew, (and shopkeeper), Cumnock/ Crawford, James, Cumnock/ Crawford, James jnr, Cumnock/ Purdie, James, Cumnock/ Vallance, Robert & David, Cumnock

(marked thus * are spirit dealers) (See also Wine and Spirit merchants)
Anderon, William, Cumnock/ * Baird, David, Cumnock/ * Bell, Agnes, Cumnock/ * Boyd, James (and general merchant), Cumnock/ * Crawfrd, Quinton, (and general merchant) Cumnock/ Crichton, Adam, Cumnock/ Dixon, Helen, Cumnock/ * Eadie, Daniel, Auchinleck/ Hair, John, Cumnock/ Howard, William, Cumnock/ * Kirkland, David, Cumnock/ McCrindle, Alexander, Cumnock/ McGeachin, Hugh jnr, Cumnock/ * Nichol, James, Cumnock/ Richmond, Margaret, Cumnock/ Simson, Mary Ann, Cumnock/ Sloan, Mary, Cumnock/ * Templeton, George, Auchinleck/ * Weir, John, Cumnock

Dumfries Arms (commercial and posting) Jas McKinlay, Cumnock

Kirkland, David, Cumnock/ Weir, John, Cumnock

Gibb, Alexander Boswell, Cumnock/ Hair, William, Cumnock/ McKirrow, Andrew, Cumnock/ McKirrow, Matthew, (and discounter), Cumnock/ Paterson, James, Cumnock/ Torrance, John, Cumnock

Morton, Andrew, Auchinleck/ Murdock, Andrew, Cumnock/ Reid, John, Cumnock/ Richmond, John, Cumnock/ Simson, John, Cumnock

McCowan, Archibald, Cumnock/ White, William, Cumnock

Burns, Jane, Cumnock/ Douglas, Mary, Cumnock/ McFarlane, Janet, Cumnock/ McGeachin, Jane, Cumnock/ Paterson, Agnes & Jemima, Cumnock/ Sliman, Sarah & Agnes, Cumnock/ Williamson, Marion, Cumnock

King, John, Cumnock/ McClimont, John, Cumnock/ Weir, John, Cumnock

Black, Peter, Cumnock/ McKinlay, James, Cumnock

Crawford, William (and original maker), Cumnock/ Crichton, Adam, Cumnock/ Crichton, David & Co, Cumnock/ Crichton, Peter, Cumnock/ Drummond & Co, Cumnock/ Eadie, Daniel, Auchinleck/ Findly, John, Auchinleck/ Gibson, John, Auchinleck/ Lammie, Alexander, Cumnock/ McCallum, Peter, Cumnock/ McGregor, James, Auchinleck/ McKie, James, Auchinleck/ McMillan, Thomas, Cumnock/ Murdock, David, Auchinleck/ Samson & Co, Cumnock

Douglas, John, Cumnock/ Lammie, Thomas, Cumnock/ McCallum, William, Cumnock/ McKinnon , John, Cumnock/ Robertson, Andrew, Cumnock

Lammie, Janet, Cumnock/ Paterson, Agnes & Jemima, Cumnock

Crichton, William, Cumnock
GREGG, ALEXANDER*** Auchinleck
Wills, Douglas, Cumnock

Baird, Thomas, Cumnock/ Crawford, Hugh, Cumnock/ Hastings, Thomas, Cumnock/ Kerr, Alexander, Cumnock/ Lammie, John, Cumnock/ McCartney, Francis, Cumnock/ McMorland, Hugh, Cumnock/ McMorland, James, Cumnock/ Wilson, Walter, Auchinleck

Baird, John (Craig Head), Cumnock/ Black, Peter (Eagle), Cumnock/ Dalrymple, Janet (Auchinleck Arms), Cumnock/ McKerrow, William, Auchinleck/ Morton, Rbt, (Black Bull), Auchinleck/ Murray, Jas, (Black Bull), Cumnock/ Templeton, Andrew (Wheat Sheaf), Cumnock/ Templeton, George, Auchinleck/ Torrance, Agnes, Cumnock

Moore, George, Cumnock/ Silman, Archibald, Cumnock

Campbell, Hugh, Cumnock Crawford, Quinton (and iron, wool, palm oil, butter & tar), Cumnock

