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Equine Bowen Therapist
Donna Rae Walls

About Bowen Therapy:

The Bowen Technique was developed by Thomas Ambrose Bowen in Geelong Australia.
Tom Bowen had amazing results with humans, horses, and greyhounds.

How does it  work?
The practitioner makes small rolling moves with the fingers and thumbs over specific parts of the body which vibrate through facia and disturbs energy around not only the muscles and tendons in that area, but has a rippling effect on other parts of the body.
During treatment there are two minute breaks to allow the body to absorb the moves, and to make adjustments if it chooses. There is NO force.

What conditions may be helped by Bowen?

Back and Shoulder pain, tilted pelvis, knee pains, dizziness/migraines, asthma, sciatica, I.B.S, and many more.
Home and Office visits available.

Sore back/withers, disunited/wrong canter leads, shortened stride, jumping problems, inability to track-up, bitting problems/head  tilting, fertility problems, emotional and many more.

Donna Rae has been in the Equestrian field for over 30 years, and is a BHS qualified instructor and classical trainer. Donna Rae says, "I have found Bowen to be the missing-link in my teaching and training. If a horse is having problems making a symmetric circle, no amount of inside leg and outside rein is going to help if the horses back or poll is out. Likewise if a riders hip is rotated, the horse may pick up wrong canter leads or disunite." Donna Rae is fully Insured to treat people and horses.

Treatment of the T.M.J after
extensive dental work

Working on a client with a
frozen shoulder

Working on a painful knee brought
 on by excessive jogging

Shoulders before treatment
Shoulders after one treatment



"One of my horses was not performing well, but after receiving Bowen treatment it won next time out..."
George Prodromou - Trainer Norfolk U.K

Donna Rae and Mr Wotsey

Performing T.M.J Which can be beneficial for horses that head-shake or have bitting problems.
An ideal treatment for after a visit from the dentist.

N.B Veterinary Permission must be obtained before treatment is performed on a horse.

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Equine Bowen Therapist