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Family [F201]



David GREG {M} [P619] = Janet HUTCHINSON {F} [P620]

Married 16 Jan 1763, Ayr Ayrs Scotland IGI M11963-1

David GREG

Born EST 1735, Ayr ?
Poss child of F195


Alias Janet GREG (16 Jan 1761)
Born EST 1742, Ayr?


Mary GREG {F} [P621]

Born 22 Aug 1764, Ayr Ayrs Scotland. IGI C11578-7
Christened 25 Aug 1764, Ayr Ayrs Scotland. IGI C11578-7
IGI - Mary Greg baptism 25 Aug 1764 AYR, AYR, SCOTLAND birth date: 22 Aug 1764 father's name: David Greg mother's name: Janet Hutchison: C11578-7 : Scotland-ODM
SCR FR432: Mary GREG (F) C: 25 Aug 1764 Ayr, Ayr, Scotland Father: David GREG Mother: Janet HUTCHISON

David GREGG (probable) {M} [P612] = Isobell JOHNSTON {F} [P624] > Family [F207]

Married 5 Aug 1794, Glasgow Lanark Sc. (Prob) IGI-M119743


Born EST 1768, Ayr
SOURCE: Assumed child of family


Alias Isobell GREGG (5 Aug 1795)
Born ABT 1769

Elizabeth GREG (probable) {F} [P622] = Robert WYLLIE {M} [P634] > Family [F206]

Married 31 Mar 1789, Dalrymple Ayrs Scotland IGI-M11588-4

Elizabeth GREG

Alias Elizabeth WYLLIE (22 Feb 1789)
Alias Elizabeth WYLIE (31 Mar 1789)
Born ABT 1768, of Kirkmichael IGI Film 452089
SOURCE: Assumed poss child of family
Elizabeth may be a child to this family or perhaps a child to Janet McHarg and James Gregg m. Ochiltree or Straiton 1765.


Born ABT 1766, of Ayr IGI

William GREGG (probable) {M} [P623] = Mary GREEN {F} [P625] > Family [F208]

Married 24 Sep 1791, Ayr Ayrs Scotland IGI M11963-2

William GREGG

Born EST 1770, Ayr?
William Gregg is assumed child of [F201] due to dates /location

A William Greg married a Mary Green in 1791. It is a possibility Mary Gren may have died perhaps in child birth. A William Greg married Margaret Wyllie in 1793 and it is assumed it is the same man. Also his assumed sister Elizabeth married Robert Wyllie in 1789 - perhaps the brother of Margaret.


Alias Mary GREG (24 Sep 1791)
Alias Mary GREGG (24 Sep 1791)
Born EST 1770, Ayr??

    = Margaret WYLLIE {F} [P626] > Family [F209]

Married 23 Nov 1793, Ayr Ayrs Scotland IGI M11963-2

Margaret WYLLIE

Alias Margaret GREG (23 Nov 1793)
Alias Margaret GREGG (23 Nov 1793)
Born 30 Sep 1774, New Cumnock Ayrs Scotland -Suggested IGI-C11608-2
Christened 30 Sep 1774, New Cumnock Ayrs Scotland -Suggested IGI-C11608-2
Suggested: IGI - Margaret Wyllie baptism 30 Sep 1774, NEW CUMNOCK, AYR, SCOTLAND father's name: George Wyllie mother's name: Jean Donald: C11608-2: Scotland-VR


IGI Marriage: David Greg bride's name: Janet Hutchinson 16 Jan 1761 Ayr, Ayr, Scotland M11963-1: Scotland-ODM
It is only assumed from suitable marriage dates[IGI] that this marriage relates to David Greg b.1735 son of James[b.1714] Greg/Elizabeth Kirkwood
SCR FR2189: David GREG (M) M: 16 Jan 1761 Spouse: Janet HUTCHINSON Ayr, Ayr, Scotland

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