See Carpenters and Cartwrights

Rose Hamilton (and notary and procurator fiscal for the Cumnock district of the county), Cumnock White, William (and notary and justice of peace clerk), Cumnock

Crawford, Jas., sub-distributor of stamps, Bank, Cumnock/ Douglas, John, portrait painter, Cumnock/ Finlay, Alexander, salt dealer, Cumnock/ Gibb, Joseph, tinsmith, Cumnock/ Hair, Andrew, grain &c dealer, Cumnock/ King, Jas., woollen dyer & carder, Cumnock/ Logan, Janet, tea dealer, Cumnock/ McCarthy, Geo., millwright &c, Cumnock/ McGeachin, Wm, hardware dealer, Cumnock/ McKelvie, John, hair cutter, Cumnock/ Murdock, Robt, horse dealer, Auchinleck/ Nichol, Alexander, seedsman, grain dealer and road contractor, Cumnock/ Taylor, Robt, earthenware manufr., Cumnock/ Walker, William, coal master, Cumnock/ Wills, Alexander, druggist, Cumnock/ Wyllie, James, gunsmith, Auchinleck

Established Church, Cumnock - Rev Ninian Bannatne
Established Church, Auchinleck - Rev James Chrystal
Original Seccession Chapel, Auchinleck
Seccession Chapel, Cumnock - Rev Robert Brown.

To Ayr - the "Independant" (market coach) from the Dumfries Arms, every Tuesday and Friday morning at seven

David GREGG {M} [P679]

Born 1 Mar 1779, Riccarton Ayrs
Christened 5 Mar 1779, Riccarton

Helen GREGG {F} [P680]

Born 23 Apr 1785, Riccarton Ayrs
Christened 24 Jun 1785, Hurlford Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI - C11611-2
Died BEF 1795, Another sister was born Sep 1795
IGI - Helen Greggbaptism 24 Jun 1785, RICCARTON, AYR, SCOTLAND birth date: 23 Jun 1785 father's name: James Gregg mother's name: Helen Mitchel: C11611-2 : Scotland-VR
This child must have died before 1795 when a second Helen was born.

Ebenezer GREGG {M} [P412] = Mary DUNLOP {F} [P395] > Family [F134]

Married 14 Jul 1826, Kilmarnock Ayrs Scotland IGI Ref.

Ebenezer GREGG

Born 28 Jan 1788, Hurlford Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI-C11611-2
Christened 8 Feb 1788, Hurlford Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI-C11611-2
IGI - Ebenezer Gregg baptism 08 Feb 1778, RICCARTON, AYR, SCOTLAND birth date: 28 Jan 1778 father's name: James Gregg mother's name: Lilias ?Mitchel: C11611-2 : Scotland-VR


Alias Ebenezer DUNLPOP (14 Jul 1826)
Alias Mary GREGG (14 Jul 1826)
Born EST 1804, Kilmarnock Ayrs
Died 19 Jul 1886, Mauchline Ayrs
Mary Greig 10/2/1886 Ayr Sheriff Court Wills 3 SC6/46/18 or Dunlop, Mauchline, widow of Ebenezer Greig, Collector, Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway, Kirkintilloch, d. 19/07/1886 at Mauchline, Will.
Mary Greig 29/7/1886 Ayr Sheriff Court Inventories 3 SC6/44/47 or Dunlop, Mauchline, widow of Ebenezer Greig, Collector, Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway, Kirkintilloch, d. 19/07/1886 at Mauchline, testate.
1881 Census Place: Mauchline, Ayr, Scotland. GRO Ref Volume 604 EnumDist 8 Page 21
Dwelling:1 Hamilton Place:
Marr Age Sex Rel: Occupation Birthplace
Mary GREGG W 77 F Head Annuitant Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland [M/S Dunlop]

Helen GREGG {F} [P681]

Born 1795, Riccarton AyrsS cotland IGI ref.
Christened 23 Sep 1795, Riccarton Ayrs Scotland IGI ref.
This was the second child to be named Helen.


IGI Marriage: James Greg bride's name: Helen Mitchell 02 Oct 1762 Dalmellington, Ayr, Scotland: M11586-2: Scotland-ODM
OPR Dalmellington: "James Greg in this parish and Helen Mitchel in the Parish of Tarbolton gave in their names to be proclaimed Sabbath next in order to mariage"

This marriage was dated as 2nd October 1760 and also as 2nd October 1762(IGI records)
Lilia Mitchel?